An Equinox Intention

An Equinox Intention

I am born into each moment as if waking from a dream.

As I sense the world around me I’m aware it senses me.

I observe all my emotions, mindful where they find their place.
And examine whether sometimes I engage them needlessly

I discern my occupation with only what truly interests me
And avoid worrying on matters that I simply can’t affect

I am sensitive to others who may hover in my world
I evaluate the essence of their true intent with me

I make every conscious effort to act with transparency
I act always with intention, from compassion and not fear

Upon those I’m most dependent on, those who depend on me
I make greatest efforts ever to grow independently

I avoid gossipy people, who spread venom with their word
And those who speak in cliches or in riddles, or are prone to think aloud

I steer clear of all relationships to addicts of control
And to those whose nasty habits keep perpetuating pain

Those who come to me for healing must first want to heal themselves
Those who ask for help or charity from me I’ll gladly help to strength

Where I can I’ll act as messenger, speak truth without delay
There will be no more confusion if I simply choose this way

Otherwise I’ll mind my own peace, focus on my own self-care
Spare my strength and my resources to appropriately share.



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  1. Beautiful!

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