Jupiter Squaring Saturn : The Happy- Sad Syndrome

Feeling a little up and down lately?

The applying, but not quite exacting square between Jupiter (our more liberal side) and Saturn (our more conservative side) is really throwing elements of elated enthusiasm against horrible despair into our lives, almost on a day-to-day basis. Damn it… one day you’re up – all full of hope and beaming with self-confidence, the next day disheartened by the grimness of it all…

… Aaargh!!

These are the principles of expansion and contraction,and they’re battling it out on a constant, daily basis for the next year or so – each trying desperately to assert their way and to curtail one another from going too far. Our personal disposition is teetering from high to low on such a frequent rate that it really is quite a tense and sometimes upsetting time. The messages we get from our society are on one hand promising, the other quite bleak. What else could we expect but a classic case of the ‘happy-sads’??

Although these two will not form their first exact square until August 2015, they will certainly come very close (within 6° orb) between September and December, and be at their closest this year during most of November (within 3°). The most intense energy we have been feeling for the past 2-3 months has been the uncomfortable inconjunct between Uranus and Saturn, Jupiter’s addition to the mix makes things quite complicated, especially since a fire trine around 26 September between Uranus and himself only throws more fuel into the already unsettling social unrest.

A graphic journey of the Jupiter/Saturn square over the next 12 months

So what does this Jupiter/Saturn square mean for us?

On one hand it can bring an increased pessimism about our ability to cope with the future, making us feel quite inadequate next to others. On the other hand, it fills us with optimistic ideals about ourselves and the trajectory of our own power and importance. Just as Jupiter in Leo can pump us up full of promising schemes and plans, Saturn in Scorpio has some pretty sobering ways to cut us to the quick. This is a time to avoid foolhardy speculation and really shore up our resources for the purposes of survival. This does not necessarily mean hoarding – it means knowing ourselves and what we are capable of accomplishing should circumstances change dramatically.

In our relationships with others we begin to sense a conflicting struggle between faith and despair in each other’s ability to step up to the mark. We need to be mindful of the Scorpio/Leo struggle for power and control. This can easily descend into a hopeless drama of one-upmanship and become tediously out of control. We need to learn to take a more sensible approach towards those in our lives without diminishing their inner worth or potential. Ultimately it is a period of supreme justice, resulting in a rude awakening of who our partners and foes truly are.

In the broader social sphere this square will see continuous reviews of our laws. Harsh changes will be introduced in the way our justice systems are serving us – often because they have reached some sort expiry in their effectiveness. Democracy, socialism, totalitarianism, monarchy, anarchy… all have clear flaws in todays globally expansive social structure.

There will be growing pressure on federal authorities to actually contain and regulate lawbreakers and insurgents, which will create enormous call for reforms in enforcement, and though we may not see these fully enacted until at least next year (first of three exact squares) we will definitely see many more examples of social unrest due to poor management of our legal structures and their enforcing proponents.

Many more administrative changes will be seen in government, religion, and big business where we have seen the licentious abuse of power expose its trusted leaders and icons as hideously self-serving monsters. This period will precipitate the necessary changes in the internal processes of any society whose order is based on autocratic principles of morality, religion or law, after continual scrutiny by free media and some very public formal inquiries. Some institutions may even begin to completely deteriorate during this period after their policies are exposed to have been absolutely corrupted by dogma and out-dated patriarchal administrations.

The challenge of these two largely “social planets” ultimately brings many opportunities to review and rewrite our overall social structures. It is an immense reality sandwich which we will nibble on slowly over the next few months, watching it slowly unravel upon our communities and in our global arena.

This is a chance to assess our own part within our society. Are we setting realistic goals in how we integrate into the fabric of the greater world or do we need to adjust our attitudes and beliefs about it all? Eventually our ameliorated approach will be the only salvation from the mixed feelings we continue to experience daily. Understanding the scope of our growth against the current limitations is the big lesson here. Ultimately we will all be better for it.

Of course,we will be watching the effects of this Jupiter/Saturn square closely over the next month or so as it continues its ‘platick‘ application. It will build enough tension over this period to pack a punch toward August next year, so do mark down in your diary that what you sow right now, shall return upon you later with a mighty wallop when the ‘reaper’ comes around. Jupiter and Saturn form an exact partile square on the 29th degree of their respective fixed signs.

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