Moon in Scorpio – Hades Moon

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And the mood did switch,
And the vibe fell low,
heavy clouds descended,
things went dark, like Poe

As he spake with clamour
buzzing with foresight
she reminded him of magic
mysteries of the night

All his talk of freedom
visions so inspired
only left her heart with
much to be desired

but she kept her mouth shut
bit her forked tongue
curbed the carnal damage
should her heart feel stung

He was unsuspecting
Lived inside his head
how was he to sense that
soon he might be dead

so she let him utter
his indulgent rants
’bout a future world where
there was free romance

and she became sickened
with a jealous woe
and her mood did switch,
and her vibe fell low,

as the clouds descended
she became possessed
with a bitter vengeance
to his wild behest

Then she picked her moment
disposition grave
and unleashed her venom
like a tidal wave.

[SCORPIO MOON in less than 24 hours… time to make the switch to the new way – something has to change, has to go, this is a full scale deco-reconstruction – the old ways are useless, learn to move with forward… wake up and become alive (or be subjected to a most biting sting)]

Originally published 7 February, 2016

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2016

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