Saturn on the Mercury/Mars midpoint

saturn astrology. mercury mars aspects, saturn mars aspects, mercury saturn aspects, midpoint astrologyIt’s not that you’re not angry now. Not that you don’t want to just open up and tell it is, you really do.

Just need to mind that how you put your ‘truth’ across is measured and spoken in a slow and deliberate manner. If you are afraid of getting into an argument, perhaps it’s best that you hold back on asserting what it is you ‘really’ think. At least for amoment.

You must realise that sooner or later that frustration is gonna build up to the point where you won’t be able to hold back any more. One way or another, you’re going to have to postulate your very core spiritual truths. They have nothing to do with what you expect, and certainly less to do with what others expect from you.

This is about the hard, uncomfortable truths. And they need to be said. And they might be awkward and awful to broach, but hey… how amazing that you now have the conviction to confront such things…

And from this, you will come to realise some things that really need to be seen to be believed, even if they are a bit upsetting.

Good for you!

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Originally Published ~ 27/12/2015

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