Venus in Capricorn

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After that spellbindingly exciting roadtrip through Sagittarius, where hopes of good times and promises of adventure culminated in that tummy-aching love-glut towards the middle of January, the goddess of beauty, peace and attraction finds that she must come to reality in the most sobering of all signs.

Yes, things can get a little rich and creamy during the heady days of growth and prosperity, lessons learned, a confidence created by her great expectations during her travels through Sadge, but after all, it’s time to see how any of the promises in which she came to strongly believe will be actually put into practice.

Capricorn has a stern, maturing effect upon all matters of the heart, and the ‘truth’ is sometimes found to be lies when the devil starts to drill into the practical details of how on earth we will turn our exorbitant beliefs about love into something workably sustainable. Otherwise, what’s the point of shooting those love arrows out there, right?

As Mercury in Capricorn comes to station, right in the middle of Capricorn, hovering over the last pounding of that consciousness-altering Uranus/Pluto square, we are treated to a new level of awakenings. Seems like all that ‘reality’ we was fed before 2012 turned out to be versions of a lie after all, and though many have struggled to persevere with that old-world framework, only now do we begin to realise that there may be another, more sustainable framework for reality out there. All it needs is some structure to be applied.

Venus will cross this evocative point of higher awareness around Feb 6.

Venus now enters Capricorn after discovering that there are definite possibilities of reaching true happiness and peace in our world, particularly if we focus our faith on the higher dimensional qualities of co-operation, compassion and co-creation. But, it all has to become grounded, and so the sobering effect is all about how to create a practical framework for the things we value and wish to keep loving in our world.

What do you believe will bring you peace?
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Originally published 24-01-2016


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