Moon in Gemini – square Neptune, opposite Saturn

moon in gemini, moon opposition saturn, moon saturn aspects, air sign moon, moon neptune aspectsThe world is filled with thoughts, ideas, opinions and processes which fluctuate around us constantly. Occasionally something catches our attention – so much so that it affects our state of being. When we attach an emotion to a passing idea, we make it ours. Just by the sheer eloquence of a word, we become excited and our whole world can be moved.

Similarly, we are prone to attaching emotions to ideas and opinions that are not so eloquent. Ideas that come negatively charged can leave us limp and dispirited if we should take them to heart.

Just a re-Minder that no thought ever espoused by you is your own.

It is you who chooses to make any thought personal.

You choose how much emotional weight to apply something.

Why not choose to work with thoughts which are constructive, inspiring and invigorating you to act with love?

Dispel all negative, fuzzy thoughts and notions as clearly not for you – remain focused on clarity and positivity.

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Originally Published ~ 20/01/2016

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