Moon in Third Quarter – Capricorn Moon square Aries Sun

capricorn moon, earth sign moon, aries sun, fire sign sun, sun moon aspects, sun moon astrology, astrology aspectsThe Capricorn Moon is taken aback now at the brashness and audacity of the Aries Sun, wondering how one can function in the greater scheme of things with that level of naivety.

It seems so infantile. Outrageous. Irresponsible!

The Sun’s contact with Uranus and Mercury that has energised thoughts and ideas in a most self-centred way.
We express these quite strongly in self-willed, often obstinate offerings.

The whole thing seems rather too untamed or untethered by Capricorn standards.

It poses a bit of a challenge to the socially responsible. The thought of a highly-charged live-wire rebel who plays by his own rules, out on the loose, telling it like it is,feels rather disconcerting and uncomfortable, particularly to those who expect at least a modicum of respect for others. Others who have been here before them, who have worked hard to set the standard for everyone.

So, look out now highbrow… Someone’s out there trying to rewire the city. Chances are you’re either finding it fabulously refreshing, or rudely being bummed out by that revolting shocker…

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Originally Published ~ 14/04/2015

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