Depression and the Saturn/Neptune square

[pic: The Dude, "The Big Lebowski" Cohen Brothers]
[pic: The Dude, “The Big Lebowski” Cohen Brothers]

Feeling a bit distant?

A bit disconnected from the source?

If you find yourself plummeting down into the pits of despondency, loneliness and despair, increasingly feeling cut off from your world, no longer able to paint a brighter future for yourself, then it is possible that what you are experiencing are the effects of an emotional depression.

What is depression?

In my observation, depression is a powerful symptom – a crippling sensation that you are stuck somewhere, astray from the optimal path towards your personal development, emotionally stranded in the awful feeling that nothing (absolutely nothing) can help you out of that place. You may reach out for help, perhaps find company, or seek counsel, or find some sort of crutch or medicament to smother or to soothe that aching sadness, but in truth you are in a critical state of emotional paralysis, and all that you are, and all that you could be are not in any way aligned.

So what are those symptoms really trying to tell us?

It’s about our relationships. Somewhere there’s been a misalignment between your spirit and your physical self, and you are perhaps either confused, too weak, too proud or disillusioned to do anything to correct your situation. In that misalignment you have lost contact with your higher self and are being misled by your ego into a futile pursuit. Perhaps, at one time, for the sake of your security, comfort, or some other physical gratification, you chose to take a safe option. Perhaps it was seen as an easy escape from a more difficult, more punishing option.

Perhaps you chose to go with a certain person; a lover, a parent, a friend; or you started a job, took a bank loan for something you could not afford, started a business; began a special ‘medication’ program; joined a religious cult, move to a certain location… or perhaps you chose to have a baby?

Whilst your choice may have provided you an immediate solution or respite from a troubled situation, it was by no means a viable long-term solution. Instead, it set you off into a chain of ever increasing compromised circumstances.

In that decision you have entered a relationship that has ultimately not allowed you to express your true authentic self. If, after a sustained period, you find yourself feeling increasingly weak, demotivated, misunderstood, and hypersensitive to criticism from others, where all you want to do is crawl into a hole and withdraw further into yourself, then welcome to the world of depression. No, it’s not fun, but it is the body’s survival mechanism to a negative emotional reaction. That emotional reaction is a direct response to your true spirit being muffled.

Many folks who suffer from this awful state are not only unaware that they may have a problem, they are also oblivious to what their condition is trying to tell them. What may have begun as a relationship that promised an escape from a troubling situation, now turns out needing an escape itself.

And so, to escape the doldrums they seek another, similar way out.

And so, the cycle continues…

How does one break the awful cycle of depression [read on]?

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