MERCURY/PLUTO: Mental Persuasion, Propaganda and Mind Control

[pic: Peter Lindbergh)

The lower, pre-conditioned mind is a networked terrain where thought patterns, idea-concepts, words and language are formed, symbols of our past and present perceptions stored in our memory, from which we draw to convey messages. 

Our mind is constantly interacting with stimuli in immediate environs, scanning for relevant data to sort and assimilate. Our five senses perceive an array of sights, sounds, smells, feels, tastes, which over time, formulate specific transmissions for our brain to receive and process. This data collection, verification, sorting, and retrieval process is the function of Mercury – ruler of the mundane (lower) mind. Bridging neural pathways, through which spatial information reaches our consciousness, this cosmic messenger provides our core being (Sol) with vital messages from the outer worlds. Perceived spatial information helps us shape a picture of what’s happening around us, allows us to understand the location and dimension of objects and how different objects are related. It also allows us to visualise and manipulate objects and shapes in our heads to make creative decisions.

Mostly, these messages are ordinary and familiar, easy to see and understand. However, there are times when our mind perceives and processes thoughts and ideas that are extremely obscure and intense, and our senses become powerfully overloaded. In such events, our mind may either turn off dramatically; neural pathways may become burnt out and damaged (trauma); or otherwise develop a fascination to repeat the experience, learn more about what motivated it.

Picture a child, confronted with an open flame. Its senses will tell the brain this is hot, and the child will either decide to move away (aversion), touch the fire (get burnt), or become tempted to play with the fire and try to work out its properties, uses and even misuses.

Subconsciously our mind has the power to either shut down entirely or take us further than what meets the eye on any matter. Through our spatial experiences, our minds discover what we will deem as harmful, grotesque and distasteful and what we might find fascinating, intriguing and alluring enough to get stuck on.

This is what happens when Mercury meets dark underlord Pluto. Whether by transit or as a featured aspect of your birth chart, the Mercury/Pluto mind becomes equipped with the capacity to form intense liminal relationships between the inner and outer world. Depending on the suitability of the information, the individual will determine whether to shut out entirely (revulsion) or to become deeply engrossed with specific idea (compulsion) to the extent of understanding its hidden power or motive, amassing a kind of supernatural capacity to manipulate that idea into constructive or destructive means.

In favourable aspects (sextile, trine), this combination comes across as an ability to triumph or dominate in the realms of the intellect. The thought process is shrewdly critical, penetrating the psyche with all the investigative skills of a master detective, psychologist, or propagandist marketeer, able to grasp what ideas motivate, stimulate or trigger others. Natives with this combination may employ a sly, cunning manner to tease, tempt, or persuade their subject’s weak or unsuspecting mind, charming them to reveal their innermost thoughts or convincing them to adopt or abandon a desired idea.

Any idea promulgated with enough intensity or by the application of subtle, spaced repetition has the ability to enter and alter the subconscious mind’s thinking patterns or opinions, be it for selfish reasons or to serve a greater agenda. Through sheer indoctrination, the mind’s ability to evaluate evidence or even disagree is arrested or cleverly forbidden.

This combination is found in the signature of the analytic psychologist, forensic interrogator; the investigative journalist who uncovers a great scandal; neurolinguistic programmer; influential critic; the mentalist/magician; the powerful orator who enchants the masses with his word; the slick marketing madman, the demagogue, the plagiarist, and generally anyone who distorts, conceals or fraudulently misrepresents the truth. 

In the more challenging aspects (square, opposition), there can be a certain ruthlessness in getting our point across, especially where others seem immune, hesitant, objectionable, non-consensual or impossible to convince. Pushing a point too hard, such as through irrational and intense rage, twisting a narrative, minimising objections or trivialising concerns, can often result in mentally abusive, oppressive, and even stigmatising relationships. Stonewalling, the cutting off of all communication (often referred to as ‘the silent treatment’), is a subversive means of coercion that can be just as damaging.

