Mars trine Neptune ~ Semi-square Venus

MARS trine NEPTUNE, semi-square VENUSMARS trine NEPTUNE, semi-square VENUS

The male who is steeped in ignorance about the nature of gentleness is likely to regard any displays of gentleness as a sign of weakness and guard against such displays with a fear lest he belittle or betray his fundamental masculinity.

This has been one of the greatest dismays around our recent cultural gender imbalances.

The masculine is undergoing enormous evolutionary shifts in exploring his own sensitivity.

The evolved male recognises that expressing his gentleness does not negate his masculinity, nor does it diminish his power in relationships, but rather adds to his resources of love and understanding. To the evolved masculine, who is finely attuned to the centre of his being, gentleness becomes the force that spiritualises all the warring elements within himself and unifies those that are apart without, reducing all humanity’s impulses of isolation and separateness into realisations of love, kindness and compassion for all. All the infinite details in man’s life become fused into a togetherness – a oneness. In exercising gentleness, all humanity’s words, actions and reactions unite themselves inseparably in peace.

Only in his gentleness does the evolved masculine recognise that he is on the true path towards the divine union.


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Originally Published ~ 17/01/2016

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