Mars trine Chiron

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You have been through so much in your plight to maintain and assert your gender, your masculinity out there. You have placed yourself into physical danger, social ridicule and emotional unrest all to maintain an image of your manhood in the kingdom of malehood. And if you have gone against the grain, you have been shamed, derided or ignored for demonstrating any tenderness. So you have learned to act only with mindless aggression and unkindness when met with any threat.

In your defense and vindication you’ve paid it forward, not only towards your brothers, but your belligerent manner has also upset your sisters much.

Enough of that now. This world has gone into absolute madness. It’s time to rise out of your personal discontentment and dive into its greater mystery; become a leader in arriving toward the greater solution. You, as an individual, have the power to choose your madness wisely…

The riddle to be solved now poses a mysterious paradox: What does it mean to be both man and spiritual warrior? Understand that there is a greater effectiveness of acting in subtle, indirect ways – that you can be just as assertively and with direct without being destructive or combative against other masculine forces.

If you’re feeling at all confused over issues of personal freedom vs your devotion to your gender role, just know that you can bring the two into balance by exercising some gentle tenderness in the way that you assert yourself. It may be a struggle, but it can happen if you are mindful to act with, not against others.

Come, rise, and be the maverick male. Become the gentle warrior. Show everyone how some heartfelt kindness has the power to heal that wounded spirit, this ravaged earth.

Your war with others is a war with yourself. Take your aggression as a sign that you have failed to understand the power of love for yourself.


Originally published 16 June, 2016

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  1. How would this translate in a womans’ chart?

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