Mercury trine Jupiter

mercury trine jupiter, mercury jupiter astrology, mercury jupiter aspects,  jupiter astrology, Mercury astrology,Mercury rules the mind, mental development and communication. Vibrations coming from that planet help us to transmit our thoughts and ideas both to and from our central intelligence (our higher self). In an earth sign like Capricorn Mercury assists us to formulate structured thought patterns that can actually be useful in our desire to get along with others. During this time we often seek out structured and reliable ways in which our ideas can align with those of others so that our efforts can become workable.

We want our thoughts to translate into successful happenings and use our minds to create a socially acceptable paradigm, something everyone can work with and respect. Tough, but necessary sometimes.

Jupiter rules strength, leadership, wisdom and confidence, allowing us to integrate our selves into a greater understanding between worlds (ours vs the world of others). In earthy Virgo there is a push to work together with others to make a better world. Have you noticed how since August (2015) our social attention has expanded into generating a more communal approach to get things done? By teaming together with others who resonate on our level we come to find fulfilment by achieving the more practical necessities of our world. We also discover that if we work together, things seem easier, rewards are more fulfilling.

The earthy trine between these two planets produces a cumulative vibration that makes it fun to work with our mind to find ways to resolve even the worst problems. We can accept even the most impossibly difficult dilemma as a puzzle to be solved. In this, we also know that if we seriously just put our minds to it, persevering together with a sound determination to achieve a result, we can practically solve any problem, clean up any mess.

That’s all it takes sometimes. A gentle re-minder that with a little faith in working with others, one can overcome the greatest adversity.

Now let’s do it.

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Originally Published ~ 26/12/2015

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