Sun in Aries


SUN = To express oneself (authority)
CARDINAL = By leading (initiative)
FIRE = inspiration (spiritual)
RULER = Mars

When we speak about someone who ‘expresses themselves by leading in an inspiring way’, there is really no question that this person should be of compelling character – someone who stands ahead of the crowd, who possesses a quality so distinctly moving that they urge us forward, and into brave, unexplored territory.

“A person who expresses themselves by leading in an inspiring way.”

What is this quality that inspires others?
Quick… let’s go over and find out.

Aries is the FIRST sign of the zodiac, yes, but just as the zodiac belt is actually a circle (as on a clock-face, where the 1 o’clock follows 12) so then Aries only follows on from where Pisces left off. And we all remember Pisces from last month, don’t we? They’re the ones that are impossible to pin down because they are everything and nothing definite at the same time. They exist in multiple forms and various dimensions, and due to their highly reflective and elusive nature, they make it chaotic for the rest of us to figure out or define exactly what the fuck they are about…

Who dares to enter this domain?

From the inscrutable and indeterminable terrain of Pisces, spawns something. Out of those vast, infinite oceans emerges a slither, a speck, or a glimmer of something very particular indeed. Just in that strong, sharp, most particular expression of distinction appears a spark of inception, the birth of inspiration.

That’s right, a SPARK.
There’s your INSPIRATION right there…

So while Aries has to do with fire, it actually comes in the form of a spark. The smallest fiery particle possible, coming out of eternal obscurity of infinite possibilities, distinguishing itself out of the morass of dreams and visions that Pisces interminably conjures (yet hides deep within) emanates a spark. In a splinter of a second, Aries creates… IGNITION.

From a mere spark comes the ignition of spirit, and once this comes to light, a distinct entity has been created unto itself – seperate from everything. It may have been there all along, but because Aries has dared to bring the entity to light, it has exemplified it for all of us.

So we stand up and take notice. As one does whenever sparks begin to fly.

WOW!! [we say] What is that? [we ask] How is this going to affect me [is invariably the reaction when we are confronted with something very potent which has clearly nothing to do with us]

It is important to understand this element of fire if we are to understand Aries. This is how Aries works. It sees something that nobody has seen before. It engages with it. Again and again until it becomes a thing. Spark after spark will eventually light a fire.

At some point, the rest of us must stand up and take notice.

Once something comes into spirited, animated inception, we are left with an impression. From this we are not only inspired to form a definite opinion, but to make a choice and take some action.

As the Sun makes its way through Aries in the next 30 days, our attention is drawn towards those matters or persons that create sparks in our world. Aroused by the impressive flares of something definite, we become compelled, of course, to examine our own position, define ourselves accordingly.

How do we stand against this fiery upstart?
Is our own identity under threat?

Ruled by the warring planet Mars, any activity inspired by Aries’ very distinct expression will be one that strongly aligns us, either in direct offence or in defence of what is being immediately presented. We are spurred to act with a sense of urgency – either to lead with a counter expression or to follow suit.

One way or another, we are inspired to take some action.

Now that’s a leader.

                                                                                                                                                  © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic

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  1. Hi Ang… There’s indeed a spark of genius in this article on Aries’ appearance out of Pisces. Thank you.

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