The great phenomenon of Eclipses – the Total Solar at 10°♋38′ (Jul 3) and the Partial Lunar at 24°♑04′ (Jul 17) generates a tremendous polarity of focus on specific areas of our personal lives. We are looking for some degree of balance between our perfected public image (Capricorn) and our true instinctive nature (Cancer). The struggle to reconcile these two seemingly disparate sides of ourselves is pulling us all into a journey of great spiritual conflict, made ever more difficult thanks to the heavy mundane influences of malefics Saturn and Pluto at the South Node.

The Moon’s conjunction to these planets during the Lunar Eclipse will potentially bring out the most intense pressure to conform to a reality which has outserved its purpose, expired its social relevance and draws us only further backwards, into a landscape of outmoded, corrupt and unsustainable values which only go against our basic urge to improve and evolve. Much conscious effort must be made to defy the deeply subconscious pull towards ruthless, fear-based notions of survival. Collectively, we become frighteningly aware of a widespread misuse of corrupted intelligence. Any intelligence which threatens to eclipse wisdom, in any age (especially ours) promises only destruction. How can you fight it, make the most from it?

I have looked deeply into the potential spiritual impact of these eclipses upon the individual, with respect to other key transits over July, Here, I have prepared an intensive, individual synopsis of their effect upon each of the 12 zodiac positions. Please log into your account to access these readings….

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ARIES/ARIES RISING: Special Message for the July Eclipses:

Leading into the holy crucible month that features these July Eclipses, and for the many months to follow, a divine challenge is set before you: o be totally free ou must learn to overcome the heaviness of your karmic fate – the powerfully instinctive feeling that you are in some way pressured to be responsible to everything that is around you. Whilst you will make a show of it, you must learn to disengage any compulsion to try to counter-control over the destiny of others.

No, everything is in not your way to govern and control to your own selfish ends. Nor are you there for others to use and abuse either. Nor must we treat each other with contempt if it does not instantly yield to our ways. That hurts.


Deeply subconscious memories stir very strongly within you, and you may have the urge to take force and dominate everything you see around you, or at least certain areas of your life experience that you consider are beneath you.

In recent years, you may have been forcibly placed in the position where you have had to be master of your dominion, if not the commander of all others’ domains too. As such, you have gradually become accustomed to assuming an authoritative position whenever you observe a weakness in others; a psychological trigger within you that automatically activates your natural, and very powerful need to take charge.

Of course, you very naturally enjoy the role of guardian and protector, leader and custodian to all that you attract, and go to enormous extremes in furnishing your world with those whose very weaknesses put them under your dominion. By so doing, you have been constantly testing your own power to stand tall and rule with a sort of benevolent kindness that holds others indebted to your seniority over them.

This, however can become such a deeply isolating and emotionally lonely position, since you can take your esteemed role so seriously; become so concerned with your self-appointed level of importance that you corner yourself into a place where you can never allow others to see into your real inner self.


What you do exhibit publicly is only a facade, or the brave face of the custodial role you feel obliged to have to play for the world. During the energetic lull between the two eclipses (July 3-17), you may undergo certain ‘awakenings’ – experiences that will teach you to come down from your esteemed position, up there in your ivory tower, go down… down into the mailroom, the boiler room, the basement and check out the foundations of your operation.

What’s going on down there? Is everything ok? How do others feel about the way that you have been running your organisation? How are your people – the ones that matter most to you – your tribe, your blood relatives? Are they happy with how you are steering this ship of life?

Maybe not… and it’s a problem.

It is here, in the area of your most highly personal relationships within your own family that the stage is set for a formidable battle of the wills, where in some way events conspire so that you are thrust into situations of enormous conflict in an attempt to gain greater control of your own earth and your patrilineal roots. It is like you are being possessed by the spirit of a most demanding parent (or ancestor) whose unyielding expectations have dominated you to believe that you are truly destined to achieve a supreme position of sitting on top of the world. As a result, you begin to feel discontented with whatever situation you find yourself in, sensing that it is under threat, or is falling short of how you believe is was meant to be.

The huge lesson then starts to revolve around this notion that “a bird in the hand” is simply not enough, and that the “two in the bush” must be apprehended immediately and at all costs for the sake of securing your position of rule. You may face the dilemma where you feel you must risk or abandon what little you do have in order to try to have everything.

So unwilling do you become about compromising your absolute authority, or take a back-seat position over matters you feel are yours (and yours alone) that if circumstances force you forfeit power and step aside, you may, in extreme cases, even contemplate ending it all rather than yielding to somebody else. Such is your unbending belief, that without achieving some great destiny, life is utterly worthless to you.


This Solar Eclipse and its sister Lunar Eclipse then pose a critical confrontation between facing the dramas and reaching some spiritual balance between building a career for yourself and appeasing the demands of your family and conserving the integrity of your entire heritage.

One way or another, you will grow into a level of spiritual maturity, because for all your projected strength, power and dignity you discover you are almost crippled when it comes to dealing with your own emotional problems. It is important to dig deep and earnestly explore the strength of your own roots now. This will mean pulling your head out of the lofty, idealistic clouds of any fading notions towards a future which reminisces more to somehow nostalgically recapturing some glorious version of the past, and build sound, practical foundation to a more realistically attainable future. You must do this creatively, and with a strength and honour to all that this earth and its ancestors have entrusted you with.

Essentially you will come to realise that your self-appointed position as custodian for others is merely just a distraction from putting your own inner world in order.


Look at the relationship established with your parents early in life. How have their unique demands influenced the way your world has turned out. Look at all the responsibilities that you have take on. Look at where you have chosen to spend much of your life energy, perhaps attempting to be totally free and independent of your parents, yet always conscious of how much you depend on them, trying to earn their approval.

Regardless of this, your current reactive patterns to life continue to show a definite parental defiance, masking a strong need for parental love. This is the point in your life story where whatever you do makes you feel unappreciated for all your efforts. The pattern that you have grooved yourself into leaves a nasty residue that dictates that only accomplishments based on public achievement will earn you the recognition and appreciation you so sorely seek from your family. Instead, you must learn that achievement is its own reward. Therefore, you spirit must stop trying to gain a public audience for your deeds, for your acclaim will seem hollow if your heart is not first and foremost able to applaud the things you do. What you will learn most is that the audience you deserve will always be there if your deeds are coming from your heart.

It is in therefore in this process of seeking command over a greater audience, one that means so much to you, heart and soul, that you tend to lose yourself. You must literally transform your inner domain into a world of resoundingly new attitudes, learning that when you stand on shaky emotional foundations, your enormously lofty self-importance is inherently unsteady and most prone to toppling over.

Something quite sacred happens here, a realisation similar to when a child first catches adults out – when it first suspects that grown-ups do not always have the divine intelligence that it is led to assume, that their judgments are not always wise, their thinking not necessarily true; their sentences not always just. In this realisation the child’s whole world falls into total desolation. The once esteemed gods now seem to have become crestfallen and all certainty and safety seems disappeared.

Yet there is one sure thing that comes after we discover the fall of gods: that when they fall from their heavens they don’t just fall a little; they come crashing down into a crumbling heap. And though we may do everything we can to try and build them up again, they never quite shine in the same way. Just as the child’s world never quite becomes whole again, so does an inner aching in the adult of not having experienced a kind of spiritual growing.

You will learn not to overemphasise your importance as someone who holds the mercy and well-being of your entire tribe in your own hands. Grow to come into alignment with your inner nature, earthed firmly only by inner substance; be so emotionally fulfilled that you no longer have to equate your happiness with attaining your personal esteem from your public standing.

TAURUS/TAURUS RISING: Special Message for the July Eclipses:

The Cancer/Capricorn eclipse season veers your evolutionary path away from countless experiences with superficial facts and random business concepts and drives you towards building more meaningful relationships through integrating your own ideas, developing a more decisive approach in how you choose to deal with those around you. 

You will come to learn much about your inner strength through your intermingling with those most familiar to you – your ‘everyday crew’, allowing their ideas to bring you to a new, much higher level of understanding. Much of what you have come to garner over your many travels and wider pursuits and studies over the past 8-9 years can now become applied into your ordinary life.


You will gradually discover that you have sacrificed literally thousands of hours of thought, communications with the wider world, all seemingly random and disjointed, trying to develop an abundance of wisdom.

You have sacrificed much in order to do this, particularly your freedom to truly enjoy any purposeful relationship to others. To facilitate the great soul growth that you desire to accomplish, you must first create an environment of absolute freedom around you so that you can comfortably explore the world of ideas without any restriction or limitation. Whilst initially you may instinctively satisfy this need for intellectual freedom, forces are conspiring to keep you from consciously understanding why.

Feeling somewhat compelled to satisfy your flitting, fickle curiosity to look into the many different schools of thought, you find that ‘truths’ that appear randomly everywhere. These may be mostly in the ethers of the digital world and its social mediums, which may still incite you and invite you to dance off into exotic places. The instinct of the Lunar Eclipse drags you out to somewhere toward the distant unknown, high over the magic rainbow you are seeking to discover. You effectively become a mental nomad, constantly traversing through the wide expanses of your consciousness, flightishly fluttering about like a thirsty butterfly, stopping only for respite at any oasis that can offer you some temporary shelter from your restless urge to learn, discover, grow.

