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JUPITER IN SCORPIO: Oct 11 2017 – Nov 9, 2018

“Dig within. Within is the foundation of good, and it will ever bubble up, if you will ever dig.”

~ Marcus Aurelius

Jupiter, this “greater benefic” – the planet of opportunity and productivity, presents as a positive, advantageous force in our lives. His positive influence somehow manages to provide the means for attaining our worldly aspirations and relative success in the greater scheme of things. Like a teacher/guide/guru or some generous relative or benefactor, his tremendously helpful influence over our worldly affairs can not be overstated. However, it is important that we work wisely with his morally and spiritually uplifting effects if we are going to benefit from the generous gifts he has to bestow upon us.


Of course, we feel Jupiter’s maximum effect most strongly when he crosses over our Ascendant and enters into our first house. Similarly, he becomes most noticeable in our expression when he conjuncts our Sun (life force) or other personal planets. As his 12-year cycle progresses, every three years he reaches critical quarter-phases (or squares) either to our Sun or to our Ascendant. When entering our 4th, 7th & 10th houses, we experience significant developments along our cycle of expansion. During those critical moments of Jupiter’s 12-year journey through our horoscope we may observe significant signposts of our personal growth, positive influence and money-earning potential in the affairs it governs. We might experience prosperity and good fortune, growing popularity in our personal image, outward successes, build-up of necessary foundations to support us through the twelve-year cycle of worldly abundance. Therefore, it’s important to use Jupiter’s fortuitous gifts wisely, avoiding the temptation to take for granted what may often be only fleeting good times.


It is not uncommon for people to actually waste the beneficial flow that is lavished upon them during Jupiter’s key transits. Rather than industriously applying, storing, cultivating and following up on opportunities, they tend to squander and overindulge themselves. It is human nature to get excited during good times and this often can’t be helped since our ego becomes overblown whenever good fortune comes along. There is also an overwhelming tendency to accept full credit for any positive developments rather than respecting that these exuberant ‘highs’ are merely temporary ‘uplift’ phases of a greater cycle of energetic ups and downs. Any arrogance (often in the form of moral, intellectual, social, financial superiority) has the power to somehow undo all of Jupiter’s good work. It must be kept in perspective that beyond Jupiter’s fortuitous surface, there is a much more complex and subtle process at work.


Jupiter changes signs every year, so just like the start of a brand new school year, the planet’s influence over our educational growth generates a whole new level of enthusiasm whenever he shifts into the next constellation in the zodiac. Yes, we get excited about any potential growth and new learnings that may come to us from a whole new area in life.

Jupiter’s 12-year cycle presents us with a fully comprehensive ‘master’ education in some area of our lives, with peaks and slumps of opportunity every three years (see your Jupiter return chart for details). If your Sun/Rising sign is of a Cardinal nature (♎♑♈♋), Jupiter’s transit through these constellations signifies the turning points of your own developmental cycle. These are the highs and lows of a greater rhythmic phenomenon that brings growth into your life. A Jupiter Return chart can be useful to determine which area of your life the next 12-year cycle of expansion will become the most significant for you. Aspects to Jupiter in this chart and other alignments also indicate how easy/challenging this journey may be.

As we are about to see, Jupiter is now shifting  from a Cardinal sign (Libra) to a Fixed sign (Scorpio), so the turning points activated will be in fixed signs (♏♒♉♌).

REVIEW of JUPITER IN LIBRA: (Sept 9, 2016 – Oct 10 2017)

Over the past 12 months through his transit of Libra, Jupiter has somehow helped us to seek to know and to learn speak our truth, as well to perceive it in the words and deeds of others. Being fair and just with everyone meant that we quickly learned to detect dishonesty, or fake-politeness, both in our own behaviour and in others. By learning the rules of social engagement, we learned to govern more fairly over the interests that we are significantly involved with. It was an important year to maintain objectivity and impartiality, basing our judgements upon fact – not assumptions or hearsay. Sustained challenging aspects from cardinal Uranus (opp) and Pluto (sq) meant that in our social conduct we may have endured (or behaved in ways which were) shallow, unsatisfying associations just to avoid obnoxious and controlling one-to-one dynamics with others.

Yet, this has not been easy for moral-minded Jupiter. Repeated conflicts, often over attitudes or preciously held beliefs has created major rifts and considerable shifts in our fundamental attitudes. In many respects, we have been forced to look at things in ways we may have never done before. In the end, we either got an insight into a whole different world or we became further defensive about our ways. Any inability to attain genuine peace and harmony in our world has inadvertently pushed us into greater isolation rather than a feeling of greater integration with our greater community. (Read the full Jupiter in Libra article here)


Scorpio is a whole different animal to Libra. It cares not about any exterior, or ‘apparent’ harmony and balance when it studiously finds that the interior seems grossly misaligned and (with his searing x-ray vision) sees that something drastic needs to happen if things are going to improve here.

As always with Scorpio, the issue is best dealt with by drilling down to the source. Jupiter in this fixed/water sign benefits us by presenting opportunities which invite us to engage in deeply emotional ways. Often, by plunging ourselves into highly intense situations we become forcibly confronted to deal with extreme emotional reactions. If we are care to work with these – really study them, no matter how uncomfortable or even painful, we gradually gain a greater understanding of what drives our often hidden emotional desires.

