Venus in Aries

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[art: erica chappuis]
Passions run hot, hot hot, for the next few weeks, igniting amorous desire from 0 to100 in mere milliseconds. Sparks fly, courtships are dazzlingly dizzying for their daringness and candour, if only just to back right down to a dull roar and dissatisfaction once the deal has been sealed with the kiss.

A call for pleasure-seeking and a love crusade, in search of high-thrills, chills and spills launches us into a heady quest for wild treasures and unexplored booty.

Just mind that once the pleasure is feverishly attained and we have held that special kick of blood-rushing satiation, if even for a moment, that what follows is the not the sorry drag of having to make a commitment to any act initiated in overexcitement.

Now that can be a real downer…

With Venus in Aries, it’s all about the chase rather than the kill. Love at first sight quickly loses its lusty lustre, and superficial love-hunger, once fed two mouthfuls could easily lose its initial zing and go sour just as fast.

Easy, if you want this one to last.

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