Venus enters Scorpio

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VENUS now moves OUT of Libra, leaving MARS & SUN behind. Sure, she rules Libra, and while she loves and admires the masculine ok, they are all hopelessly emasculated and wholly submissive to her subterfuge of civility and politeness now.

Entering the dark and dingy dungeons of Scorpio, Venus is herself in detriment. S’pose all that leather, whips and spiteful discontent appeals only to the most damaged, sadomasochistic types.

Be careful not to stay too indolent, ambivalently wishy-washy and performatively PC right now. It actually works against your best interests to sit and wait. You’ll find yourself being whiplashed or worse still, be overtaken and enslaved by some brash idiot who dares to storm on through regardless and take charge. Always some unrefined goon who’s lurking ’round, ready to take advantage of the lame-ass situation all the ‘nice’ people feel trapped in.

Being polite might have its place but at times like this, we need to pull our finger out and just do what’s gotta be done, even if it threatens to be offensive. Don’t wait.

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[phtography: naomi campbell by mert alas and marcus piggott]

By this weekend’s ♈FULL MOON, VENUS in SCORPIO will get her delicious way, but not before she shocks the living shit out of everyone with her maniacally insatiable designs.

Objects of desire must and will be possessed, consumed and satiated until they possess and consume her.

There’s no telling how deep into the abyss she will dive, she doesn’t intend to stop, nor make any apologies to those who suffer. Indeed, her point is to induce a kind of death by lovemaking, artmaking, peacemaking, etc.[see “love you to death”]

Those disturbed by my own artistic astro-depictions here should unfriend/block immediately. Your experience of reality is about to get, darker, nastier and grittier (riché) than ever from here on end (until next March, at least) and, as always, I calls it fairly as I sees it.
**Remember, we are looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, even if to the frightful that’s a freight train coming your way.

Me, I try to include two fundamental qualities in my work: supernaturalism and grim, existential irony. Blending the grotesque with the banal is as attractive to the truth-seeking mind, as is strife & discord to blasé ears. Each horoscope reading is my canvas for lyrical, mystical farce… an abstract pantomime, which can be delineated into a serious novel.

Immersing my own artistic vision into abnormal, dreamy atmospheres, channeling through absurd and often twisted narratives, I aim to guide the protagonist through the precipice of darkness, into lucent, brighter days …the realm of pure poetry.

Either you’re up for it, or need more time, away from me…
#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ♀ ☍ ♅ (Oct 12)

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