SUN/SATURN: Getting Serious

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Unless you’re someone who thrives on strict discipline, the combination of Saturn and the Sun can be a daunting experience. Put simply, Saturn on the Sun ain’t much fun. From an astrological standpoint, when these two celestial bodies come together, they create a potent mix of discipline, authority, and determination, which can feel like an unyielding force of right and wrong. This energy can push us to confront our responsibilities, limitations, and the overall structures that govern our lives until we’re fully aware of our place within them.

The combination of the Sun and Saturn in astrology often imparts a paternal quality, as both are associated with concepts of fatherhood. The Sun occupies a central role in our lives. He is the author of our story and the authenticity of our existence; his authority illuminates our inner motivation and will to become who we truly are in life. Similarly, Saturn represents the tangible limitations, rules and obstructions we must face throughout our lives to erect a solid backbone, its trials and tribulations demanding discipline, responsibility, hard work, and self-control to overcome.

Developing a strong sense of purpose and maintaining the strength and perseverance to uphold our position in life, especially in the face of criticism, can help us build the character necessary to confront life’s challenges. Sun/Saturn transits foster qualities like firmness, decisiveness, determination, perseverance, and the ability to become completely dedicated to something, which helps us cultivate the strength and capacity to maintain our position in life, often through seclusion, denial of basic joys, and only through modesty, seriousness and hard work.

However productive, this part of the journey can be difficult, especially when we lack support from elderly figures. We may find ourselves working silently or in solitude, facing stumbling blocks in our mental or physical expression and struggling with tendencies toward pessimism and fragile health. Circumstances may force us to lead an austere and simple life, at times facing suppression, scrutiny or rejection from others and even enduring forced separation from those we care about. Nonetheless, by facing these challenges with resilience and determination, we can build a definitive character that serves us well in navigating the obstacles that come our way.


When combined in the natal chart, Sun/Saturn-blessed individuals may crave recognition and worldly successes but may feel stifled or self-conscious about putting themselves in the spotlight, fearful that they are not good enough. They may have trouble trusting authority figures – or anyone – forcing them to become self-determined, reliant on no one, counting only on their own authority and will, doing all the hard work themselves and making decisions based only on their own experiences and knowledge.

By minding only one’s business, and projecting a serious and determined image, these people exhibit an air of self-restraint and a sense of autonomy, demonstrating that they are committed to doing what is right and expected of them. Taking on the sole responsibility for their own outcomes, however tedious and strained, they strive for a more structured, well-ordered life. Whilst self-denial and diligent hard work may reap the rewards grudgingly, their sheer enterprise and health can prosper and improve with time. What they build becomes a testament, a monument of themselves, a corporation that is distinctly definitive of who they are and the hard work and dedication they exude.


The upcoming Sun/Saturn conjunction occurs at 27°44′ Aquarius on Thursday, February 16, 2023, marking the third and final cycle since Saturn entered this sign in 2020. As in the birth chart, it imbues ambition, discipline, and perseverance in those affected, all geared towards achieving an ‘Aquarian’-style goal. This can be a challenging time for those seeking freedom and change, as Aquarius is dedicated to addressing the state of the world.

Charts showing the most recent Sun/Saturn conjunctions in Aquarius.

The conjunction highlights the need for restructuring and creating a whole new order in dealing with social issues such as poverty, conflict, suffering, and degradation. The emphasis falls on promoting social responsibility, social justice, humanitarianism, and equality, so essentially, the discipline brought about by our Sun/Saturn endeavour aims to tackle the world’s problems and promote positive change.

Each of us requires an earnest, disciplined and focused approach to address critical global issues, as well as a commitment to working towards prevailing social movements toward constructive solutions in solving problems of inequity and injustice. Overall, the discipline associated with this placement may be a rallying cry for each individual to step up and do their part in promoting positive social change, liberating the underprivileged and addressing the many challenges humanity faces on a global scale.

This has been a frustrating time in the paradoxical sense that when Saturn is in Aquarius, we want both ‘Freedom’ and ‘Control’ rolled up in a bundle. This desire was exemplified by how we (as a consensus) sought to liberate ourselves from a global pandemic by enforcing tight social controls and restrictions on fundamental freedoms, implementing strict lockdowns and imposing medical mandates.