Seeking, browsing, perusing life… always searching for more, you eventually find it difficult to define exactly what you’re looking for, find the ideas of others fascinating, yet somewhat challenging as you desperately try to understand what makes them so dire and pressing. You may choose to go identify with their concepts, convert or to utterly reject them, but your responses won’t be mild. They will be extreme.


It is here, in this identifying process, that you face your greatest dilemma through these powerful eclipses. In essence you are trying to learn how to interact with people most authoritatively. In your personal affairs – regardless of your own relationship status (whether you are married or involved in intimate relations with someone) there is bound to be the spirit of playing the lone ranger in you and your private thoughts. The Solar Eclipse (Jul 3) pulls you to learn how best to make your life fit exactly into the only puzzle-slot left open by all other lives that revolve around you, hence completing the bigger picture. And yet, one cannot force a square peg into a round hole, even if it is the only hole left for you to integrate into.

How you relate and communicate your own ideas to others will be constantly putting you through one challenge after another. Often, you may find yourself enmeshed in a tangled web of facts and data; a complex network of people and groups, where, until you learn how to put the seemingly random and unrelated bits of knowledge and wisdom that you’ve garnered into some practical and creative application, you will not feel like you are doing your job effectively. The Saturn/Pluto at the South Node might make you feel as though what you are being given is slightly tarnished or corrupted with hidden intent. Your views about the bigger picture you are asked to fit into may not align with others’, and so, an extreme aversion to what they believe could create an existential stalemate.

Increasingly you will find that you feel so completely cramped by other people’s ideas, feeling like there’s no longer enough room for you to have a thought which you can call your very own. This sensation of feeling enclosed by the concepts and beliefs of those around will eventually force you to start extinguishing any incessant tendencies to be fickle-minded and elusive. Gradually, eventually you will come to learn the art of creating communication with pinpoint accuracy.


As you will come towards a greater awareness of how others influence your mind through the intimacy, sexuality and closeness of your relationships, you become not just determined, but obliged to conquer any grip that their force may have over your thinking. You start to differentiate more confidently the interplay between your higher and lower mind, and it is out of the tug-of-war that ensues in there, between the two sides, that you wrestle to extricate yourself completely. It is like you are able to stand in your centre, and see the struggle going on between you lower, more conditioned thoughts and your more contemplative side. 

If anything, you become concerned with trying to protect yourself against any loss, or highjacking of your mind by the forces of ‘society’ rather than being allowed to make greater gains by nurturing greater freedom to control your own thinking process. Any foreboding fears you may have about losing your liberty to think and freely express yourself may at some point hamper you capacity to interact with humanity. However, any risks you are prepared to take in your quest to stand in awareness of your own mind’s struggle will serve you well in the end.

You may come to realise that although a more instinctive, ‘cow-grazing’ approach is how you naturally come to nourish your curiosity, one that allows you greatest freedom to move, the pressure to adopt a more disciplined, clearly-defined study is where you must aim to develop in order for you to put all the pieces in life’s great puzzle together.

Be also mindful that any ventures into ‘extra-marital’ affairs and other exciting ‘diversions’ from the holy sanctity of your significant relationship will cause considerable friction for you, even create unbearable legal complications. Your capacity to grow and evolve your mental acumen will come only through learning how to centre (ground) and consolidate your energies with those of the people who mean most to you. Each time you feel the urgency to flirt, experiment or even ‘move on’ with things, you also threaten to leave a trail of loose ends scattered behind you.


In your growing security through establishing more cohesive thoughts and ideas, you become more respected as a trusted authority, and your social life comes to resemble a plethora of contacts where wise, up-to-the-moment knowledge becomes your main currency of trade.

You become known as the key source of information, one who delivers sensible ideas to all those who are in need. Through learning how to lovingly, compassionately present specific bits of information, you step into your full authority and seniority of purpose – someone who happens to always be there, just at the right time, with the right ideas or tools to satisfy the hunger of other people’s curiosity.

You may become renowned for being a teacher’s teacher. And although the conventional framework of the ‘classroom’ situation will start to take on more progressive forms, you will find constructive ways of using whatever innovation and technology is available to feed important information to people, wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Not only does this fulfil your inherent need for movement, but in the grandest way imaginable, you are afforded opportunities to experience (in real time) just how important the information you are disseminating actually is. Needless to say, you begin to genuinely realise just how enormous your effect becomes upon expanding the awareness of all those whose lives you touch. Those who are closest to you come to admire you, whilst those from a distance may feel threatened, envious of your esteem.


Your real gift for communication develops when you become able to successfully bridge the connection between a specific area of information to those individuals or groups who seek it. Like a cosmic tour guide who has infinite access to all the universe’s knowledge, you are able to point others in the direction of greater expansion for their own self-knowledge. In all the seemingly exhausting swiftness and mobility of your mind/body/spirit, others may think that you would do well to take a much deserved rest. However, only you know with certainty that what actually drives you is your highly active nervous system, which commands you to express yourself with a great deal of movement in your life.

Any degree of nervousness is not to be considered as negative feature of your personality, but rather as an important tool, or vehicle to expedite you on your important mission. Your active mental processes serve only as a reminder that you have a special role to play. Every time a piece of information comes into your mind, your nervous energy becomes triggered – like a message popping into your inbox, reminding you that you must deliver it somewhere. 

It is important not to pass any final, unyielding judgments on anything. Know that in any instance where you have jumped to making conclusions, that these may be premature and incomplete at best. Learn to trust with complete certainty that new information will constantly be coming your way. Therefore, you will start to see life as an endless stream of messages that you are able to fully direct through to their most natural and rightful places. Whilst it seems to many that you are being superficially conversant in almost all areas, even misunderstood at times, only you know for certain that the messages you bring are in fact cleverly-placed, incendiary missiles of truth, disguised as slow-releasing nuggets of information that will serve others in the most insightful ways possible.

Try not to concern yourself so much in people’s judgements about what you ‘seem’ to be doing out there. It’s possible that they may only see you as eternally gossiping about nothing. The truth is that all your words are vitally important. At some point, what you have shared will be seen to have deeper-than-surface value before it can be interpreted properly. This then becomes the most spiritually satisfying task, and one which promises to reward you on every other level too.

Here then, between the Cancer Solar Eclipse, and its accompanying Capricorn Lunar Eclipse, comes the divine moment in your personal history where you become the cornucopia of spiritual truths to all those who are hungry for knowledge. The more you are able to inform others of instinctive truths, the more happiness you will feel yourself.

GEMINI/GEMINI RISING: Special Message for the July Eclipses:

As the Cancer eclipses unfold, the emphasis of your attention will shift deeper into exploring the darker aspects of your life. Secrets, denials, lies, anything kept tightly concealed over the past 9 years will start to emerge into the foreground and you will feel the need to work furiously at either trying to hold these matters at bay, or process them with some degree of depth, understanding and contrition.

Perhaps the greatest challenge for you will be try to convince others that you are living an impeccable existence, particularly since the degree of scrutiny into your most intimate workings is currently at an all-time peak.

Learning about the importance of leading a life which is beyond reproach is what these lunations are really all about. This may be easier said than done these days, since your ego has somehow become powerfully absorbed with an intention to control and dominate the business of others, win over their goodies and prestige.


Through learning how to take a more authoritative approach in how you manage your joint affairs with others, you will build a substantially new and more meaningful life for yourself during this eclipse period. However, this may not be such an easy episode.

Yes, you desire to bring more light into your world, yet with every step you take toward ushering this in, you may feel the aching of your guilt-ridden subconscious only manifesting blocks along the road ahead. Over the past 9 years, you may have accrued various experiences which have come to be shrouded in great and intrigue, often behind closed doors, where the scrutinising eyes of open society were not able to look into your activities. You may even have become accustomed to deceitful practices in situations where there may have been none before. Through a series of episodes, you have set out to test the threshold of other people’s values and their boundaries around those. Now circumstances conspire to unravel your shady practices. As a result, things may turn out that all those who claim to know you closely, in reality don’t know you all that well at all.

Deep inside, you become highly nervous, afraid that others might unlock your secret vaults, anxiously fearing that deep down you could actually be undermining nearly everything you are involved in. Yet outwardly, you pose a self-assured belief that all will go well, regardless of where your sometimes ‘sinful’ or ‘immoral’ conduct may continue to lead you.

Because you are in the process of re-establishing your own set of values, you begin to desperately weigh yourself up against the source of others’ value systems. Be mindful here, because you have the power to either deceitfully or inadvertently lead others off track, therefore creating a threat, especially among those you hold closest and most trusted. This could undermine your whole foundations of credibility and integrity.

Integrity comes from establishing your own value system, not dismissing or denigrating that of others. Honour this truth. It is important that you develop a clear and authoritative command over what you possess in this life, and similarly support and encourage this in others without feeling that anyone can recklessly jump anyone else’s claim. You may actually do this in such a subtle way that it becomes extremely difficult to see how you are often violating others’ prerogative. Creating a world where everyone is acting in integrity means leading the way.