In Scorpio, Jupiter gently thrusts us into intensely personal situations; deeply meaningful experiences that take on much greater meaning. We come to understand how the more hidden things work like never before, and then apply this understanding in our social or business relationships to gain a smoother, more satisfying experience that mysteriously benefits everyone involved.

Issues to do with intimacy, private dealings, sexual matters, confidential involvements with others, financial dealings either in business affairs or the taxation department, debts and loans we have with others, psychological and deeply buried motives, issues around death and mortality, as well as reconstruction, regeneration and spiritual rebirth are all areas we will certainly come to know more about.

Through these ‘higher opportunities’ for worldly growth, we get to study and learn much about our inter-relational dynamics. We explore the nuts and bolts of how things become intimately bonded together, what makes them stick (or come unstuck). Learning the laws and science behind what holds things together helps us dispel the myths and mysteries behind it all as we finally come away (graduate) with the full knowing of how the often complex pieces of life’s intricate puzzle fit together.

By exposing ourselves to more deeply emotional experiences – be they deeply hurtful or extremely pleasurable, Jupiter in Scorpio, gives us a chance to drill down to the root cause of what drives us, as individuals, and fosters us to want to feel integrated, not just with specific others but with the whole of our society or culture.

What motivates you to be a part of the bigger picture?
How do you benefit by feeling like an integral part of your society?

This next year, we uncover much about our interconnection to that world. We learn more about our capacity to survive; the need to dominate the situation; to become empowered and to favourably transform our personal matters into worldly successes.

At some point we may question whether our attitude or our faith to any particular set of laws or belief system still serves our best interests, both in career and in relationship. Here is a chance to reappraise our world view, and to adhere strongly by this faith, even convincing others to change theirs. We may also come to realise that it is our attitude that needs to change, or at least become renewed – perhaps adopting a whole new ethos/code of belief altogether.

By diving deeply into what drives the emotional core of our innate need to survive in the greater world we get a better grasp on available resources. Handling things with greater inner conviction, strong determination, we stand to profit both psychologically and financially out any given situation.

Just in our in attitude alone – how we choose to see certain ominous situations as opportunities; or how we can manage (even the seemingly disastrous) we discover how best to get the most out of what the universe thrusts our way. In essence, it is our attitude towards what we can make out of things/circumstances that determines our overall success.

If we choose to take the leap of faith and dive into the deep end, we can experience exponential growth, faith and trust that all will be well. Opportunities emerge from simply allowing ourselves to fully commit – to become an intimate and integral part of something bigger than ourselves. Trustingly accepting the hand of opportunity that is extended before us means also coming to trust that the our personal interests may grow and transform through taking on a greater commitment with others.

By choosing to intimately share ourselves and our intimate experiences with another, we take a real chance, risking exposure of our own deeply-buried, often hidden hurts and insecurities. Deep down, in every experience we encountered are the personality’s hidden motives to survive. These often involve something very intimate and private, either with ourselves or involving another. By exploring deeper into the mechanics of these dealings we come to uncover a truth greater than just our own. Often, we find that our own fixated behaviour towards someone or something, as perversely uncomfortable and unsightly as it may seem to others actually stems from a specific inner guide. However hidden, it is a necessary facet of our personality that ultimately serves to increase our chances of survival by driving us to determinedly fuse our interests with those of others.

Conversely, we may refuse this, choosing to forfeit or postpone the opportunity to engage intimately with others. Whether in business, financial, intimate affairs, or deeply psychological levels, the wilful resistance to get involved with those who come our way to benefit us – say, out of fear of losing of personal control, or fearing only that the exploitation value of their resources is low, we may waste precious opportunities, or push situations into a stalemate where no party feels able to make use of mutual resources available.

This is the stingy, meaner, self-serving side of Scorpio who is governed by fear rather than mutual trust. By avoiding involvement in a potentially transformative connection with others, opportunities soon turn into toxic, self-defeating struggles for power and ego-domination, driving us to instead become obsessed with a need to control, harm or destroy others. Envy, suspicion, jealousy, wilful manipulation and sinister contempt with intent to divest become the instruments of the fear-afflicted Jupiter in Scorpio. This is when the knives come out, and the raw objective is to devour or destroy.

Yet even in this, Jupiter brings a lesson, one way or another. Our overarching arrogance leads to heavy losses, which in the end are actually a blessing in disguise. Here, we may see the tendency to manipulate, ruthlessly exploit, blackmail, slander, avenge or exact ‘justice’, or cease to be controlled by others by counter-controlling them somehow.

If we choose well, show complete faith in the alchemical process that can occur in any relationship when we surrender to its transformative power, we stand to gain enormously from this process.

The resulting energy that manifests when we engage intimately with others has the power to transform us all in mutually beneficial ways. Thus, Jupiter through Scorpio helps us to discover that deep inside we each possess a uniquely intuitive perception that allows us to identify, take on and use available resources in such a way that each person is benefited. Through this intense process, we grow to find that the true source of our empowerment lies within us. If we persevere with this knowing, we gradually see our own personal wealth, worldly power and influence grow, and succeed on all levels of intimate relationship.

So let’s go digging… You never know what you may unearth!

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