Moon in Virgo

moon in virgo, virgo moon, earth signs moon, virgo moon, virgo lunation, ang stoic astrology, ang stoic astrologer, shamanic astrologyThe strong emphasis in Virgo now only highlights the tendency for the head to hijack the heart and drive it recklessly into a frenzied clutterfuck of diligental pedantry.

Simmer those frijoles and see what’s really happening:

Deep down inside there is an inner child just screaming for some emotional acceptance and approval by others but won’t sit still because it associates maternal love with being practically useful, always busy, exactly correct and mentally perfect.

Is our emotional security really just a mathematical equation itching to be solved by our own, very limited mind?

Now, let’s just get a little perspective on things by deepening our understanding of our total situation, ok?

How can one learn and evolve unless we take a more mature approach with our basic needs and functions? Is all the fussing we are doing really going to help us to enter a more wholehearted, rich and full connection with one another?

As this Moon triggers the Jupiter/North Node, it inspires us with a new hope that we may grow through working together with others of our kind. Its light brings in great confidence that only increases as we take in new experiences with others.

You are not alone in this. Open up and see that we are in this to humbly serve and assist one another here, not to pick upon each others’ inadequacies and inefficiencies.


Originally published 28 January, 2016

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