Moon in Scorpio

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[art: Margarita Garcia Alonso]
Everything seemed fine until “she” showed up here…

[Keep a tight handle over those emotions. Do not allow feelings of JEALOUSY, SPITE, POSSESSION and MANIPULATION get the better of you now. We have a lot of work to do this week. The world is about to become even more real, and powerfully transformative.

Lose your cool; become overpowered by those emotions; get stung by the inexplicable drive to exact vengeance and you could easily slip into a world of pain.

You are bigger than that. DO NOT allow yourself to fall prey to the morbid terrors of insecurity as the driving force behind your own survival. If you choose to fight from an instinctive place, you will draw in forces that will control you and shape your destiny in ways that may be difficult to stay empowered.

Things must change (once and for all).
People will come in to make this happen. Their transformative powers are extraordinary.
Welcome them, work with them…

…ultimately, it is for the best].

Stay tuned, present and aware (don’t lose it, even for a moment).

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Originally Published ~ 4/01/2016

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