MERCURY/PLUTO: Mental Persuasion, Propaganda and Mind Control

When Mercury and Pluto combine, either in our natal horoscope or by transit or progression, it can bring about intense and transformative experiences in our everyday life that somehow transforms our usual thinking processes. This planetary pair can be probing and revealing, as the mental agility of Mercury blends with the profoundly penetrating power of Pluto, allowing the mind to go beneath the surface matter. By exploring the depths of the subconscious and revealing concealed truths, distortions, and secrets, we embark on a journey to comprehend our mental abilities at a deeper level, leading to significant and life-altering transformations.

Whether through deep conversations, prolonged periods of self-reflection, or investigative exploration, this combination asks us to shed light on what lies beneath the surface and confront the things we’ve been repressing, hiding or avoiding, things that lie invisibly beneath the surface and unravel the mysteries that have been shrowding our ability to think rationally and move about reasonably. This combination provides an opportunity to shed light on past traumas and to break free from the hold that culture and mass indoctrination have on us.

Mastery of this planetary combination provides us with the empowerment to incisively unlock the depths of our hidden inner selves, unravel the intricate web of beliefs and attitudes shaped by cultural influence, and reclaim control over our thoughts and actions. With greater insight into the shadowy forces that govern over our subconscious mind, we can transcend ancestral traumas and free ourselves from the often overwhelming shackles of societal conditioning, and begin to live life on our own terms.


The ‘lower mind’ is a pre-conditioned aspect of the mind that influences thinking and behaviour; a networked terrain of personalised data, where the formation of thought patterns, concepts, words, and language takes place. It is also where past and present perceptions are stored in memory and drawn from to convey messages. These memories can impact the way we communicate and process information in a straightforward, two-dimensional (back and forth) manner. Due to its factual nature, the lower-mind function is often linear and logically based, which can lead to a limited perspective and a repetitive pattern of beliefs.

Our brain constantly processes stimuli from its environment, using the five senses to gather data that is then sorted and assimilated in the mind. This process, which involves collecting, verifying, sorting, and retrieving information, is governed by Mercury, the ruler of the lower, or mundane mind. Mercury acts as a messenger, transmitting vital messages between our inner awareness and the outside world. Through this process, we gain a spatial sense of our surroundings, the location and dimensions of objects, and their relationship to us. This allows us to visualise and manipulate objects in our minds, enabling us to make creative decisions. Due to its lower operation, the way we think and learn is cyclical, constrained to routine patterns and difficult to change.


The brain’s regular processing of sensory information can, at times, become disturbed, or plagued with negative and obscure concepts. During these intensely abnormal experiences, the brain may react in several ways, including shutting down completely, experiencing trauma, or developing a fascination with exploring the experience further.

Although scientists have not yet fully comprehended the mechanisms behind these fixated responses, they are worthy of further study as a compromised lower mind represents a wounded or damaged ego. When functioning at its most primitive level, a corrupted lower mind believes in its spatial limitations and disconnection from universal power and truth. Triggered by fear or temptation, it switches to its base survival mode of fight or flight in order to prioritise self-preservation and procreation.

The human mind’s reaction to abnormal stimuli is complex and diverse. When faced with any new stimuli, our senses send information to the brain for processing, resulting in a response. Some responses are straightforward, such as moving away from harm, but others are more nuanced and driven by the extremity of influences beyond immediate sensory recognition, such as prior experiences and biases. These subjective influences are often stored in the subconscious and tied to larger, collective memories that relate to unhealed wounds and unfulfilled desires that span generations. Our personal memories hold not only our own experiences but also the shadow of ancestral traumas and grievances that can be reactivated as we steer our way through personal growth and evolution.


When Mercury and Pluto come together, the mind is imbued with a heightened ability to form intense connections between the inner and outer worlds. This can manifest as a range of reactions, from overwhelming hatred and disgust to an obsession with delving deeper into the symbolism of the alignment. This union between the lower mind and a mysterious, all-consuming passion can lead to the development of supernatural control over ideas, which can be used constructively or destructively depending on the individual’s interpretation.