It must be said here that variations of the Mercury/Pluto condition, or its equivalent of Mercury in the 8th House, Pluto in the 3rd House, Pluto in the 6th House, Mercury in Scorpio, Pluto in Gemini, Pluto in Virgo is found both in perpetrators and victims of this combination. Your astrologer should be able to assess the developmental stages and potential activation dates more accurately after considering your entire chart.

In extreme cases, excessive mental strain, whether episodic (transits/progressions), or somehow inherent (natal), can produce severe mental anguish. Since stress is cumulative, it eventually erupts into spells of uncontrollably psychotic rage when not adequately released. Gaslighting, the practice of persistently projecting a false narrative that leads another to doubt their own perceptions to the extent that they become disoriented and distressed, is the most malignant form of this aspect, and it is prevalently expressed through the more challenging aspects (squares, oppositions, even the maligned conjunction).

Sufferers of the Mercury/Pluto mind-control trauma usually present a two-tiered condition, where they may harbour an unspeakable secret whilst simultaneously deflecting attention away from it. Like victims of the complex Stockholm Syndrome, they appear entirely brain-jacked while compulsively obsessed with asserting specific thoughts. A deeper study of mental coercion or victims of mind-control often reveals complicated distortions or a complete absence of consciousness, such as intellectual detachment or dissociation that is difficult to diagnose.

Natives may bury down all kinds of resentment, sometimes for decades. Like all Pluto afflictions, it surfaces as bizarre and twisted behaviour. A partial or complete mental breakdown may occur when a monumental life crisis triggers the individual. Counselling and much healing work will help with the wounding and seemingly irreparable harm.

Some ideas implanted into the brain can be like weapons, whether administered forcefully or subtly through spaced repetition; words can be sharper than knives, cutting deeply into the soul and leaving scars that are difficult to heal, often carrying through several generations. The Plutonic cycle is long (246 years), and its effects on transforming our thinking and language through culture is slow and thorough.

In our times, it is an emerging phenomenon that the root cause of many of the mental stresses and disorders we are all somewhat deeply vulnerable to is inherently a form of cultural or ancestral mind control. Being forced or indoctrinated into a way of thinking, talking, perceiving reality is an intrinsic part of our culture. Mental sculpturing is a heavy feature of our parental upbringing, passed on to us through our family conditioning and customs, education systems, news media, and all forms of advertising and government propaganda. It seems everyone has an underlying agenda to control the way we think.

In one sense, this subterranean force serves to summon our minds to evolve into much more effective tools that serve the divine process of change and adaptation. If we all work together by thinking together, we can assist with what is best for our entire species. However, when misused for the personal or egotistical profit of one individual or party, it can turn into abuse which is difficult to monitor and arbitrate the extent of, especially since much happens in secrecy or seclusion.

All through our lives, we are subjected to the thought-control of those whose ideas are either successful at influencing us or whose status is so influential that we feel powerless to deny, even if we know there is something oppressive. There are times when others, like demagogues and svengalis, forcefully inflict their distorted ideas upon us in such a way that we are left feeling unable to argue or refuse. They tax our mental strength and disturb our nervous systems so severely that our only recourse is losing our minds and surrendering to madness.

The practice of mindfulness seems like the only defence here. Yet often, by the sheer mass of Pluto, the mental processes of Mercury become so possessed and enslaved by obsessive thinking that there can often be no release but complete breakdown. According to mystics, this nervous break is often the precursor to one’s spiritual awakening – the only true release from mental enslavement.

As Venus had done in December, Mercury’s been hovering before Pluto since the end of January, forming sustained conjunction due to his retrograde. This current back and forth over Pluto by Venus and Mercury intensifies the need for an emotional, psychological and ideological shift. Mercury’s retrograde in Capricorn has dredged up many situations where mass-formation using guilt-laden mind games, manipulation of facts by people in authority, the issuing of extreme ultimatums by governments and corporations, the need to face toxic memories with our patriarchal parent, have all been providing an opportunity to see deeper into our fundamental problem with aim to resolve it and evolve.