There is also strong possibility of sexual misuse or abuse here too. Yes, your sexuality can be used as a strength and you can manipulate it as a lever to gain power and possession over others. It can be used (especially in the female) as a seductive power which can lure even the the strongest man away from their most devout mission. In the male, it can mean that you dissipate much of your energy on sexual thoughts, seeking some reassurance that all is going well with your apparent magnetism, charm and sexual virility.

It’s important to note here that sex is never the object but always used as a ploy to getting what you want. In the barter of give and take, sexual allure or responsiveness becomes the collateral payment in exchange for another’s values. You might also find that you become easily jealous or overly possessive during this time. Constantly tempted to trade places with whoever’s grass looks greener, using sex as a fair trade for all the honours you might eventually receive may only work against you in the end… Needless to say, stay attentive to your psycho-sexual health.


If throughout your life you have felt somehow shunned or marginalised by society, these eclipse may herald the perfect moment where you might decide to step into the centre of your universe and take back control.

Yet, do mind, it’s all about timing here. ‘Society’ itself is currently undergoing a monumental meltdown through this period. If you are insecure and undiscriminating in your choices, seeking instant gratification and release from the painbody of non-acceptance, you might find out (quite painfully) that just being accepted and popular in your network is a hollow pursuit. Any overt or dramatic efforts to satisfy your desire to mix it with the ‘in-crowd’ (whoever that may be these days) might simply see you jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

You may aim for whatever recognition is readily available, since your devotions and allegiances have not yet reached a state of evolution where they can be considered totally trustworthy. You may even sense a morbid fear of death itself, as if your own mortality would be the logical punishment for all misdeeds and past indiscretions that you carry in your vault to claim some social recognition or public success.

At worst, you may develop a growing sense that you have to struggle for every little bit you get, even to survive life itself.

Something possesses you to take a desperate fight to survive; to do whatever is necessary to stake your righteous, precious claim to be just who you think you ought to be. Then, when you fall short of reaching the brighter side of life, you risk turning vicious, secretly blaming all the others for your misfortunes.

It’s not unlikely to occur, but extremely ill-advised for you to resort to any latent or potential tendencies to become involved in criminal activity or any inclinations towards dabbling with black magic or witchcraft. Such is the danger of misaligned values during these eclipses that the misuse or unlawful manipulation of assets to achieve a certain ego-desirous outcome could bring you undone.

Only through a proper assessment of your hardest-earning potential to make wealthy gains can you really accrue the substance and capital that will lead to a new rebirth.

In any of your dealings, you must stay mindful to stay open and transparent about your sources, making sure that you credit and praise them with any due tributes and royalties for their earnest contributions and investments into your successes.

Just know: the prime soul-lessons for you through this period centre mainly around you trying to eliminate any fixations you may be holding. If these are based on mere surface values about what you feel is important in order to attain victory by society’s standards, then great lessons await you. 

The Solar eclipse should help you see through and eliminate any superficial conquests, compulsions and blind addictions about attaining glory and focus instead on building the personal power and self-importance you need. Only then, will your soul will be ready to progress into a whole new set of values.


Here then becomes an opportunity to develop and build something that is sincerely meaningful for you, something that brings you true security and nurturance from within, not through depending on anyone or anything external. Understand clearly that whatever is dishonorably obtained is going to be highly difficult to preserve and even more difficult to hide, especially from your own demons who threaten to rise up and destroy you.

Your personal importance may grow rapidly through the assistance and support of your society, but you must know that if you wish to cross society’s bridge, you must pay the toll out of your own pocket. As soon as you evolve to this level of realisation, the light of admiration and social accolade will shine over you – not as some stolen crown or borrowed halo from anyone, but because you have earned the shimmering glory all by yourself.

CANCER/CANCER RISING: Special Message for the July Eclipses:

Over the past 9 years something of a phenomenon has been developing within you, where now, with these Eclipses finally occurring in your sign, you are about to experience a full-scale opportunity to realign your exterior-fashioned self-image with the core you – the true inner-centre of your intelligence and emotional creativity. The Solar Eclipse will only aim to energise and motivate you to show more of your true self, identify strongly with what the world needs most from you right now, urging you to take a stand in order to introduce those values you feel are most necessary for everyone to see. Conversely, the Lunar Eclipse will drag up elements of your past expression, which will feel increasingly uncomfortable and worthy of some effacement and relinquishing, if indeed you wish to move forward.

If we go as back as far as 2008-09, we might see where you might have felt trapped to play into a system with which you were not exactly in whole-hearted alignment during those years. Feeling more like you had to put on a false shell in order to survive the pressures of the exterior world, you may have chosen to either play along with the status quo’s demands, or made some effort to retreat, mind your own business in private, and perhaps prepare for your imminent comeback as your own true authentic being.

Now will be such a time. However, with Saturn/Pluto in opposition at the South Node end, this effort could be challenging.


Over the past few years, any image you may have styled of yourself that may have been compromised or contrived to suit society, but far removed from being your natural, true self will now be fully shed, revealing someone who expresses themselves in higher integrity to what you’re really all about.

In this sense, any historical deviations from your true character will be put under serious scrutiny during eclipse period and the pressure to stand up to ravaging criticism and judgement about any inconsistencies in your personality will be immense. These eclipses could bring a harsh awareness about how you live, and whether you have been true to nature, or ‘sold out’ your intrinsic principles of warmth and tenderness for the sake of pleasing or complying with the expectations of the exterior world.

Naturally, it behooves you to face important changes in your involvements, particularly with partners and the public, in order to keep things in check and create a healthy balance.


Your evolutionary journey is now about to come to another full completion over these next few months, but not before you meet with instances where you must be much more serious and realistic with yourself in trying to get it all into balance. With all that’s going on, there is the ominous possibility that, at times such as this month, you must go all out against those whose tendency is to become a little (or a lot) overbearing upon you.

These eclipses provide a mirror. A mirror to your soul.
One that can give you a straight reflection – no distortions.
Someone who can look straight into your core self and see what’s true and what feels forced and unnatural. But who dares…? Who do you trust enough to allow a true glimpse into you, as you are, naked in your sacred humility?

Here, we must remember to stop and reflect on how situations and circumstances we experience with others play an important role in shaping our true identity. In the same sense, we hold others to that account.

Those who do not see the real you; who fall for the appearance; who do not call you out on your shit as it happens – as unsavoury or unpleasant as that may seem to you – those possess a quality that you will come to despise of others. Similarly, those who see qualities in you that don’t resonate as true could create such strong inner conflict that you either start to consciously transform, or unconsciously project upon others. Putting the accent outside yourself makes it difficult for you to see who you really are.


If in the past you have submerged your identity in the affairs of others, say your marriage or other partnerships, your personality may have become so deeply rooted in their way of doing things that your own quest of self expression is constantly viewed through the prism of their eyes. Therefore, if you have allowed their thoughts and opinions of you to influence your own sense of identity, then these eclipses will force you to come out of the shadow of others – that social bondage of trying to be all things to all people.

For at least a glimpse, you will come to see the light of your own singular vibration and be inspired to affirm and establish who you really are. You will see exactly how important it is to escape from living in the shadow of other people’s lives and to be more self-authoritative in efforts where cooperation and teamwork are concerned.

Pressure to be yourself is so strong, that every time you forfeit your will back on them, you actually extinguish your own soul purpose in the causes of others. These powerful eclipses bring you an unavoidable awareness that somehow you have the tendency to lose your identity. In the act of submerging yourself in the desire to please others, you have created an ideal peculiarly opposite to your own basic nature. This is perhaps at the core of your relationship problems with the world, since on one hand you desire to come out and be yourself, while at the same time you don’t want to upset or disappoint those who are closest to you. 


Excruciating pressure is applied until you learn how to gracefully assume the role of leadership in all affairs. This is extremely difficult, being that for the best part of the past few years you have opted to play a more submissive role. You have made great sacrifices in your own life so that others could achieve their goals. 

As you are observing, this is no time for docile acquiescence. You must find a way to turn things around without jeopardising the equilibrium of working harmoniously with others, especially to reaping the great benefits of marriage and other such partnerships.

If you rail too much against the force of others, you may become an extremist, feeling that one state of existence inhibits and oppresses the other. By focusing every part of your intrinsic life energy around the desire to lead rather than to be led, pushing too hard to make up for what you feel you have neglected or lost, you may develop the tendency of becoming too over-assertive. This can create massive turbulence.

Try not to rush you own growth and independence. You may feel resentful at how much you let yourself be governed by rules and social customs, but turning cold and calculating so that no weakness within you can prevent the attainment of your goals is not in your nature.

Be mindful of your desire to turn weakness in others to your own advantage finding ways to squeeze through any loopholes in the law, going on a personal crusade to prove your worthy capabilities. This may lead you into all kinds of conflicting scenarios, where you may contemptuously abuse peoples’ rights and prerogatives, leading to enormous backlash and retaliation, even some degree of punishment and incarceration.


If your purpose is to generate happiness and contentment during this very important moment in your life, you must learn how to balance equally your own expressive needs with those around you. Those who love you and want only to see you living up to your full, magnificently creative potential are there to help, but they are not you.