In favourable aspects, such as the sextile or trine, the alignment of Mercury and Pluto is believed to impact intellectual dominance. Individuals with this combination possess a critical and cunning mindset, allowing them to delve into the psyche and understand the motivations and triggers of others. They may use their charming wit and intelligence to influence and persuade, revealing secrets and guiding others towards specific ideas or beliefs.

However, the pursuit of any idea with enough intensity or repetition has the power to alter the subconscious mind’s thinking patterns, potentially replacing its natural ability to evaluate evidence with a dominant idea. This deeply transformative effect can be used for selfish purposes or to serve a greater agenda.

In the more challenging aspects, such as the square or opposition, a certain determination may be required to make one’s point, particularly when others appear resistant, unwilling, objectionable, non-consenting, or difficult to persuade. Pushing too hard, through irrational anger, distorted narratives, disregarding objections, or belittling concerns, can lead to abusive, oppressive, and stigmatizing relationships. Stonewalling, or cutting off communication, is a form of coercion that can be equally damaging.


Gaslighting, the act of persistently presenting false information to manipulate someone into doubting their own perceptions, is the most harmful manifestation of this aspect, commonly seen in its more challenging forms, such as squares, oppositions, and even conjunctions. Those suffering from the Mercury/Pluto mind-control trauma typically exhibit a dual condition, harbouring a secret while simultaneously avoiding attention towards it. Like those affected by Stockholm Syndrome, they may seem fully controlled and compulsively fixated on specific thoughts. Further examination of mental coercion or mind-control victims often reveals complex distortions or a complete loss of awareness, such as intellectual detachment, mental dissociation or schizophrenia, which can be difficult to diagnose and even harder to treat due to the secretive nature of its native.

For example, people with this aspect may repress feelings of resentment for long periods of time, even lifetimes. As with all Pluto-related issues, this can manifest as perverse and distorted behaviour. A partial or complete mental breakdown may occur when a significant life event activates these repressed emotions. Seeking counselling and undergoing healing work can help address the wounds and potentially recover from the seemingly permanent damage.

In some cases, a mental breakdown can serve as a catalyst for a transformative awakening experience, leading to a complete change in the individual’s way of thinking. However, in other cases, it can initiate a process of decline in healthy thinking patterns and the ability to control one’s own mind, ultimately leading towards the development of negative and harmful thought patterns, potentially leading to severe mental health issues. To avoid being subjected to institutionalised interventions, it is essential to receive professional assistance in times of mental or emotional stress. This provides the necessary support and guidance towards a path of recovery and the development of healthy thought patterns.

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In some instances, corrupt and manipulative ideas may be widely spread among a large population. Such ideas, implanted into the mind through intense repetition or subtle means, can be likened to weapons, as words can cause deep emotional wounds that can last for generations. The cycle of Pluto is extensive (246 years), and its impact on shaping thinking and language through cultural influence is gradual but effective.

In contemporary times, it is becoming increasingly evident that many of the mental health challenges and disorders that people are susceptible to stem from cultural or ancestral mind control. The process of being coerced or indoctrinated into certain ways of thinking, speaking, and perceiving reality is a ubiquitous part of our cultural experience. Mental conditioning is a prominent aspect of our upbringing, passed down from family, and reinforced by educational systems, news media, corporate advertising, and government propaganda, all of which appear to have an underlying objective to manipulate our thinking.

The consequences of this kind of ‘en-masse’ mental manipulation can be severe, ranging from feelings of self-doubt and social insecurity to major emotional and psychological distress, and in the worst cases, even full-blown mass psychosis.

Mass psychosis refers to a phenomenon in which a large group of people simultaneously exhibit symptoms of mental illness, usually as a result of a shared belief or experience. This can occur due to a variety of factors, such as misinformation, propaganda, collective trauma, or even psychological manipulation by those in positions of power. It can result in widespread panic, anxiety, and a breakdown of social norms and values. Examples of mass psychosis in history include religious cults, witch hunts, and mass hysteria events.