Since Pluto works in the shadows, few individuals feel they possess the personal power to step up and achieve the necessary shift, given the corporate/state-controlled media seems likely to conspire to condemn them as scapegoats for daring to expose the hidden powers. Those who do this do so at their peril, for the censorious Capricorn powers are ready for the ultimate takedown. As we are seeing, it is best to unite with others to speak in one voice to expose the hypocrisy and double standards. Mass rallies and posturing into teams in preparation for a terminal fight against misinformation and restriction of movement, thought, speech is the precursor to what is coming up for us in the coming weeks of late Feb-Mar 2022.

Unless we can see something for what it is, we cannot hope to withstand its insidious attempt to control us or shut us out completely. Many will remain hypnotised, used as pawns or fodder, oblivious to the mind-control process since they are essentially not operating from their own centre of authority and light.

A most detrimental effect upon all culture is playing out under the hypnotic spell of the Pluto/Eris squares (2020-2022) [See article]

Humanity is summoned to seize back control of our mental faculties, which have been usurped over many generations by clever masterminds. These power-obsessed individuals have been craftily shaping how our civilisation thinks and moves through subtle indoctrination. Religion, education, politics, media, law, art; all cultural institutions have been hijacked and employed as instruments by which to manipulate the truth to keep us from expressing our voice. 

Through deeper probing into these structures and finding ways to extricate ourselves from unpropitious influences, we gradually understand the source of this power, transform our way of thinking, and somehow reclaim the ability to think and speak for ourselves.

How does it affect your own journey in mastering your power of persuasion?

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Aries/Aries Rising

You may feel like the outsider here, but you’re ambitious enough to seize on any opportunity for advancement should it arise. Have the wits to outsmart anyone who poses a risk or threatens, obstructs or inhibits whatever direction you have set your sights on or the objective you’re trying to achieve. Whilst you aim for a deeper, more meaningful communication, beware of engaging in mental battles with those in authority – they could wipe you out. Best to allow your mind to become more receptive to the greater forces, responding accordingly to what society needs from you to transform rather than blocking it out due to selfish or dogmatic ideas and attitudes.

Taurus/Taurus Rising

Such is your enthusiasm for convincing other people with your beliefs that you stand to make a great teacher (or spruiker). Being so highly compelling with presenting the ideas you espouse, you could easily convert others to your philosophy, religion or political views. Whilst you may enjoy some success in impressing others, it’s fair to warn you: if you lack any true moral code; operate from a selfish design to manipulate the minds of others for personal gain; try to fool or dupe others to make yourself feel superior, this could result in legal consequences that could be equally catastrophic to your reputation or social esteem later. Teach by example.

Gemini/Gemini Rising

Through your intimate dealings with others, a true evolution of your mental powers takes place. You possess a strange capacity to break down outgrown and limiting ideas and ways of looking at things so that new perspectives may form. It is an alchemical process that can burrow increasingly deeper into the true nature of what motivates the structured mind. Here, you wage an intense war between those who desire to communicate and those who are stuck in fear of expressing their true intent, thus externalising any hidden agendas by sheer application of mental pressure.

Cancer/Cancer Rising

Your communications with others, especially words exchanged with partners, act like incendiary missiles fired into the most profound and hidden aspects of their minds. Seek to guide and support their transformation and healing by engaging them in intense yet subtly probing dialogue. Those with whom you hold a special significance in your life can benefit from your ability to help them reveal the shadowy recesses of their minds. As you sharpen your mental prowess through close liaisons, be mindful not to allow obsessive or coercive thinking to take over and possess you or the other party. Ward off trying to pass off conservative mental patterns that are outdated or simply stagnant to one another.

