Another revolutionary shift in spiritual consciousness is now bursting and with it another invigorating charge has been cosmically downloaded into each of us – the power to overthrow those deeply entrenched cultural restrictions and constitutional limitations that have been programmed into our biological and neural pathways.
The way we think (electrical) and the way we feel (magnetic) is once again experiencing a monumental shft. This is a phenomenal experience, happening to the entire human race simultaneously, courtesy of immensely powerful stellar/solar activity. The valves in our minds are allowing greater light to be perceived, processed faster, more efficiently, able to discern ‘truth’ more faithfully, insofar that it helps to inform us individually; let us work out things for ourselves. Meanwhile the underlying forces that magnetically held us tied to people, places, collective identities have lost their pull upon our hearts. Nothing has that much power to influence the way we think or feel any more if we personally deem it to be irrelevant to our individual spirit. Nothing has the power to lord it over us if we do not allow it
We are willing to gracefully, or disgracefully un-attach ourselves. No apologies or explanations need be given. It’s just a matter of us becoming awakened enough; enlightened, if only for a flash; just enough to suddenly catch a glimpse to question the secretly manipulative forces of darkness and the surreptitious ways that we have allowed them to amass and to concentrate power over our minds. These dark ‘overlords’ are, of course, none other than our ignorance, helplessness and fear – a projection onto entities that have exploited this, managing to hoodwink great groups of us; managed to suppress and oppress, repress and depress us from feeling totally alive and feeling like we are able to make our own choices.
Of course, whether we burn our bridges wilfully or wait until it builds into wild catastrophes, we express our revolutionary temper now with ever-wild destructiveness, without control is not a matter that comes without its due consequences. Either way, change comes and you are charged with making it happen.

There are those still trying to feed us with any excuse possible to slouch further into uncreative/destructive existence  – phoney marriage and relationships, dead-end career & retirement promises, dumbening social networks, social circles who are all smoking the same brand of pop-psychology and pseudo-religion, illuminati conspiracists, corporatism, sport-fanaticism, gun-culture, party-politics obsessed, new-age craze etc…. give me a break.

From a spiritual perspective, I must declare the new-age movement a fucking mess. People might think it’s strange, my being an astrologer and all, but i never bought into it and the hokey circus that it’s always been, with its meaninglessly ceremonious gatherings and the pious pretentiousness of many of those who choose to play along, bless their alternative-minded ways. I have seen what it does to so many of the damaged people who also happen to come my way, either as clients, or in real-life social or e-social situations.

I have studied these types with some degree of skepticism, fascinated at how steeped they are in a language and culture which essentially all beats from the same drum, but to find the source of that beat, has been difficult, and i guess it stems from the potpourri of self-help books and its neo-cosmic superstars. More interesting than the source, I am fascinated as to where it all leads, because from my observation, i see the same group of people swirling around the same circles, year after year, festival after festival, workshop after workshop, and nothing changes in the hazy glaze of confusion in their eyes.

I’ve observed that all the New Age movement does for its constituents is generate an empty sense of wish-fulfilment, a mere bypass for dealing with some deeply ingrained psycho-sexual traumas. Rather than inspiring an active self-examination of our shadow, it provides a false matrix of support by teaching its members to avoid the obvious by acting all ‘spiritual’ as part of this bubble of a ‘holy sacrosanct community’ – one which allows freedom to trip away from the troubles of the convention and due to its high degree of sensitivity to any real-world abrasiveness, one not to be messed with.

In this respect, (like all alternative worlds) the new-age gig has really only fostered a safe-haven, a special playground cloaked with pseudo light beams and rainbows to ‘ascension’ which has really only allowed the darker elements of life to secretly fester and to eat away at the fabric of the individual’s psyche from within, until it has grown to the point where it has usurped all relationships, communities and finally, now the entire world en masse.

Our abject inability or failure to process the phenomenal waves of christed light (intuitive truth) streaming onto our consciousness comes at extraordinary cost. This is mostly due to fear and dissociation, which is unfortunately mistaken by the ‘Namasté Brigade’ as being one of ‘light and love’, as preached by the multitude of goddesses and so called light-warriors…

…more like gaslight warriors.

