Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury in Aquarius. aqurian mercury, air sign mercury, mercury astrology, mercury communication, ang stoic, shamanic astrology,
[image: gene wilder “young frankenstein”]
Enter the futuristic mind, whose idea processes always tend toward the left, the quirky, the anarchic, the revolutionary, sit still goddamn you, pay attention when I’m talking… what??

Stop fiddling with your gadget there, slow down for just a moment – are you suffering from aspergers?… anyway… listening…?progressive and reform-minded, always seeking solutions to improve the current ‘problem’, often through an innovative use of some scientific gadget or technological advancement, filling an entire chalkboard of mathematical formulae to one equation, some visionary concept that includes the full use of the whole entire network (why not?)… Mercury’s rulership of the mind innervates the brain’s voracity for comprehension and a good grasp of complicated infrastructures with a widely sophisticated compartmentalised memory storage capacity.

This is the mental faculty of the geek who understands complex computer programming and dreams in science fiction terms, reciting lines from Monty Python’s flying circus in ad nauseam (thinking that he’s funny) yet also one who is politically aligned with most utopian and socialist type visions. This is a mind that buzzes like an oscillator, operates on microwave frequencies and functions through the personality of the raving mad professor, often processing several streams of projects simultaneously and yet always alone (who else could possibly follow?) down in the laboratory late at night, always on the pulse of every cutting edge discovery or up to date with all the latest data.

Wonderfully freakish, absurdly awkward in social delivery, the chaotically abstract energy of a profoundly amazing organiser, particularly one where invention, civil rights or social equity demonstrations are called, rallies, protests, information networking, futuristic workshops, socialist-political movements or scientific exhibitions, etc.

…don’t expect hugs.


Originally published 14th February, 20016

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