Hence, try deliberately not to forcibly expect your own growth and independence unto others; not to demand your rights but to command your own space to blossom. Understanding that the most beautiful flower will bloom gracefully into its full, radiating splendour at its own natural pace. Only thing the thistles and noxious weeds grow quickly, violently, pervasively until they dominate their environment.

If true magnificence shines through this time, it is because you have consciously stepped up to your natural ability to give nourishment as well as receive it. Any recent experience of heavy family burden has taught you to come to terms with the emotional needs of others. Now, it’s up to you to connect with your inner capacity to feed the souls of spiritual food to those who are hungry, and to stand in your own power as you accomplish this, against any challenge and adversity.

LEO/LEO RISING: Special Message for the July Eclipse

During these eclipses, you must come to appreciate the splendour and beauty of the entire cosmos as a singular cohesive entity rather than a spread of disparate particles, all out for their own gain. Great awakenings are stirring to occur within you now, and in discovering life’s greatest meaning for yourself, your own unique work now begins to combine greater purpose with all who come before you, both in your own business, and out in the society..

Even though your work may be currently calling for you to operate a little more behind the scenes, there is a strong possibility it could eventually bring you to public attention – if this is what you want. Humility is the key, if you have much face to lose. How things end up through this depends on how much you are invested in advancing your own ego.

Observe any direct correlation between the state of your physical health, ability to be productive and any ailments you suffer from which may be linked to the clarity and stability of your inner mind.

This eclipse period is significant for you in that you become most aware that all physical consequences and experiences are a direct manifestation of your mental determination. Pressures from the external world, particularly work-relationships, provide opportunities for you to wilfully transition from the world of nagging and niggling over little matters to the experiencing a conscious glimpse of infinite spirit. This time could open you up to tremendous insights, but it can also shut you down if you do not make an effort to be clear.

You are undergoing a monumental crisis in consciousness. It matters little whether you are aware of yourself or not by now; whether you are yet conscious of the cause and effect of your own actions and reactions upon the exterior world of relationships.

The universal spirit cares little about your level of awareness and how you choose to interact with life. Its forces acts upon you, seemingly mercilessly, at times it can be emotionally brutal. The universe seems to be forcing you to take full responsibility in how you choose to interpret and deal with life. It may seem that there is no distinct way of getting you to become aware of yourself and the impact you’re having out there. Unless you are psychically sensitive, this is something you must discover all on your own.

During these eclipses, it will seem that ‘the world’ continues to hurl disruptive little incidents and ‘accidents’ your way, that is until you learn to take full accountability for everything. What you experience is distinctly of your own making.


Whether you are actually conscious of it or not, you are spending much of you time in deep thought. Finding the physical world most exhausting, perhaps even suffering through some sort of emotional/mental burnout from the past few years, you may be gently forced to take time out of life’s competitive arena, which in course may have strongly dissipated your abilities to do your routine work efficiently.

If you do keep working you may find conditions intolerable, harsh, even cruel and out-dated. It’s possible that you feel underpaid or at the very least unappreciated for your specific skills or contributions. Becoming increasingly distressed or under pressure to perform under unyielding conditions, you may allow your attitudes toward your job to spill over into all other areas of your life, namely your emotional well-being. Hence, whilst you crave a certain orderliness and organisation, it may appear that you only get lost in the mire of chaos and confusion.


Your more fastidious, critical side is now being inundated by the randomness and utter disorder that life throws at you, weakening your spirit to a point where you feel inadequate and unable to cope. Increasingly, these incidents cause you to question whether you are in over your head, or whether the world you are living in is able to meet you on the level with which you can actually prove useful. You question whether you are even in the right work.

Hence, the propensity to slip into a state of self-pity, and a sense of bitter resentment may set in. At its most negative point, you may start to harbour and project feelings of jealousy, envy or dismay toward other people’s power, success and fortune over your own. In response, others may come to reject or resent you.


Check whether there is an inflated sense of ego at the source of your problem. Acting with conceit is not a very constructive quality, either in you or those with whom you work alongside. Any distortions about projecting an image of a perfected ideal – someone who considers themselves above the rest of humanity will only attract criticism and annoyance from others.

These eclipses are here to teach you about humility, so if you have a tendency to look down upon others, secretly see everyone else as either less or much more capable than yourself, or that the job you’re doing is beneath you, or you are not up to it, then you may be looking towards finding other work.

However: one thing is certain with these eclipses: circumstances may force you to continue to do such work, even though it goes against your every principle of self-integrity and pride.

Choosing, whether consciously or instinctively, to internalise your anger at feeling demeaned or simply punished in your work, creates one very real distress after another. This occurs until you get to the point where you might feel justified or vindicated to blame your unsatisfactory work conditions and all those working around you for all your anxieties and overwhelming frustrations.

Here is where the crisis emerges. 

Feeling so upset that the world has shut you out, you develop a victimised self-image; one of a neglected child being deprived of the beauty and abundance of which life has made available to all others but somehow never for yourself.

You may rail desperately against the world, trying to demand respect and gratitude from others, not spending enough effort nurturing those feelings of love and abundant respect that lives within yourself, for yourself.


At its most critical moments, you may feeling completely ostracised from society, emotionally and intellectualy shut out. Here, you are forced to look inside yourself, where eventually where you may find the source of all of your problems.

By becoming increasingly isolated and ever self-absorbed, spending much of your time and energy being wrapped up in petty thoughts, you reach a point where you see your negativity and disdain for others (and the entire state of the world) as a strong residual hang-up of past behaviours. Only when you feel forced to come to no other alternative than to start owning your dissatisfaction with external conditions as something created by your superior-mindedness, do you start to see. 

  • See how your attitude has led you to literally eat away at yourself by trying to nervously fuss and organise every minute detail that comes to your attention.
  • Learn how to discern and discriminate between what is really important in terms of your life’s values and what are merely a transitory disruption, there to jolt you into self-awareness.  
  • Know that whatever seems to rattle your demands and expectations for perfection will just come and go in due time.

Understand too that through your constant nitpicking and distress you create possible sexual or intimacy issues with partners. These are deeply rooted in complexes of inefficacy and unconfronted fears of failure. If you are unable to face these fears, your performance anxieties and inability to get emotionally close to partners may get worse, especially if you slide further into patterns of abnormal or imbalanced sexual responses as you to try to mask these feelings of inadequacy.


Avoid seeing yourself as an insignificant cog in the great machine of life. If you feel stuck, hung up on past episodes where you once were able to control your finite universe but now frustrated at how it has become so vast and wholly unmanageable, then you need to gain some perspective. Naturally, from where you sit in this, you may feel small and ineffectual, wondering how you could ever again have even the slightest power or influence to make it all great again.

Your conscious evolution begins the moment you start to see yourself not only as a vital creative force, but the key component of how everything fits perfectly into the greater whole. You contain within you all the essential parts to complete the entire universe’s bigger picture. The challenge will be to break away from any tendency to partition yourself (and the rest of the world) into ‘neat’ little boxes. The creative seed in everything you see resides within you. Reach out to be a part of the world, as if you hold the missing piece of the jigsaw that completes the bigger picture. As soon as you can make the transition, the abundant richness that you have been so desperately seeking start to roll your way.

Begin to value those periods of forced isolation and withdrawal either through illness or despair, or in the higher sense through conscious journeying of self-discovery and mindful meditation. These have served to shift your mind into a higher state of consciousness, from which you ultimately learn that things can be different without anyone necessarily being better or worse than any other.

Through journeying deep into your center you will realise that all of life’s conditions depend entirely on how much you can relinquish your hold on trying to transform the world and re-channel your energies toward transforming yourself and the way you look at things.


Your best reward comes when you can once again engage yourself in the operations of a greater project, cause, organisation, or an institution which allows greater cooperation. You must work to develop a much more workable structure – one where the application of your creative energy promotes the collective good of the whole kingdom rather than just your selfish ends. This cannot happen until you cease dwelling in the residual memories of your past resentments.

You will be tested repeatedly in areas of the heart, which ask you to develop kindness and compassion, without sentiment or critical judgement. You will come to learn that judging and grading others actually prevents your own happiness. Your sense of dread and misery around your work and contributions to society slowly ease off as you learn how to roll with the cosmic rhythm rather than allow your life to keep being disrupted by life’s insignificant and petty distractions.

By attuning your own soul to the soul of the universe, you cease the constant tendency to compartmentalise the world into annoying and ungrateful little annoyances. Remember, compartmentalising things/people limits their collective usefulness because of your insistence to see things as distinctly separate and not part of a whole unit.

If possible, adopt the daily practice of jumping in the ocean. This will help loosen the tension and reconnect you to the universal feeling of oneness provided by the sea.

Willingly greet the universe’s abundant gifts, not as annoyances but as seeds of creativity at your disposal. When you cease being so critical, you become masterful at acceptance of everything as a blessing, a gift towards completing your fullest creative potential. In this revelation, you come to acquiesce that you are finally on the path of true creativity.

Eventually you will leave the 3D world – a place where you saw people as merely manipulating one another, and begin to dance through the cosmic doorway and into the higher dimensions of love, harmony, joy and contentment.

