Mars in Cancer – June 4-July 20

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The transition of Mars, who in mental Gemini fought in rhetoric style, now moves into instinctive Cancer is a chance to apply his struggle to a cause that is connected to something closest to his heart. Our masculine warrior-self therefore transition out of intellectual jousts with others, where in Gemini are often out of boredom and for the argument’s sake alone, to taking a far more personal stance on matters or principles on which he feels very strongly he must defend.

Logic has little to do with it.

It is his feelings that invoke action and defensiveness here. Since feelings are largely governed by the prevailing moods, often the logic or any rational processes take a back seat to his impulses and basic drive to protect whatever rules over his atavistic fears and instincts to his home and clan.

cancer2Since Mars generally cannot help but become shirty and excited in personal situations where a fight-or-flight response is warranted, in Cancer any inflammation is governed largely from the heart. We can therefore expect to see a mood-driven affront; a cranky and cantankerous display of irritability and smite should the very touchy threshold one’s personal boundaries become breached, threatened or invaded.

It is the kind of reaction one might imagine if they dared to disturb the winter slumber of a grumpy old bear in a cave. Naturally, one would not expect the disgruntled beast to be in the best of moods after becoming untimely woken to discover that their personal space was being intruded upon.

Similarly, just imagine the kind of a reaction would you expect from a mother protecting her young child from strangers; or a small tribe fending an attack from marauding outsiders. The affront may not exactly appear to be the most strategically organised military maneuver. It would be more of a hasty, peevishly irate reach for a broom or a pitchfork, or a shoe to make a primitive rush at any untoward assailants.

So then, if Mars represents an anger, then in Cancer it is one that arises from the pit of our stomachs. It is not one that is well thought-out at all but as a reflex action, exerted on a whim, irascibly and either in personal defence or in short-fused inability to hold control of one’s foul-mooded attempt to either fend off private boundaries, personal slights or offensive indignation, either to our own or to a helpless member’s safety.

This particular reaction is easily roused in those who lack any sense of sophistication or tact in their ability to hold their ire. Anyone who is likely to get so easily upset when their personal domain feels threatened is then fair game, at times like these, for those unscrupulous enough to take advantage of the moody and the insecure. Those who wish to wage emotional drama and homeland wars could easily prey upon this public vulnerability to be easily manipulated. Just mention a threat to their national or cultural security, and any tribe is easily cast into some a collectively annoyed or angry mob. This energy is often seen in the union movement, street gangs, or community sporting outlets, where parents can get all worked up over the interests of theit kids.

In fact, in the month of July, whilst the Sun himself is travelling through Cancer, we might see all matters of defense (such as to state boundaries, cultural lifestyle, flag loyalty and national identity) become a key issues in the world at large. It does stand to reason then, that by the time Mars starts to form an opposition to coercive Pluto (July 2) and erratic Uranus (July 18) that this mood-affected anger could be easily be whipped up into a wider, almost tribal swell of mobcollective rage. This energy is going to be hot all through the middle of July.

If the right propaganda campaign was to be launched, one which appeals directly to the heartstrings and breadbaskets of our collective, primal insecurities, then factions could easily be roused to react in ways which could become rather reactionary. In fact, in such easily inflamed climates, common folks are easily mobilised into a posse-like collective frenzy and deployed into a pitchfork-wielding, flag-waving rampage. (There you go, recipe for war).

This could be… erm… not very wise.

Very commonly, Mars in Cancer reactions – whilst they do protect the homefront on some level – are often difficult to contain and due to the lack of logic, often regretful in hindsight.

Be cautious. Try not to lose it. If anything, should you feel threatened or your security seems compromised during these next few weeks, it is better to fasten the lock on the front door and retreat back into your crab-hole. This action is far more preferable than to mindlessly scramble for arms, form a posse or a lynch-mob and make a right ass of yourself fighting from a place of pure emotion. That almost always ends in tears.

Save the heroics until Mars goes into Leo on July 20.

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