Sun at 29° Pisces

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This is very much the end of a year.

Say goodbye.
Say it like you mean it.

You have moved a great deal forward since this time last year.

Even the last six months have been phenomenal.

Years are not like they used to be.
Even months… or weeks.
Weeks like this last one, for instance.
Everything keeps changing.

Look where you were this time last year.
Physically… mentally…

No way that you are even remotely the same person, internally.
We are psychologically evolving.

Many of us have seriously upgraded.
Several exponents of this ‘consciousness shift’ have truly experienced an exponential shift in consciousness.

No, I’m not fucking with your head my darling, it’s true.

You have really come a long way in your understanding of your world.
You have really come a long way in your understanding of your word.
You have transformed considerably, especially over these last 12 months.

Feel blessed in this, it is an enormous spiritual accomplishment.

Sure, it may seem to you that the world around you’s hit the skids a bit, but then… you’ve helped it just as much as you could.

Such is the power of your belief.
To some extent you have changed your world.

But you have learned that you cannot affect the beliefs of others.
All you can do is live your truth, and accept and allow others to be just how they want to be by sharing faithfully and generously of yourself, wherever you possibly can.

And to mind that you care for yourself like nobody else.

There is a magic and a wonder in your power: To greet each person, place and moment like it’s your first and final chance to share with them the full integrity of your being.

Let it be.
And have a great EQUINOX.

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