Paradoxically, our desire for freedom through order has created a problem. We have gone against the principles we have fought for in the name of freedom and liberty, isolating social movement, limiting gatherings, severing alliances and putting aside progress and amendments to our constitutions and laws in an attempt to bring order during the pandemic. We have made many adjustments and reforms, but have become tangled in a messy framework of conflicting attitudes. Instead of restoring order, we are now trapped in a cul-de-sac of individual absurdities and intersectionalities with no clear solution for reconnecting with one another.

Increased pressures of social distancing have placed emphasis on individualism and identity politics which, in recent years, has led to a situation where people are more focused on their own specific issues and challenges, rather than finding common ground with others. While this has led to a lack of communication, understanding, and cooperation among people with different backgrounds and beliefs, it has also placed enormous pressure on each of us to somehow solve larger societal problems.

Since Saturn entered Aquarius, many of us have struggled to maintain a consistent flow of emotion. This widespread emotionally-detached social phenomenon may indeed be the root of our inability to find freedom, not external factors. We may blame patriarchal or paternal figures, such as the government, authorities, parents, or controlling spouses, for our emotional disenfranchisement, accusing them of failing to provide emotional support or consideration to our social needs over the past two years, denying our freedom to move or refusing to acknowledge us as individuals in our own right. We forget that those in government or control are also humans, equally as emotionally disenfranchised, yet burdened with the responsibility of keeping society and its systems intact.

Yet this feeling of emotional disconnectedness or harsh alienation from society – a kind of soul disembodiment from the group, has gradually prompted each of us to adopt certain abstract principles and radical new stands, be they moral, political, legislative, psychological or whatever, as a surrogate for the absence of a strong sense of self, our rights, and a valued role in society. The ‘social distancing’ that has occurred externally is paralleled by an ’emotional distancing’ internally that has somehow disembodied us from our souls and disembowelled us from the soul of society.

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In this social isolationism, we have been forced to form advanced intellectual concepts, gradually shaping our fundamental ideologies, whether we like it or not. These ideologies favour a more progressive, scientifically-leaning, and unbiased approach to the realities of life, denying the spiritual and emotional implications.

It is striking how much of our emerging social infrastructure is constructed around technologically implemented AI algorithms that seek only to establish our relative position in the social hierarchy. This departure from our emotive or whimsical inclinations and into a digital binary approach to handling complex problems enables us to better integrate into the impersonal and professional aspects of public life. However, it has also led to a tragic disengagement from our emotions, resulting in a cold feeling of being estranged from our innate selves, a sense of inner confusion and a kind of hopelessness about the future of society.

The feeling of alienation is often accompanied by a common psychological problem of our era, which can be described by the classic astrological auspices of Sun/Saturn’s periodic ‘Identity Crisis’. In a world where family, human connections, jobs, places of residence, sexual relationships, and family ties are all becoming increasingly transitory, the fundamental elements necessary for maintaining a sense of continuity and personal identity are under threat of extinction. Suddenly, the determined individual awakens to find themselves in an unfamiliar, dimly lit room, far from home, facing obscure and hostile forces, unsure of their social location or identity within a system, overwhelmed by the prospect of a meaningless death after a life without purpose.

Regardless of where we stand, the formation of the individual freedom we crave can only come about by dismantling old societal constructs and perceptions that no longer confine us and delving deeper into our true selves, working on self-defining concepts which others may perceive as strange or unorthodox but are nonetheless vital elements of a rich and diverse society.

As Saturn nears the completion of his transit through Aquarius, the Sun/Saturn challenge remains to embrace our individuality and work earnestly on cultivating our uniqueness, not sacrificing our natural peculiarities. Those who come out on top will not be those who conform to societal expectations but rather those who rise above them and genuinely embrace their individuality. Hence, as Venus has promised by her final conjunction to Saturn in this sign (Jan. 23), the Sun highlights the personal transformation that is occurring here. At the third Sun/Saturn conjunction, what should be emerging in each of us is a shining example of the strength and power of individualism and the idea that, ultimately, one becomes socially redeemed and reintegrated into their community by simply being true to oneself.


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