One thing is obvious, we cannot ignore all the toxicity and poison that is running rife in our world by dissociating ourselves from the darkness. We cannot shun away the dark matter by acting all ‘spiritual’ – not wanting to deal with the darkness directly. In truth, dark energy makes up a great part of our universe. Ignoring the darkness is not how we achieve enlightenment.

Enlightenment is a frightfully destructive process, one of systematically tearing shreds of our ego-conditioning away. This is often not a pleasant business, but a necessary evil we must face if we are to lighten the density that still resides within our DNA and in the matter and substance of everything that exists around us. We cannot take shortcuts with magic rituals, witchy potions and ‘sacred medicine’ journeys unless we know the extent of the damage that can be done if these are not handled with the utmost care.

Essentially we each have the potential to be dangerous. Deep within lurks the potential to behave like indescribable monsters who could commit unspeakable acts of destruction, especially if we should decide to focus all our fury and rage onto one particular point. We have the capacity to cause such havoc and ruin that the fallout of just one selfishly atrocious act could last decades… lifetimes. This kernel of destruction lies deeply buried in our shadow.

Not sure if you are familiar with trauma, but you carry a lot of it in your DNA. Somewhere in your ancestral lineage, probably all the way through it, is the archetype of the survivor, the perpetrator, even the superhero. They’re all made of the same stuff.

At some point in your background, every ancestor had to do or endure bad shit just to get you here.
You, and me, and everyone alive today are the proud inheritors of hundreds and thousands of years worth of genes belonging to the progenies of brutal war, starvation, genocide, slavery, rape, murder forced migration, you name it. Ugly, reproachful stuff.
Our ancestors have seen a lot.
And they carried a lot, which they passed onto you.

You, and me, and everyone alive today are the proud inheritors of hundreds and thousands of years worth of genes belonging to the progenies of brutal war, starvation, genocide, slavery, rape, murder forced migration, you name it. Ugly, reproachful stuff.
Our ancestors have seen a lot. And they carried a lot, which they passed onto you.

You probably don’t know that.
It was probably kept hidden from you, or sugar-coated by your folks, or in some history book in some downtown library full of archives. Do the research.

In any sense, in many cases today there has been a severe resurfacing of the ugly strands of psychotic, sociopathic, narcissistic trauma still being inflicted upon humans as mental, emotional, sexual and psychological abuse. This is the shadow, now in overdrive.

To offset this, there is a preponderance of light surging onto the planet too, allowing us clear vision of the sores and engrams of nastiness, and making us rush off for some answers to such complex, often metaphysical (beyond measurable scientific means of measurement).

Wound-aware folks were literally scrambling to find out more about how to deal with this awful darkness that keeps resurfacing to ruin lives, but which has no real grounding in science. Because really, there isn’t one. Yes there are religions, but they are often tied to the dogma and control games of our parents. We needed something different; an alternative.

Enter the New-Age movement, circa 1977… Something that began with a few pioneers into looking at the psyche in a humanistic, less deterministic, more conceptual way, and include techniques that improve the physical health as well as emotional/mental. Some glimpses of a new light was entering the consciousness of our planet. Much great work, phenomenal seeds of wisdom have been allowed to develop and grow, and herein lies the key for humanity’s well-being.

However, due to the growing cult of self-help, alternative healing techniques and greater trend of healthier lifestyle choices and techniques becoming such a success in the pop-subculture, there has been an explosion of new-style operators wanting to jump into the whole ‘healing’ bandwagon. Individuals who have read all the books and tried all the techniques, but in reality haven’t quite got to exploring the engrams of fuckery that still lurk inside their own atavistic soul. They have not dealt with the dark-side within and the shadow this projects upon everything without.

These, and many other hapless onlookers have created a worldwide circuit which is a mix of hocus pocus, wish-fulling nonsense (see ‘The Secret’) which can be as confusing and undermining to all those impressionable enough to be swept up by the promise of healing some deeply ingrained trauma.