Leo/Leo Rising

It has become your supreme talent to shed enormous light on situations that have stifled ideas and curtailed thinking or speech to the point where your work has become oppressive, or you cannot express yourself as you please. It would be best if you worked hard to transform this thinking into more positive outlets. With supreme mastery, you help cut out the negative aspects of your work and health routine, rebuilding new channels of thought and communication, especially in your ‘workplace’. Beware that you do not use your mental powers to manipulate others into doing things they do not want to do, press them into guilt or shame for their efforts, or so you can avoid having to do your own ‘dirty work’. Avoid being a hypocrite, or you will be called out. Help to foster a deeper connectedness in your workplace so that you may do great things together with others in a team environment.

Virgo/Virgo Rising

You take extreme pride in communicating confidently and in such an authoritative manner that you manage to express what is most important. Beware of overt egotism in trying to push any of your extreme ideas or opinions onto others. Respecting boundaries and giving others the freedom to argue or debate with you will warm them over to your views. This can mark the beginning of a tremendously fruitful creative venture, one that can penetrate deeper into the world of structured or traditional thinking and entertain new ways of looking at things.

Libra/Libra Rising

Any insecurities that lurk inside you, especially those that arise from your roots, culture or early conditioning, could manifest now as a mental obsessiveness to find their cause. If the pressure within you builds too much, it could explode into emotionally fueled domestic arguments. You can avoid these intense blow-ups on your home-front by learning to relinquish any old ties, especially those that pull on your guilt strings or past inadequacies. Whilst there is an emotional need to probe deeper into your past, you must learn not to hold things too personally. The skeletons of your past or revealed family secrets have little or nothing to do with the present. Bring them to light in order to let them go, forever.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising

Accessing a deeper, more penetratingly truthful source of communication may be a significant part of your mental metabolism. For a long time now, you have been psychologically obsessed with controlling thought and opinion, primarily through your spoken or written work, aiming to influence those closest to you. This can now develop into bitter mental battles with relatives or neighbours. Try to allow your mind to be mentally receptive to spiritual energy rather than shutting out reason due to rigidly and relentlessly held attitudes and ideas.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising

If your entire value system seems at times inordinately focused on gaining massive reserves of mental power from which to pursue some kind of financial advantage merely, know that this is your identification with fear, not love. Do not allow your mind to become structured to focus only on making money. Sure, you can easily find windows in the system to jump through and grab whatever materials opportunity presents you. The real value is in how you use these to transform the physical world to rise above fear profoundly. Things are not just there for your own selfish ends. Use these to bring change into the lives of others.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising

The force of your mental acumen must become sensitive to the ideas of others rather than be solely focused on your own. You project a lot of power, often in a low-key, subdued manner. Suppose you attempt to dominate others with your ideas. In that case, you will only frustrate and weaken the relationship rather than offer the genuine support necessary to help others through their critical changes. Be kind and understanding. Try not to identify too much with your ego. This is not about you feeling superior. Allow the intense communication process with others to grow both yourself and others when connecting.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising

A reminder that you are so vulnerable to the negative opinions of others that lower vibrational communication like nagging or gossip about you has the subtle effect on unconsciously sapping your mental energy. You may worry endlessly without knowing why. If your progressive mind finds it excruciatingly difficult to focus, then you must learn to still this mind by simplifying your life and those things for which you feel responsible. It is likely that you have unconsciously misunderstood your role in matters that either do not concern you at all or that you have tried to avoid due to some fear of facing them. Purify your mind through meditation, then deal with putting these matters to rest.

Pisces/Pisces Rising

You are possessed with a rare genius to communicate complex social ideas with a certain intensity, which you can use to win friends and influence many. Keep this in perspective. This is not about advancing your often subdued egotistical means and ends. The universe has appointed you as the messenger of the light of the darkness because it currently entrusts that you will be least likely to abuse the power to transform society’s thinking. Your capacity to comprehend higher, more subtle thought concepts such as compassion or forgiveness, or infinity and eternity is profound and true. Your ability to channel and articulately introduce these concepts into society’s mental mainstream is also profoundly poetic and artistically creative. These are not constructs of mere mathematical sense or scientific fact. Find a way to communicate them so they sound so.

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