Moon in Gemini opposition Saturn

moon in gemini, moon opposition saturn, moon saturn aspects, moon saturn astrology, air signs moon, gemini moonCan you speak what’s in your heart?

Tell us things we have to hear, even if it hurts a little to come clear about the things you hold so dear; as if your words are like a spear to matters which you would adhere, if only you just came right here and showed no fear to be severe, and though your feelings seem austere to your own precious hemisphere, you know those whims of yesteryear are now becoming crystal clear; and no, please do not shed a tear, for this is this – the new frontier, where vagaries must disappear and you must promise to prepare to live your truth in this next year…

Say it. Say it now.
Hear here…
(no fear)

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Originally Published ~ 24/12/2015

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