Sun conjunct Pallas Athene – Grand trine to Jupiter/Node and Moon in Taurus

sun conjunct pallas athene, sun athena aspects, asteroid astrology, athena asteroid meaning astrologyOut of the hive of social activity aligning and uniting people into their respective tribal communities (JUPITER conjunct NODE), emerges its champion protector, holder of the faith.

The neo-cosmic shift now spawns a society which is centred mainly on what is traditionally thought of as feminine values of nurturance, care, co-operation, protection, unconditionality, natural reciprocity, and connectedness to earth. It is an order which simply recognises that all life springs from the feminine. What needs to arise will now come forward as the vanguard for the rights and well-being of women, most broadly connected with earthy principles in all its various worldly manifestations. It is a restoration of balance to this unchecked patriarchy and its exhausted system of economic mismanagement.

Out of this moment rise individuals who become central to leading a movement that acknowledges that we must construct economic networks that are earth-sustainable. The message is that we must pay particular focus on forming systems of currency which are more localised and supportive of community values, providing strong financial foundations between its own peers rather than allowing a globally centralised domination. New economic models which are more matristic will begin to form the basic underlying currency network that will support humanity and eventually supersede our current monetary system.

This is not some fancy idealistic hippy bullshit. The planet has reached its apex of economic growth.

Many values and agreements that we have come to hold ‘sacred’ begin to fall away now. By the middle of this year the world will scantly be capable of supporting the current patriarchal economic model which has managed only to make us more miserable. Even its rulers are not capable of seeing a happy outcome now. After a series of crises (2012-2015) which have escalated in severity on their impact over the global economic system, we will gradually see a complete collapse of the old game.

All along we have had a chance to make a choice whether to let the patristic system go or to continue to clutch harder for security.

Meanwhile, the goddess energy begins to produce the leaders of the new matristic way…

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Originally Published ~ 19/01/2016

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