Moon in Leo

moon in leo, fire signs moon, leo moon, leo astrology, moon aspectsYes, you ARE special.
And knowing you are special is very special indeed.
Re-member, you are always at the centre of your known universe.

Nothing can marginalise you towards the edges, diminish you, make you feel small, indifferent, isolated and alienated.

You are NOT an alien. You are a special human being, existing at the heart of all consciousness.

Do you see this?
Are you aware?

Become aware that you are special.
Specialise in being special.
Turn your specialty into an art form.
Create art.
Be an artist.

Accept too, that everyone you meet is equally special in their own way.
Treat them as another artist.
Find ways to encourage them to exhibit their own amazing art forms.

Proudly support the co-creators of your world.
Celebrate an amazing life.

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Originally Published ~ 27/12/2015

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