Through earnest efforts, you will come to transmute and dispel any subconscious past patterns of mental and physical dis-ease or frustration. Anything that still has the power to drag you down can be managed through your creativity. As you focus your intention on the well-beingness of your mental attitude, you start to climb the cosmic ladder that ultimately leads to the realisation of your creative soul.

VIRGO/VIRGO RISING: Special Message for the July Eclipses:

There is a strange paradox being posed to you during these eclipses. If you have in any way fashioned your life so that you are the singular, central and sole creative force of any of your relationships (if any at all), then you may come to meet with some extreme challenges to your modus operandi in life.

During this critical lunation period, you may notice that whenever you try to take a direct, pro-active, commanding approach to any venture, you are met with considerable opposition. The more you try to force things to align with your own ideas of perfection, orderliness, efficiency and economy, the more the reaction you get back bears a tinge of you having acted slightly inappropriately, or with inordinate force with respect to the prevailing circumstances.


Multiple, open, intensely complex love affairs are possible through this time. You may use them to pamper up your ego, failing to realise that through these love affairs you actually diminish your self-confidence rather than strengthen it. You may develop an almost insatiable dependency on gifts, accolades and nice compliments. You may find that you become so enslaved by the constant flow of attention, affection, compliments, flattery, bouquets & sweets – especially from your lover, that you may eventually become quite ineffectual and hopelessly child-like. This can develop into a addiction for love, one of which you may not be aware.

Of course, it is important for you to be loved by many however, any desperate efforts made now reveal vain efforts to mask any underlying residue of relationship trauma, yet-unresolved sexual tension or inadequacies from who-knows-which-decade. These past matters may be so overwhelming that you could seriously overlook what is really important to you here in the present.

Bear in mind that what you may perceive as ‘reality’ is merely Shakespeare’s theatre, just there to entertain you. Your romantic engagements are nothing more than parts in a wonderful stage production. Becoming too emotionally attached to the drama of romance may leave you feeling like you are detaching yourself from being part of a cause which is more universal. If you are unable to just be a member of the audience, then assume that you are one of (your) theatre’s most astute, most respected critics.

You may find that those who genuinely appreciate you can be extremely warm and generous. Woe to them if they should they ignore you though, for your dramatic demands for attention could become so intensely obtuse that they may seriously not know how to take you. Thrusting yourself into exorbitantly flashy exhibitions you can too easily lose your way. Only sadness follows this course.

In a sweet way, when you do involve your heart-self in a love affair, you are willing to sacrifice everything. If you were king or queen, you would even go so far as to abdicate your throne so that you might fulfill the full destiny of your chosen love. Above all, you would like your affairs to be honoured, sanctioned and even admired by all your ‘royal subjects’.


The Capricorn Lunar Eclipse (Jul 17) may see you having to honour some sacred sense of altruism or allegiance to a communal ‘code’, something that you swear by. In the most practical sense you may not be inclined to engage, even by mere thought, in any illicit/immoral activity or secret love affair. Yet here’s the paradox: during this time you may find yourself in the midst of something sordid and complicated anyway. You may feel compelled to sacrifice a sacred principle for what you may believe to be, in that moment, a chance to indulge yourself, for instance, to demonstrate how you can be the world’s greatest, most scorching lover.

Ironically though, you will strive quite hard to maintain an honourable esteem in the eyes of others. Your main mission will be to demonstrate that you don’t have a malicious bone in your body. And you may succeed, provided that you are fair and lead with your heart. You may find that your greatest outlet of expression and ability to connect with all hearts emerges when dealing with children, or through some artistic endeavour – anything that allows you to exhibit your finest talents and brings out your inner child into the present situation.

Regardless of how independent you may fancy yourself to be, at some point during this month you may feel the need to lean on someone stronger, mightier than yourself. The Cancer Solar Eclipse (Jul 3) will pull you to learn the true value of loyalty in friendship. As you learn to transcend the physically possessive, mind-manipulative relationships of past social endeavours, you also come to cherish and admire with equal fervor the new, more impersonal relationships you are now forming.

Also, you are learning how to pay more attention to pursuing your own dreams rather than trying to surrender your own will with (or against) that of the group dynamic. On a most subtle level, your dreams transmit messages to you from a much higher guidance, through which you are telepathically brought to understand all the reasons for your actions. However, your stubborn will may often be so great that you may refuse to accept what you intuit in your higher mind to be true for you.


During this Eclipse period, if you must realistically abdicate anything at all in life it must be your compulsive self-will for greater power and control. Observe that here, that in the conceitedness of your ego, you actually build walls that block your heart away from others. Therefore, in essence, all that you so desperately desire; the love and admiration, all your dreams and aspirations to be accepted cease to be allowed to manifest for you. To avoid becoming your own worst enemy; to avoid suffering any ill-effects that may come from any issues of discontent and not fitting into the collective fold, it is best to learn to listen to yourself. Learn to connect your ever-shining inner light and cease becoming slave to the control-drama and co-dependency of pleasing the crowd.

To liberate yourself from any past acolytes or collegiate-kind entanglements, you must avoid situations where you are simply jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Don’t swing from one crowd or social circle to another.

Real growth will come when you can learn to tame that monstrous, fire-breathing ego that you have allowed to become a self-sabotaging monster of destruction. Learn how to see yourself more impersonally, be cool, sit with the understanding that your life is like a river that weaves restlessly at the bottom of a dark valley.

As you sit atop of the mountain, watching the stream roll by, note the temptation to go down there to control the flow of that river with all your might. Learn that your greatest happiness only comes when you can just kick back and chill, take a few breaths, and simply appreciate its natural beauty and rhythmic flow without tampering with what’s going on down below. Let progress take its natural course. 


At least on one occasion during this month, you will undergo a major test, where you you will be asked to sacrifice your personal will for the sake of what seems fair to others. It’s really only in these such instances when you can demonstrate that you are bigger than all your privileges, entitlements, prejudices and biased attitudes that you begin to scale towards your divine purpose.

In fact, the humbling process during this period works so, that the more you try to hang on to personal prestige, even with the slightest little tinge of ambitious self interest, the power that is possible in your life becomes denied for you. Even the possibilities of a truly exalted, most spiritually harmonious partnership looms beyond your usual grasp unless you can learn to step back and take a much more impersonal attitude.

You can try to apply as much energy as you can muster in trying to wrench sympathy either from others or yourself. Whatever “showmance” that you put on for the world, you will find it extremely hard to summon the strength necessary to provide the necessary degree of fulfillment from your partner if you are not coming from a truly mature, balanced position.

In fact, if you push the marital charade too far, you will experience divorce. This is not necessarily a written part of this Eclipse fate, but it is common, since any ‘unenlightened conduct’ could simply be an unconscious projection of you overusing (abusing) your tendency to play the juvenile card in your most significant relationships.

Through mature presence, focused on the higher self you will come to see or fully appreciate all the blessings that you have in your life. Again, the path to harmony and balance in your love affairs and friendships is the same. You must relinquish your authoritarian grip on trying to take outright control and dedicate your life to taking a more sharing, altruistic and impersonal approach rather than expect others to wait on you.


You may also learn the virtues of being less romantic, being more scientific. Seeing the truth for what it really is – not hazing out when the fires of passion and excitement start clouding over your vision for happiness will allow the dream you hold in your heart to become real. When you can finally look at life from a more detached, dispassionate point of view, you can also start to manifest a vision where everyone comes together to co-operate and cocreate with you.

It’s really all about how to become mindfully unobtrusive to other people’s power, allowing them to express themselves more fully; freely. Becoming passionately non-attached, yet always available when needed by others. Friendships, clubs and societies become so important now as it is through your networks and associations to others that you ultimately come to step into your full-scale identity of who you are.

Much of how you come to value yourself, of course, is based directly on how others value you during this period. The more you see yourself as a part of others, as well as being connected to a higher cause to which you are dedicated, the more you will also pull yourself out of the level of being self-absorbed. Any ongoing demands to gratify your own ego will slowly become submerged in the seas of the collective ego, represented by the cause, or organisation to which you have decided to dedicate your identity.

By the completion of this year’s excruciating journey, you come to learn a very important lesson – your strength of character and sense of certainty and authority about who you are becomes no weaker nor less purposeful than the community cause to which you wish to play a critical part. 

LIBRA/LIBRA RISING: Special Message for the July Eclipses:

The Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses squaring your Libra Sun/Rising will act as a fated distraction to what you’re all about, posing major challenges along your soul’s evolutionary path, at times scattering your vital energies, forcing you into detours where you will struggle and sacrifice your personal interests in order to transform your world to meet with a more demanding life/work balance. During this intense period of self-effacement, you may find that much of your energy is spent trying to offset your own career needs against the excruciating demands of your home and family life.

Feeling increasingly held down, as though you are prevented from developing your own individual goals and social aspirations, you now sense an overwhelming debt to your family dues and obligations, and that it is now time to pay these back.


Over the past 9 years you may have taken for granted or perhaps ignored the people who have nurtured and looked after you. You now become locked into a heavy karmic pull, dragged down into a dynamic where you must become the nurturer and caretaker to all those who took care of you.

It is not at all unlikely during this karmically entwined period that any drama that unfolds sees your parents, partner and children as highly unappreciative of all that you endeavour to do for them. Seems like whatever you do is never enough, and the family ties and domestic burdens get so heavy that you will struggle with your pride to keep from developing inner resentment towards them.

