SCORPIO MOON trining through PISCES

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[art: oleg oprisco]
As the intensely fixed/water Moon swipes an intensely fixated watery mood upon the distant dreamery of our great unconscious dominion, let us now check our emotions… yes?

Are you in control of your emotions now?

Emotions are caused by a body that is undergoing a state of crisis – a biochemical secretion that momentarily transforms a person into a blind, uncontrollable maniac. Observe how when you become emotional, you are taken over, gushing with a high (or low) sensation that seems to hijack your consciousness, making you behave in ways that are not typically perceived as ‘sane’ by those in your environment.

Emotions are narcotic, addictive, stupefacient injections into your nervous system that temporarily take you out of the NOW.

If you become hooked, you’re practically fucked – in this state you become disconnected from the source.

The true experience of love is not the surrender to a blind emotion. True, conscious love is a merging with oneself, or with another, or with the universal force as a clear and conscious choice.

This profound, mystical experience cannot exist in an emotional state. The sensation of love is the exultant, ecstatic high that comes only from a sudden relief from the pressure of your emotions.

In the next couple of days, become consciously aware of your emotions, see how easily you allow your feelings to become distracted (and affixed) to passing thoughts.


Originally published 29th February, 2016


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