Pallas Athene in Capricorn – Semi square Saturn

Pallas is the asteroid goddess of cold-hard truth as defined by one’s keen perception, as well as the ability to craft one’s awareness and intelligence into a gameplan/war strategy. When in Capricorn, this energy is super-prized into creating firm structures using all the thoughts and insights coming through.

It is the formulation of a business plan or model, or the presentation of a business case.

Yet duty, responsibility and practical considerations can act like a double-edged sword upon our shrewd creative intelligence. On one hand we may know exactly how to turn our ideas into form, on the other we may feel a little hampered by the limitations posed by strict laws or physical obstacles we might encounter.

Heightened vigilance and mental cognizance is now required in any game, and our composure has to be perfectly impeccable in any business transaction.

One foot out of place could see you being routed out of town, out towards them thar hills…

The laws of gravity are very, very strict and consequences for getting even a little over-excited can be heavy.

Play smart.

[pic: Kristina Varaksina]

Originally Published ~ 16/01/2016

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