Historically, several examples of mass psychosis or movements spurred by collective madness have caused widespread panic and social upheaval. Some examples include:

  • The Salem Witch Trials in 17th century Massachusetts, where numerous individuals were accused of practising witchcraft and causing harm to their neighbours. This event was characterised by mass hysteria and panic that resulted in the execution of several individuals.
  • The Red Scare in the early 20th century, where fear of communism and anti-Soviet sentiment reached a fever pitch and resulted in the Palmer Raids, where thousands of individuals were arrested and many were deported.
  • The Nazi regime in Germany during World War II, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, utilised propaganda, re-education, and psychological manipulation to maintain control over the German population and further their authoritarian ideologies and goals. Through anti-Semitic and nationalist rhetoric, as well as creating a cult of personality around Hitler himself, the regime’s use of mass media and censorship to control the narrative, as well as the use of fear and intimidation, were effective tools in maintaining their grip on power and shaping the collective mindset of the German people.
  • The Cold War era of the 20th century was characterised by widespread fear and paranoia about the threat of nuclear war and the spread of communism. This resulted in widespread mobilisation and military buildup, as well as government propaganda campaigns aimed at promoting patriotism and anti-communist sentiment.
  • The Satanic Panic of the 1980s and 90s, where widespread fear of satanic cults and child abuse resulted in numerous false accusations and wrongful convictions.
  • Due to the internet and social media groups, the recent QAnon conspiracy theory has spread rapidly and resulted in numerous incidents of violence and harassment towards perceived enemies of the movement.
  • Most recently, the world has been deeply affected by widespread and unrelenting mental stress caused by unreliable, biased, or manipulative information about Covid, its origin, treatments, and social control strategies, leading to mass speculation that the pandemic is being used by corporate-funded entities to further centralise government control over humanity.

These examples demonstrate how mass-psychosis, fueled by widespread terror, free-floating anxiety and paranoia, can affect our usual thinking processes and, en-masse, can have real-world consequences when not addressed or adequately debunked.

Throughout our lives, we are continually exposed to the influence of those who hold sway over us through their ideas or power. For whatever reasons, demagogues and manipulators will continue to use force to instil their distorted beliefs and single-minded agendas, leaving us powerless and unable to object. The strain on our mental and emotional well-being can be intense and debilitating, both on a personal and a collective level, resulting in a breakdown and eventual descent into madness.

This ‘supernatural’ type of mental and emotional manipulation can have devastating effects on individuals, communities, and even entire societies and is part of the evolutionary process. Over history, cultures change, and empires rise and fall. It is important, particularly under the face of Mercury/Pluto transits, to be aware of these forces and, strive to maintain a strong sense of self, preserve or alter one’s nature according to prevailing influences in order to grow and evolve, and exercise critical thinking before altering our patterns.

The importance of self-awareness and critical thinking cannot be overstated in this day and age, where our minds are constantly bombarded by manufactured outside influences seeking to shape and control our thoughts. Commonly referred to as “technologically-induced mind control” or “artificial intelligence-mediated brainwashing, the gradual infiltration of machine-learning algorithms and malignant bots into our media channels has the potential to manipulate public opinion and sway individuals’ beliefs in ways that are not transparent or accountable.

This can have dangerous consequences for democracy and the autonomy of individuals, as well as exacerbate existing inequalities and power imbalances. By staying mindful of these forces and being able to differentiate between our own thoughts and those that have been implanted into us, we can protect ourselves from the harmful effects of mind control and find a greater sense of inner peace and self-awareness.


This blend of traits can be found in a variety of individuals and groups, including analytic psychologists, forensic interrogators, investigative journalists exposing scandals, hypnotists and neurolinguistic programmers, influential critics, mentalists/magicians, powerful orators and lecturers, slick advertising executives and marketers, demagogues, svengalis, plagiarists, politicians and political operatives, propagandists, media spin doctors, corporate executives and PR specialists, online trolls spreading disinformation, cybercriminals, hackers, religious extremists, cult leaders, salespeople employing shady tactics, and educators and researchers using biased sources or methods. These actions of manipulating, corrupting, or distorting information can harm society and undermine trust in important institutions.

