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Venus square Juno – “Free love vs true marriage”


Conflicts may surface over partners seeking pleasure in cool, detached, non-committed ways where the sacred, more meaningful relationship calls for deeper ideals of intimacy and trust.

A sense of emotional closeness is necessary to build the intensity, closeness and freedom from suspicion in the partnership. Possibly though, the thought of a deeper commitment (of time, warmth, sexuality, any shareable resources) could become an obstacle to building true love, or perhaps you and your partner have difficulty understanding each other’s way of expressing intimate affection (or lack thereof).

Exercising a greater degree of freedom between you may be the only way to cultivate a truer, deeper commitment to one another.

Instances of jealously, possessiveness and expectation will either ignite or severely damage the rapport between partners, but too much pressure or too much aloofness may just kill the unsteady bond right now.


Originally published 2nd February, 2016


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