One possible manifestation of this transit is the scenario where you must play sole parent – acting in both the mother/father roles, since the other parent of the child/ren is either absent or lacking the character to be of any use. Another could be that you are left with the duty of being the sole caretaker to an aging parent whom nobody else wants/has the skill/patience to deal with. Such roles will demand most of your time, effort, energy and concern and seem inescapable. Here, you are being called to learn about the very deepest of levels in the responsibilities of parenthood. 

Whether you like it or not – and you may constantly feel the need to bust out and be free – it seems as if you are ‘paying penance’ or ‘doing time’ for your past decadence or neglect of responsibilities. Such duties then hang over you like self-enforced chains, never quite permitting you to leave until you have completed your karmic thing. Hence, you exert nearly all of your energy on trying to untangle yourself from the complex web of relations that you find yourself in, in some extremes fighting with other family members over real estate or claims to what you believe is rightfully yours. 

It’s important that you do not let any situation weigh you down with feelings of hopelessness and despair, as the incessant pull of family commitments can seem so onerous during this season that it could actually compound to levels of such responsibility that you end up with considerably more than you bargained for. Sometimes, the burdens brought about through this time linger around in our lives for much longer than they must, possibly because they are entwined with other karmic themes that need to play out in our charts.


At the most critical of challenges, you may be surprised by the actions of those closest to you, for as much as you may appear to be the elder statesman of the clan, it is remarkable how childishly naive you can be when it comes to knowing how you feel about those closest to you. The conflict lies in trying to find time to tend to the things you would like to do for yourself versus the things you know you have to do for your loved ones. You may be constantly faced with situations which tempt you to react childishly, try to have it your way, knowing that it’s probably not going to end well. You must learn how to be mature. This period is all about stepping up as an authority, rising above any domestic squabbles and family disharmony and doing all you can to achieve a role of self-dignity.

Only when the needs of your loved ones are finally understood and met in a responsible way will you finally get the freedom to return to pursuing the career you desire to have.


Ultimately, through the current circumstances pressing upon you, you will be drawn into a position where you will assume a more dominant role, one which allows you to steer your life towards a completely autonomous direction, and which allows you to transcend above and beyond all the seemingly oppressive needs of your close family members.

Paradoxically, you escape one family of responsibilities by creating another more impersonal and universal family or tribe. You graduate from the duties and karmic chores of personal altruism into a pedestal position where you play king of the world, where everyone you meet is somewhat your responsibility and under your duty of care. Of course, you derive much happiness from being in the esteemed and exultant position to be able to offer shelter to others.

Here, the full lessons of this experience start to repay, and return full circle as you focus on teaching others not to lean on you – or anyone. Your mission then becomes about moving away from emotional immaturity and in the direction of taking and imparting the lessons of total self-responsibility. Each person that you help to move along their evolutionary path, by teaching them to stand away from communal dependency and toward standing in their own power, becomes another contributor to the overall progression of your own soul evolution.

SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING: Special Message for the July Eclipses:

Much of what you see conspiring in the world lately will become clearer for you as the next 6-9 months progress. Yet, the impactful effects as indicated by these July Eclipses, will leave you frantically trying to extricate yourself out of any currently tedious relationship entanglements and oppressive situations in the humdrum of your usual neighbourhood, just so you can create for yourself a little space to think.

Your immense, almost overwhelming commitment to everything around you may make things a little complicated now, because just as you might fancy being left alone to contemplate the world, there is also the burning desire to reach out and connect with others on a truly divine level.


What starts to become more obvious to you now is how ready you are to listen to people’s problems, wanting to take the increasingly authoritative position of giving advice. In this routine, you may also notice that you often reach a point of frustration when confronted by some of the complexity and sophistication of the kind of problems you hear dumped onto your lap. You begin to secretly wish that you had greater breadth of knowledge in some areas, so that you might be better equipped to solve all the lingering questions that people bring your way. Is there a way of being truthful without declaring your ignorance or having to manipulate facts in order to explain?

You become increasingly engrossed in the afterthoughts of the words you have spoken to others. Your conscious mind replays the possible interpretations of your words, and you may even harbour an inner fear of having been misunderstood. Consequently, you may develop a cycle of going back to yesterday’s conversation to re-explain what you might have meant. Not happy about looking in the slightest bit dumb or vague, your pride demands that you know more. Hence begins the greater quest for knowledge, where you strive to get to the essence of truth without feeling the urge to dumb it down or fudge over the bits you’re not entirely sure about whenever you try to get your ideas across to others.

An insatiable curiosity to know the complete truth starts to develop in you here, in the space between the two eclipses (Jul 3-17). Your naturally investigative nature now intensifies into an obsessive inquiry into all the intricate webs of fact and data.


Initially this poses all sorts dilemmas, especially if you are an authority on any subject. New information may challenge your entire field of expertise and threaten your professional standing. Such conflicts can manifest into crises whenever you feel the need to make decisions or provide intelligence that must rest on succinct details rather than drawing from your intuition or your higher mind.

The more you try to rationalise your decisions; seeking more truthful facts and details in the hope that will somehow verify what you are talking about – the more perplexing your dilemma becomes as it threatens to destroy the foundations of everything you have come to believe.

Staying in a place of objective neutrality becomes a paradox for you. You can no longer trust that anything that was ever taught to you is true, and yet you need to survive in a world where you are forced to comply with the rule of the status quo. Operating at this level will rob you of opportunities to be truly creative, to the point where you risk your integrity, becoming lost in the effluvia and dullness of being a walking, talking cliche.

Have the courage to read up and speak out about the latest technologies and concepts, study the plethora of new material that is ever-present in a world full of evolving insights. Explore the rich wonderland of knowledge that you see around you. Become still enough to contemplate; to meditate on the space between the lines, the silence between the words. I know, it sounds deep, and spiritual… and a bit weird. But what’s weirder is you trying to be “smart” by trying to learn and memorise stuff that’s already been thunk and shared by others. You need to come up with your own material – not to impress anyone else, but to satisfy your own sense of well-being and authenticity.


As your life increasingly resembles a constant quest towards greater knowledge so you can then teach others, you become ever more convinced that this is your mission in life right now. Dare to do whatever is necessary to bring you into a cutting edge understanding of how primal energies and truth tie in together. Whatever ignites your curiosity must be looked into deeply, actively and you are not afraid to venture into unknown waters to find the answers you seek.

The more you expand your own, innate capacity for rich, erudite knowledge, the more worldly you feel. This then inspires you to travel to places that many around you wouldn’t even dream of, just for the sake of really experiencing new and greater understanding about how the universe really works.

Know, however, that when you ask the tough, intrusive questions at point-blank range, that threatened egos and hurt feelings are certain to surface, not because they envy or despise your ‘wise-assery’, but because they sense that you possess a gift that they cannot ever hope to understand, let alone possess.


This intrepid, irreverent curiosity may cause a rift between you and your own fraternity. On some level, you may have to contend with many inner doubts and insecurities about your own self, which only become amplified whenever you come across those who doubt your own credibility and the basis for all your ‘insightful’ knowledge. Your greatest challenge here will be to resist the urge to be the repository of all wisdom, be all things to all people.

Avoid spending too much energy in circles where there is too much old-school, perfunctory-cultured, conditional thinking. That is the drawback, particularly around the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse, which tends to drag you backwards in trying to pacify and appease the status quo. Trying to ingratiate yourself with the ‘hoi polloi’ could lead you into unnecessary movements, either physically, or intellectually. Becoming engaged in trying to identify with collective ideas, as commonly expressed in the social media groups and pages, may get you stuck on the proverbial gopher wheel, draining your creative thinking and compromising you to “do what you should do”. Consequently, you will end up accomplishing nothing of value, and devaluing any respect you have for yourself.

Also, there is a grave risk that you may feel intellectually, or sexually impotent in these circles, like nothing there turns you on any more… This may lead you into a vicious cycle of promiscuous behaviour patterns until you can become reassured again that all is well and you are perfectly normal. Just know that, at the deepest level, you are less interested in justifying to anyone that you are a brilliant intellect or a sexual animal, but just the fact that you can become mentally inclined to do this may take precious energy and resources away from doing the important work necessary in you higher quest.

At its lowest ego-manifestation, you may start forming complexes about being a ‘geek’ or some sort of overtly intellectual sophist. This entire eclipse period should shift you out of your self-conscious constraints and dare you to prove that the road you have chosen may be unusual and initially tough for you to integrate your intensely provocative thoughts into those of the collective, but as you learn to fine-tune your language into something everyone can understand, tame down your emotional attachment to your words and their impassioned cry for change, then the delightful outcome is that you will naturally be more accepted in a much wider, nature-oriented world.


Remember, whilst subconsciously you may aspire to be the repository of all wisdom and knowledge to all people, you must accept that there will be times when you will not always have all the answers to even the most obvious problems. Don’t let this wound your pride during this eclipse period. Once you unshackle yourself from the mental karmic pull, especially during the Lunar Eclipse (Jul 17), you will transition from the lower status-mindedness of Capricorn to a higher, compassion-minded operation of Cancer.