It’s important to note that both perpetrators and victims of lower mind manipulation can have variations of the Mercury/Pluto condition, such as Mercury in the 8th House, Pluto in the 3rd House, Pluto in the 6th House, Mercury in Scorpio, Pluto in Gemini, or Pluto in Virgo. Based on your entire birth chart, a seasoned astrologer can accurately determine the stages of development and potential activation dates for this combination. In extreme cases, excessive mental stress, whether due to transits/progressions or inherent in the birth chart, can result in severe mental distress. Since stress is cumulative, activated Mercury/Pluto dynamics may trigger uncontrollable outbursts of psychotic rage if not adequately relieved.


The practice of mindfulness is often touted as the individual’s ultimate defence against the various forms of mental and emotional control that we are subjected to. Despite this, the overwhelming influence of Pluto upon Mercury can often lead to the arrest and enslavement of our cognitive processes, resulting in obsessive thinking that becomes difficult to escape. In such cases, a complete nervous breakdown may seem like the only way out. 

As mentioned earlier, mystics and mind experts believe this monumental mental breakdown is a precursor to a spiritual awakening. They view it as a necessary step in the journey towards emancipation from mental enslavement, a release from the cycle of obsessive thinking and a chance to see the world with fresh, enlightened eyes. The practice of mindfulness, meditation, and other spiritual and self-help techniques, can help one navigate the road to this transformative experience and arrive at a place of greater peace and inner freedom. 

By developing a rich, meaningful command of one’s mental power, an individual has the potential to transcend the limitations of cultural and ancestral mind control, unlocking the full potential of their mind and finding a sense of freedom and autonomy in their thoughts and decisions. This requires a deep understanding of oneself and a consistent practice of mindfulness and mental discipline to strengthen one’s mental faculties and resist harmful outside influences.

On February 10, 2023, we will see the final Mercury/Pluto cycle commence at the Anaretic Degree (critical) degree of the patriarchal, censorious sign of Capricorn. This is the ultimate, most defining cycle since planets at the Anaretic or 29º of a sign represent the completion of a cycle and a transition into a new beginning, indicating a need for closure or a time of endings, which can be uncomfortable and challenging. At the same time, this can also bring about new opportunities for growth and evolution.

Since Dec. 2008, we have seen no less than 15 cycles commencing in this sign, procuring a heightened focus on hierarchical power dynamics, government and corporate mind-control, and institutionalised authority. The Mercury/Pluto combination has provided us with the tools for intense scrutiny and analysis, as well as the uncovering of hidden or suppressed information by these institutions and people in power.

This period has also resulted in a need for transformation in the mass dissemination of information and the breaking down of outdated power structures in the culture of corporate media and institutionalised education and learning. However, it has also led to widespread manipulation and the abuse of power by both individuals and those in any position of authority. In the ultimate sense, it has led us to become more aware of these dynamics and to critically examine the sources of information and power that are influencing our thoughts and decisions.

How does it affect your own journey in mastering your power of persuasion?

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Aries/Aries Rising

Your inexhaustible drive to overcome hardships and be a success may make you stand out, but don’t allow blind ambition to cloud your judgement. Be aware of the potential pitfalls of power and have the smarts to overcome them, and avoid disputes with those in power, as they could harm you with all kinds of subversive means if you don’t have the means to outwit them. Focus on improving your communication skills, developing influential relationships and being more responsive to societal needs rather than being hung up with selfish vendettas or punitive agendas towards those that “done you wrong”.

Taurus/Taurus Rising

Your stringent, unwavering principles and beliefs make you a potentially great teacher, persuasive orator or dangerous demagogue. They may also alienate you when you push your dogmatic views too hard on others. Developing strong persuasive skills allows you to convince others to adopt your earthy philosophies, spiritual views or political opinions, and while you may find success, beware: lacking a moral code, using manipulation for personal gain, or distorting the truth for personal gains can lead to catastrophic legal consequences and irreparable damage to your reputation. Lead by example.

Gemini/Gemini Rising

Intimate interactions, where you probe deeply into the affairs of others, can help sharpen your mental abilities. Your mind has the power to challenge outgrown value systems and present new, more wholesome perspectives. You can uncover hidden agendas and break through stifling limitations by hosting a deeper exploration into what drives a regimented mindset. If this has been a journey about leaving no stone unturned, then ask yourself how much you have set free by bringing the inconvenient truth to light.

