Sun square Mars

sun square mars, mars sun aspects, mars sun astrology, mars aggression, mars fight, sun square mars natalYou have the urge to do something? Don’t point it this way, please…

I got the urge to do something too.

What’s that? You find me offensive??

[unnecessary quarrel busts out… someone gets hurt]


Energies for change run restless and high, yet not so clearly defined, or worse still, misdirected… Could spell trouble if they come head to head, but don’t see eye to eye.

Remember, the changes happening right now are epochal, and whilst we may come to loggerheads, after all the drama of the last 2-3 weeks, our motives to survive using subversive and repressed energies are running rife between us.

Take it easy. Could be dangerous. We DO NOT want to run into one another blindly and cause any unpleasant harm or injury.

Focus on your own vision right now.
Enough said.


Originally published 7th February, 2016

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2016

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