Release yourself from any attachment to trivial nonsense. Let your senses embrace the vast horizons that lay before you. The less you intellectually engage in trying to impress others, the greater your inner faith starts to take you into realms where gods and ascended masters dance.

Learn not to let your mind become confined by the mundane affairs and routine minutia of your immediate network of relationships. You are better off focusing on the bigger picture, exposing the bigger truths. Let the little things slide and bravely keep exploring those untravelled higher plains. Where possible, get as far away as you can from your hometown – see the world. Meet people from other lands. You will see how much you begin to connect with kindred souls who intellectually and instinctively resonate with your truth-seeking views. In fact, it is most likely through these times that your thoughts and ideas about life may come to be greatly influenced by a complete foreigner.

Once you have learned to walk bravely, honestly, in the complete conviction and faith to what is coming through your higher mind, you will discover what enormous spiritual growth is happening within you, and how your nagging self doubts and questions fall away. Sure, you may lose a few friends and even disconnect with relatives and those small-minded neighbours that are crippled by the excruciating tedium of their circular minds. They may see you as someone who has become disinterested, possessed with a madness of extreme ideas and off-the-planet philosophies on life. In this sense, you will learn to see the difference between a true colleague and an acquaintance that you must finally leave behind.

You will find, more and more so after this time, that the language you speak connects you to others only in wisdom and truth, and your love for expressing these becomes your greatest and only allegiance.

SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING: Special Message for the July Eclipses:

Over this eclipse period you will be exposed to intense contact and extreme situations which may ignite fierce rage over fundamental conflict of interests. Here, a profoundly difficult struggle develops deep inside of you and you may have to take a stand on what you believe, as if your life depended on it.

You may have observed how you are becoming increasingly overwhelmed by feelings of possessiveness. Deeply psychologically motivated tendencies to control what matters to you must be addressed at their source before you can assume to put any meaning to anything you wish to personally govern as your own.


Envy, jealousy and covetous behaviour runs rife in your world through this time, often for reasons that you find hard to explain. Yet you will penetrate the heart of the matter if you are to evolve. A very sacred process is happening for you here and it’s purely alchemical in how it transforms the very essence of your being. However, if you find yourself overcome by fits of spite towards others, or spells of insatiable lust to acquire whatever you fancy, there may be little that will be able to swerve you back on the right track from pursuing your carnal and materialistic desires.

At least initially, a strong unconscious connection to the primal sexual force will almost certainly prevail so that your sexual expression becomes somehow deviated from healthy forms of intimacy – taking the primal expression of your desires to an almost animalistic nature. Whether open or concealed, your entirely amoral approach to material acquisitions and sexual exploits seem to violate any hard-nosed, civilising expectations from today’s society.

One may suspect that you are not yet capable of fully comprehending the importance of honouring other people’s boundaries, or self-preserving values, persisting until you have your way with the object of your desires anyway, oblivious to how your unquenchable, unconscionable desire nature can affect the basic rights and freedom of others. It is as if your soul becomes possessed with such a voracious appetite to be satisfied that, no matter how much you may wish to be fulfilled, your greatest needs always seem to be fall slightly beyond your reach.

You then go all out to try and satisfy your cravings, but even in full consciousness you are hardly sure why, or even why you are so driven towards getting exactly what you need all the time. And so, you destroy more than you hope to create in your effort to satisfy your hungers.

Those nearest and dearest to you will do just about anything in a desperate effort to give you what you ask, hoping to somehow make you happy, at least once. But what happens here, during these eclipses, is that gradually everyone comes to learn, maybe sooner than you ever will, that whatever turns you on now brings you only a moment’s pleasure and it’s done.

You may see how you treat everyone and everything as if it is a mere plaything that is hardly entertaining and which you will ultimately toss aside, replace it with the next little knick-knack that flies into your desirous radar. In fact, you want it all. Your zest for indulgences in every which area has you struggling, ever so hard to pull yourself away from your fervent desires, and even after all the warning signs appear, you may be still insist on heading down the path of certain disaster.


Whilst your personal life at this juncture may take a detour down dark corridors and crooked alleyways, sordid deviations and reverie into wild excesses, you may instinctively sense how you are straying farther and farther away from your soul journey. When you do finally realise the extent of your aberration from your true self (and hopefully it does not get to this) you may also realise how much you have harmed your life, worrying that you may have long-passed the point of no return.

And so the inclination of the incorrigible may be just to continue down the road you know is wrong for you, simply because it is the only one which seems familiar to you now. In the greatest extreme, this may bring you into run-ins and investigations from the law. Ironically, long after you are faced with the grave error of your ways, may still insist that your renegade way is the best way, despising anyone who tries to interfere or intervene over you and your forceful will.

Your critical lesson will be to learn how to exercise greater self-control and immense discipline. You will have to constantly be slaying the demons of temptation if you are to stay integral to values that everyone can appreciate.

Without some form of self-imposed discipline you are too easily liable to allow the abandonment of all else into licentious habits of addictiveness and self-indulgence, which before long turns your entire life into a complete heap. There are known cases where, under such powerful eclipses, peoples’ health had deteriorated to such critically low levels that they have come close to death. In such instances, it has had the effect of blessing them with a whole new appreciation for life.

In other cases, obsessive attitudes to sex, or the venturing into anomalous sexual escapades are merely masked attempts to offset any impotency or inadequacy issues.

Conversely, you may adopt bizarre power-plays in the bedroom which spill over into other areas of the relationship, developing into abusive behaviours that are difficult to counsel or curtail.

Whatever the aberration of your sex/power/magic outlet – the soul lesson under these eclipses is always going to end up being the same. When you force every situation to such extremes that you ultimately destroy all valuable gains then you ruin all chances at creating peace and harmony for yourself or others.


Ultimately, after only some form of a major life crisis or symbolic death – brought about by your own excessive behaviour patterns, you will eventually experience a rebirth.

The breaking point comes somewhere around the Lunar Eclipse (Jul 17) and it is there to remind you that you must somehow unburden yourself from your many physical and material obsessions, addictions and subconscious attachments. You need to develop a more steady, much more responsible attitude towards having material comforts, power and money. Any dependencies on sex, substances and physical pleasures becomes a toxic agent which could kill you. You may start to develop an interest in the occult or the supernatural as a doorway to access necessary information for achieving the regenerative transformation that you sorely need.

Whichever road you choose to go, be sure that you will encounter some serious chaos should you venture down the way of life’s more extreme sidetracks. Couple that with an outright stubbornness and a laziness to budge on anything that doesn’t turn you on, and it’s a sure way to stagnate your inner growth to a point where a proper crisis emerges to kick your right royal ass into oblivion. 

Your soul wants to transform, but initially you will have difficulty finding enough willpower to do it responsibly. The hardest thing for you to learn now is how to walk gently, without taking any leaping strides, since the Cancer Solar Eclipse (Jul 3) makes you so desperate to to something significant and impressive. Big strides will just keep you landing in ditches and grooves, making your recovery heavier.


Relationships become extremely important now. Observe any prior conditioning of seeing the world as a fixed social order, where you are stuck in some forsaken or exalted place along the pecking order of life’s evolutionary framework. Life sees you continue to struggle for some major status along this framework, you crave importance, but are also prone to inflict society’s outdated ideals over folks who are less privileged. This would not end well for you at all. The challenge for you during these eclipses is to smartly kill off and renew any attitudes based around attaining ‘great status’ according to any outdated value systems. Is this likely to happen?

To go through the full metamorphosis, you must eventually learn to show respect and honour for the unique, precious value of all others. You have a lot to learn from those most intimate to you as soon as you start to listen.

Most of your sexual thoughts come from a deep-seated drive to conquer and become the undisputed champion over the physical domain. These lead you down a path of ultimate disgust, both with your own self-placement in the social order and with the physical/material world you still seem bound to.

By fully throwing yourself into nefarious or secret lust-affairs, as well as engaging in fierce jealousies, sordid money or business ventures, you risk spiraling your own life down the garden path, until you reach that non-negotiable point of no return. Once there, you will forcibly be made to learn respect for other people’s value systems before you find your way back to redemption. Along the road home, you will be faced with the ultimate test of having to give up all that you have ever held precious and important – a humbling process, which sees you stripped naked and standing at the back of the queue, earnestly waiting your turn, alongside all the others. Until you come down to your knees and work your way up again you will not truly learn to eliminate all those rigid values in you that block an acceptance of the values of others.

And so, at the end of an old, expired life-cycle comes a symbolic death, of sorts. And though you start your new life from the bottom of the heap, you will treasure your slow and steady ascent deeply, taking pride in every inch of ground you gain, because at heart, it will be all yours.

Sure, at this point, in July, this may present as a somewhat more difficult part of the journey, but it’s because of the deeply ingrained attitudes which have made you so inflexibly fixated on having your own way. Some things have to give. And with you, it’s gotta be the hard way.