Cancer/Cancer Rising

You can help others transform and heal through insightful discussions, but be sure that you are not projecting your biases and preconceptions into what is just another point of view. Engaging in deep and probing dialogue with others, without extreme judgements, bringing hidden aspects of their lives to light will help tremendously restore trust and intimacy wherever it has deteriorated. Avoid letting obsessive or controlling thoughts take over during these intimate conversations, and steer away from passing on irrelevant or outdated views to one another.

Leo/Leo Rising

Whatever’s plaguing your mind, be it a precarious career that seems to be dependent on outer circumstances, authorities that are hard to accept, or duties and health concerns that turn into insurmountable challenges for you to handle, be sure to prioritise rest and establish a healthy sleep routine to recharge your energy and enhance your mental competence to deal with life’s more rewarding little struggles.

Virgo/Virgo Rising

Do you take pride in convincing others to share your thoughts? Is it to engage in a community project or to feel powerful? Be cautious of being too egotistic in promoting extreme views. Respect boundaries and give others a chance to voice their opinions. This transit could set you off on a highly constructive creative journey, delving into uncharted territory and inspiring fresh perspectives.

Libra/Libra Rising

Insecurities and resentments that lurk deep within, especially those rooted in your background, culture or early upbringing, could drive a snobbish obsession to revise or renounce your past or uncover the source of your disdain and release it. If this pressure builds too much, it could lead to explosive and emotional arguments in your domestic life and affect your emotional well-being. You are what you are. But you have come a long way from what you were. To avoid this internal mental anguish, consider letting go of past ties that trigger feelings of self-loathing or inadequacy. While there is a natural urge to delve deeper into your past, it’s essential to understand that past experiences no longer define you. The skeletons in your closet and disclosed family secrets have little to no impact on your present life, and it’s best to gracefully bring them to light so you can finally lay them to rest.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising

Looking closely at how fanatically you put your ideas across can help you understand how to communicate more persuasively. For a long time now, you have been psychologically obsessed with controlling thought and opinion, primarily through your spoken or written word, aiming to influence the minds of those closest to you. This has often developed into bitter mental battles with relatives or neighbours. You would be more convincing if you allowed your mind to be more receptive to the transformative power of spiritual energy rather than bitching over rigidly-held attitudes and impossibly high-minded principles.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising

If you struggle with guilt related to your gross financial appetites or excessive eating habits, take a step back and focus on self-care. Remember, victory is not merely about having “more”. Do a bit of spiritual inventory. Taking stock of what you have, what you need and what it’s worth to you will allow you to cut back on the excess and provide the clarity and perspective you need to understand the quality of your own worth and value to others.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising

It is admirable that you’re driven to success and public recognition, but being impeccable and earning prestige means more than just achieving your own goals. Showing empathy and understanding for those around you is critical, not only for those who support your little racket but even more so for those who don’t. Try to see the reciprocal value in everything and everyone that comes your way, and remember what the Buddha said: “Don’t be a schmuck” [paraphrased]

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising

Being a magnet to the negative opinions of others means that low-vibe communication, such as nagging, gossiping or slander about you, has a subtle effect of unconsciously sapping your mental power. You may constantly worry about what others think of you without knowing why. It’s worth exploring how your high spiritual aspirations and impossibly woke principles incur the cynicism and disdain of others. It is likely that you have unconsciously misunderstood your role in matters that either don’t concern you or that you have little or no power to affect. Instead, focus on things you can change, such as cultivating the power of forgiveness, letting go, and living in harmony with those who will never be like you.

Pisces/Pisces Rising

You possess a unique talent for conveying complex social ideas with passion and impact. Use it wisely. Don’t let it become a means to advance your hidden social agenda. The universe has chosen you to bring light to the darkness, relying on your integrity to transform toxic societal thinking. Your understanding of higher-dimensional concepts like compassion, forgiveness, and infinite giving is profound and true. Your artistic ability to communicate these concepts and integrate them into society’s mindset is a remarkable gift. Find an elegant way to present them without moaning about it.