Solstice – 00° Cancer – 21 June

The solstice – from the Latin Sol (Sun) and Sistere (to stand still), because the Sun appears (to us here on Earth) to stand still in declination before reversing direction – marks the true change of season. At this time the Sun enters a Cardinal sign, an initiation into a new mode of conscious expression.

Depending on your hemisphere, you will either experience the longest or shortest day of the year, the peak (or nadir) of the Sun’s warmth and glow upon your world.

Astrologically, Cancer is the time we enter the phase of fecundation and fertilization, where our ideas germinate into feelings – a deeper receptivity of the spirit to matters that warm our hearts, creating personal relationships that resonate with us more instinctively than rationally.

At this time, our consciousness is blessed with the inspiration to create connections that honour the fidelity of what we are about. Elements of home, family, personal past and history begin to summon our attention and we seek to honour these by responding to them with an emotional investment that demonstrates a care and nurturance which is filled with a very special, almost exclusively personalised kind of love.

Some may not understand, but in your soul you know why certain things are more important to you now. Observe how you come to tend to these relationships more as an instinctive calling from your heart, rather than the mind. Embrace, hold, feel and nourish those things that, in turn, come to nourish and support you with with their own, particular KIND of love.

Originally published 21 June 2016

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