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Ceres in Aries

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Ceres in Aries

This marks a period where nurturance and care towards those little ones is best given by setting a good lead. It’s not what you say or what you promise that matters – not your kisses, cuddles and hugs that are as important as what you DO for them – that’s makes all the difference, and what comes to inspire their actions, now and for the future.
Just know, that the impact you have on those to whom you impart some parental nurturance can be prodigious now. It is time to demonstrate your loving kindness and nurturance by your ACTIONS – not just feelings or words.
Do something that jolts their experience, take them somewhere where they can be active, some place new – spent time just playing with them. A good time to start a sporting activity that bonds you together, go on a new adventure, or demonstrate an act of charity or kindness.
It’s HOW we play, sing, laugh, cry, struggle, care, listen, exercise, make plans, meditate, be creative or kind to others that makes all the difference now, and you will see that this becomes a driving motivation for much of how these indigo, blue-ray, rainbow, and crystal children will grow.
Remember, as today’s parent, you are the holder of the dream. It is your children (and the generations who will follow them) who will come to implement this amazing dream and bring forward the full manifestation of the higher consciousness. The formative stages of the new world are now in place. It is those leading examples of how you act NOW that becomes the leading light for tomorrow’s world.
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