In truth, there is no real coherence or any sense to the tommyrot and bilgewater that people are spinning and spouting out as new-age ‘spirituality’. A lot of that stuff is so lame, so flimsy, such soul-destroying nonsense that in the end becomes so disillusioning and disempowering that it is ultimately more dangerous than helpful.

I have seen it employed, particularly in these organised so-called ‘women’s circles’ – these vaguely cloaked covens which seek to perpetuate the ‘shamed, victim-minded’ culture of sexually-traumatised females, who in actual fact only villainise and dominate men by swearing an allegiance to a faux sisterhood. In actuality it merely superimposes a psychic limitation upon its members that only perpetuates unhealthy gender dualites, separation and alienation from the true source of their pain.

Of course, the victim-member is gullible and impressionable, and will only hear what they want to hear. Reinforcing personal disempowerment by asking participants to relinquish their individual power in deference to some hokey group ideal does nothing but make people dependent on another culture – no different to fundamental christianity, feminism or any other organised movement that glorifies itself to a ‘higher cause’.

And of course, the men themselves are often chosen from the ever-growing breed of the irresponsible, the impotent and uncreative – men who have had the lifeforce beaten out of them at youth by the system of patriarchy, whose manhood has been arrested in development during their formative years. Their tendency has been to cower, rather than to step up and take responsibility.

Much fewer men have entered the search for alternatives in the new-age groups and workshop circuits, but they are there, and gradually growing in numbers. However, in the last 2-3 years, this has become a thing, that whilst it has opened the doors to help, has been hardly helpful, both to men and women. The New age movement has become a flaky mess.

Any influence that does not allow an individual to take a good look at the crap they are carrying into every interaction serves nothing but to perpetuate the darkness. If we are not able to look at our toxic emotions from an objective, non-judgemental point of view, look at the true depths of the problems caused by our attachment to our trauma and pain, then our healing shall always be an elusive thing.

Let’s be brave enough to confront some of our darker emotions, use some of the light that’s coming through and to process it in a way that seeks to destroy our fears and our attachment to these fears. Enlightenment requires us to do the groundwork and the training to go into head-to-head with the darkness. Unless we become emotionally prepared to fight (not recede into faux-pacifist or escapist measures), we will never stand to win the war against all the darkness that exists in our hearts, and hence projected onto the world around us.

By assuming that you’re sitting there is a state of ‘high-vibration’, shunning away any negative information lest it ‘brings your vibration down’ is only giving rise to the elements of fear and darkness. This is NOT working with the light. This is simply a state of willful ignorance. Sure, we are sensitive, but we can’t just sit back and watch our world become consumed with ‘evil’. We must have the strength to meet our shadow head on, stop it from growing and taking over this entire planet.

So let’s get off our ‘high-vibe’ pedestal, that bubble of spiritual narcissism and come down here (to earth) and look at the source of all our trauma and disease. Only by detaching ourselves from our negative emotions and standing up to the bullies and the tyrants of this world can we bring about a real change. This is no time for complacency and the cognitive-dissonance bystanding that many employ, especially using the phoney escapist techniques perpetuated by the ‘new age’ movement.

It is time to act responsibly. Only you can affect this by taking immediate and appropriate action to observe how, by not addressing your own shadow, you only limit and stifle your capacity to play a part in enacting a true, universal transformation.

Depends on the motive, but if we are not acting responsibly even under the guise of best intentions, we not only risk hurting others, we end up hurting ourselves.

This phenomenal new shift brings a perfect time to look back at all the historical damage. Ask ourselves, how much of it still lingers in our current world. If we can inwardly redirect Pluto’s brutally abrasive energy we can facilitate great healing rather than continue to allow it to perpetrate more rage, trauma and destruction.

The Pisces Sun passage over Neptune this week creates a three-pronged trident effect on how we reconnect to the dream collective. The Virgo Full Moon holds it all in our face. To really draw the maximum effect of its inspiration, we must stay clear and grounded.

So let us do the groundwork fearlessly, and with the abundance of the amazing light that is there all around us.

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2018

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Ang Stoic is an intuitive astrologer, currently based in Melbourne, Australia. For a uniquely insightful experience, arrange a ‘Shamanic Life session’ with Ang.


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