Ceres in Picses – and how this affects each Sign

ceres in pisces, ceres in astrology, astrology asteroids, ceres mother, ceres children,The asteroid goddess of nurturance and mothering, who lost her own daughter to that underworld nasty Pluto, now sinks into a deep sense of underwater loss – the kind that sees her clutch of mothering of anything that is ego-nourishing become gradually dissolved until there’s really nothing left.

Could be a little sad, especially if you are the sentimental kind with those who have depended upon your care now leaving you somehow. Yet, with Neptune and Chiron already up ahead in Piscesland, for  the past 3-4 years, most of the (under) ground-work is already quite progressed with the ‘grinding-down’ of the ego. For those affected (strong mutable planets), you might already be familiar with the ‘loss by gradual erosion’ process. A compassion fatigue, where you have been caring less, or opening yourself up to a state of caring more about the things that really connect for you, can mean the loosening of heartstrings in the mother/child-type relationship each of us generally exhibits in some way. The ‘letting go’, or surrendering, as Ceres goes through Pisces might be considerably easier to stomach during these next few months.

Speaking of stomachs, Ceres rules nutrition/diet, so mind that you look after yourself if going through the throes of some mother-nurturing kind of separation. It’s a good time to cleanse your vibration by submerging into a fluid, or liquid diet alternative (non-alcoholic, of course). A focus on immediate self-care might help you to ‘lose’ a few toxic pounds and dissolve away any emotional dependencies which could be the cause of any separation anxieties now.

Time to realise that the vast majority of what is happening in the world at this minute has nothing to do with you…

So why are you reacting to it? Why is it that you keep feeding the energetic currency loop that lives and breeds off the pain and misery of your concern? Ultimately it comes down to your agreement to either continue to care unnecessarily or to cease worrying about things like your ‘culture’, your ‘society’, your ‘country’, your ‘issues’ and your ‘stuff’…

Check it out… really, deeply look at what possesses you like a sentient, sane human being – are any of these things really yours to worry about?

Start by deciding that you will no longer expend any of your sweet, caring emotions to thoughts and ideas that simply do not concern you.

Make a choice to release those things that can care about themselves, cease worrying and watch those problems simply dissipate and dissolve back into the ether…

When you finally learn to let things go, you will become ready again to reset yourself to take care of someone new.

Take care (now)…

How will Ceres in Pisces affect your chart? (Log in to your ‘Cosmic Tribe’ read on)

Pisces/Pisces Rising

If you have been feeling like the ‘Cosmic Mother’ to all the flotsam and jetsam that washes up at your doorstep then it’s really time to draw the line (see the line?) and relinquish that role. You are not the ‘carrier of the world’s unresolved karma’. If you must care, start to care about yourself and things like your appearance and personal well being. If you neglect this, you’ll end up no good to anyone.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising

The care and nurturance you show towards material possessions tell us most about your overall value system and how you feel about your own self worth. Having a large bank balance and a full refrigerator isn’t necessarily a sign that you are capable of care. It’s how you give those things away that matters to you now, and ultimately what will manifest the next level of nurturance in your system of personal self-estimation.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising

Your ability to tune in and show the love and compassion to your brother/sisterhood, your housemates and your neighbourhood may be exceptional, but notice how much you just need to care less and how much you need to overcome the need to be the bleeding heart who will sit and worry about the ins and out of everybody’s business. You should be mindful to be careless about some of these. Could be good for the mind to set some boundaries about the psychic junk that other dump in your back yard because you seem to ‘care’ so much.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising

If there is a tendency for your home to become your fortress of solitude, of respite, prayer and meditation, then simply shake away the rugs and clear away the cobwebs in the corner, move off those pals who seem to have made a home of your couch and let’s show more care about things that need to stay a little fluid. This will clear the way for the next most inspiring bum to come along and crash into your sacred lounge room.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising

It’s all about the children, the pets and lovey-doveys now. Not saying you have to let them go because, after all, you love them so much, but learn to care for them more from a more spiritual standpoint – help create some physical distance. You can care for others in a vicarious sense, perhaps send them good vibes and send them on their way. Other pet projects will come for you to lavish your martinet duties.

Libra/Libra Rising

If you are in the healing, counselling or health care business, it’s a good time to take that to the next level. Giving of yourself can be a drag sometimes if you are focusing too much on what you are getting out of the sheer sacrifice. If you must give yourself away in the line of duty, make a decision to give away that very practice itself.

 Virgo/Virgo Rising

Part of the charm about you is how amazingly caring and nurturing you are to anyone. Fuck that. Make it someone special. Someone who really deserves your special brand of nurturance and care and won’t take advantage of your generosity of service and tenderness. See what I’m saying? It’s time now to focus on clearing that space for that person, whoever that is.

Leo/Leo Rising

If you are constantly showing how much you care for others by putting your best bits forward for others to enjoy, then it’s time to re-evaluate exactly what you want to put out there and what you’re getting back. Sometimes it’s best to confess that in matters of sex, deep change and other sacred trusts with others, the windows to your soul are often left open to be exploited by those who come to take advantage of your generosity. Time to draw the line with those.

Cancer/Cancer Rising

Knowing who or what is being 100% on the level with you is a source of inspiration for you to be mothering and be nurturing. And you will go to great lengths to tend to those people because you have faith in them. But everyone reaches their limits of believability. And then you realise you can only care so much. Never mind. Faith will be restored again.

Gemini/Gemini Rising

Weird how as soon as you set foot out in public you get inundated by people who come to you for nurturing. If that’s the case, then think about maybe relinquishing the free mothering service and calling it a business, something where you can set a limit to what you  offer in the form of care, and send a formal invoice for you services.

Taurus/Taurus Rising

If you are in the business of providing a nurturing facility for all your buddies, then the question would stand of where you might ever draw the line. So much comes in and out of this area of your life that often it is best to press the reset button, clear the clubhouse and get a bit of perspective around what you and you friends really need from one another in the first place.

Aries/Aries Rising

Your real blind spot comes from your involvement with the underdog, the beaten and the under-trodden. Yes you care. You care a lot because you just hate to see those weaker than you become exploited. Until you come to suspect that you’re the one that’s been exploited. Then it’s all bets off until you either forget, or someone entirely new comes along.

Originally published 16th February, 2016

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2016

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