Until you completely learn to respect the values and rights of every individual, you can expect your financial journey to be one big tug-of-war after another. You must learn that possessions are merely a currency, which must be kept circulating, not hoarded by just a few individuals for the sake of wielding power and control over others. It serves nothing but one’s ego to own more than what is immediately useful. Once you overcome the tendency to allow your life’s energies to keep dissipating through your carnal desires and power manias, you can become a veritable dynamo in both the business and humanities world. Still you must keep in mind that this is a time when you will have to burn all bridges behind you as an insurance that you don’t slip back to your old, destructively dependent ways.

Aim to carry no baggage with you now, and under no circumstances must you ever look back. This crisis, if managed poorly, will carry through into the coming months. Will you stand it, or will it bring you to your knees? The Solar Eclipse (Jul 3) will either regenerate or degenerate you further. It is all up to the strength of your own faith. NOTE THIS: to pass through into the kingdom of heaven you first must endure the thoroughfares of hell. And just remember… never look back…. whatever you do, never look back.


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING: Special Message for the July Eclipses:

These eclipses will drag out either the worst or best in you, and you may have a lot to learn from that which, in the past, you took for granted or chose to ignore altogether. There are many serious lessons to be learned, especially in the way you conduct yourself in your partnerships, marriage and cooperation with others, including members of the public.

Whilst your weaker tendencies at the moment might tend towards accounting only for yourself and all you represent in thought and actions, your soul now begins to draw you away from indulging too much in the individualistic success and independence which you may have enjoyed over the past decade. Hence, over this eclipse period, it would seem that the entire universe conspires to harshly pit you into the struggle of trying to understand the emotions, cares and sufferings of others. Love them or hate them, you are forced to make some form of a collaboration with the other, someone particularly significant, like a soul-mate, yet this also could be someone who is particularly contradictory to all that you may think you are about.


The key here is in working together with others. While you may pretend to be an excellent listener for the sake of being accepted and appearing like you care, you may find it difficult to show true respect to ideas or points of view that don’t naturally agree with you, preferring to stick to your own predetermined ideals and ideologies. You are then prone to spending most of your energy developing whatever abilities you have, trying constantly to persuade or get the approval from others for the efforts you are making. In this, you fail to see the force of creativity and ingenuity coming from the other side, which is generally trying to lead affairs in the opposite, most challenging direction.

Although you may not wish to admit this openly, you fail to notice others as much as yourself right now. In fact, you may fail to consider or ignore protests from others about your sometime harsh, cold, cynical in your manner. This faliure to empathise could lead matters in directions that are ultimately treacherous.

Hence there is a danger during this period that you develop great apprehensions about being outdone, and will go far out of your way to challenge others and to secure for yourself any position where your dominion cannot and will not be challenged. Naturally you may do this by banding together with like-minded souls, forming a collective which is intent on destroying anyone who tries to take you on with their forceful personality. In some latent way though, it is truly you who wishes to be respected and admired, and you will try to flex muscle by summoning support from your minions to mount an offensive against those who try to overrule your authoritarian ways.


You must learn to sacrifice your ambitions for the sake of everyone else’s, and though you seek to become a figurehead of respect, this period pushes you to try to relate to others with more empathy and soul, so long as they then don’t try to usurp your position. If you feel someone close to you is inhibiting your self-expression you may do all you can to extricate yourself from the relationship. Thus, the traditional ‘marriage’ situation is not something that will be easily sustainable for you during this time, since your own way is generally always ‘the right way,’ nor is any notion that you have to now compromise much about what you envision is the ‘right’ way for the sake of getting along with the seemingly unreasonable demands of the other.

The option to stay single, divorced or at least separated in consciousness from your partner will make it difficult for you to accept that it is the continuance of your own selfish ends which is creating all the problems for which you are happy to hold others to account.

Try to learn how to give with a whole heart, rather than symbolically just throwing a bone and resisting making any full commitment just to keep the pack quiet. There is a danger that you will fall so out of harmony with yourself in attempt to be part of a greater universe, that you are prone to develop a chronic impairment or impediment, either physical or emotional, which you ultimately use as a lever to gain sympathy.


The last thing you may be willing to accept is any sense of failure that your schemes to set extreme rules, structures and boundaries were not necessary. Democratic rule may not be possible through this time, for you and many others have distorted and corrupted the foundations of ‘equanimous socio-political structures’ in favour of a patriarchal hierarchy.

Rigid Capricorn attitudes must be relinquished, one after another. You must seek to find greater security in relating your emotions more honestly. Learn how to say sorry when you’re wrong and mean it, and refrain from taking advantage over others when you’re right. Eventually you will see that all of your despairs, fears and worries are nothing more than part of a martyr complex of your creation. It bears little or no relation to life’s current circumstances. 

Being progressively forced to be a “loner,” you may gradually grow more content with your own unique individuality, becoming ever so proud of the ways in which you know you can retain it. The Solar Eclipse (Jul 3) may lead you to discover that your karmic fate now is to learn consideration for others, because in your desire to be the centre of attention, you may project yourself as more important than you usually are, thereby shutting out the very love you claim that you are being denied.

Still, you desire to control others, and it is in this ability to control and manipulate that you base your security. You start to realise that you are capable of great achievements, but because you are so rigidly wrapped up in yourself and your own ideals about the world, you may fail to see the cosmic scope of your personal ideas, falling short on reaching the heights of your capabilities.

It is important then to learn to view the reflections of your thoughts and actions; to realise that there are indeed always two sides to every coin. This could be difficult, but this is the gift or curse brought to you during the Lunar Eclipse (Jul 17). Eventually you may come to understand that while both sides of an issue may be totally different, neither is ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than the other. These value judgements are what keep us chained down to the conditional 3D terms of the structured, judgmental world of fear and duality. Your major spiritual growth only comes when you can detach from yourself and impersonally laugh at all the ego-centered notions and ideas that ruled over you and your culture in the past.


Ultimately, you will come to the point at which you are willing to take all the power, strength and confidence that your predecessors have built and ‘ideologically’ give it away to others who need it more. Doing this wholeheartedly without any phoney sense of martyrdom becomes the key to escaping the trappings of ego-involved actions that have kept you marooned on your lonely little planet. If in the past you were highly opinionated, strongly resistant to taking advice that might affect you personally, you may have cause to argue that one’s personal life is strictly a private matter. Consequently, this is probably why you feel that all things which relate to you directly must be protected by building a great wall around you. Now, at the slightest provocation or personal criticism, you simply add more bricks to the wall.

You must learn the hard way not to shut others out. By letting down your drawbridge and welcoming them in, you give them the will to live where there appeared to be no hope. You begin to make others aware of their own self-worth. All the while, you are mindful not to ask for anything in return for if you learn to focus your energies on helping others, then you will be amazed to find how the loving universe just keeps providing you with everything you need, just as you need it.

It is vital that you come to devote your life to others, as much as they may challenge your strict authoritarian views and ambitious intentions. Actually, you have been preparing for many years to now meet the soulmate you need and who will love and support you most. Regardless of whether you are married or single, you will come to learn through this eclipse period that your mission is dedicated to connecting with another soul, or in fact many souls, needing much more than you. Development of kindness and compassion, whilst still working with more authoritative sense of understanding the needs of the entire society, your contributions will be spiritually rewarded at a thousand to one for all that you give.

AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING: Special Message for the July Eclipses:

During this Eclipse period you may be tempted to wrestle against the mysterious forces of the greater unknown that seem to be working against you, influences trying to undermine your confidence and wear down your constitution. Yet in your wisdom, it’s more likely that rather than stick around and fight anything that’s eating you, it may be easier to concede, sneak away to somewhere where you can be left all alone and undisturbed, work things out in peace.

Here, in a place of solemn withdrawal, you can slowly and earnestly sift through the legacies and ruins of your tender past, try to put some semblance of meaning to it all, draw some conclusions and craft it into a piece of work that would someday become your ‘masterpiece’ offering to the world.


These eclipses are intense, providing the auspices you need to go away and do some processing on your mental and spiritual well-being.

Of course, this does not necessarily imply that you’ll become a total recluse. Nor does it mean that you are physically seeking to find solace away from friends and associates. It’s just that you become so sensitive to everything and would just rather retire into yourself, find ways to work things out on your own.

From an outside observer’s view, one might imagine that the main purpose for your turning inward is driven by some logical intent, but what you might find during these eclipses is that you gradually get to a point where all logic seems to elude you altogether. The sheer intensity of your introspection and the intrigue of the depths you plumb could remain a mystery even to yourself.

One of the greatest problems here is that the longer you stay inside yourself the more you distance yourself from any exterior reference points. In other words, by preventing others from reaching you, you deny yourself the help you need to stabilise and ground your mental journeys.

As a result, your imaginative side begins to accumulate enormous subliminal sensations; irrational feelings which may manifest either as unreasonable fears and paranoias, fantastical visions and dubious conversations with celestial beings, all kinds of mystifying soul-experiences, etc. Without any trusted social contacts to provide an earthing reference point, your ability to establish whether these subtle impulses are real or imagined, or just a composite collection of the mental imagery you conjure up out of your inward journeys becomes hampered.


Meanwhile, the basis of your outward experience is built on a mixture of conspiratorial fears and wild imaginings, so by the height of these eclipses you may be lost in a state of anxiety and confusion. Regardless of how clear and vivid your communication of what you’re sensing is made to others, you continue to have moments where you are unable to find confidence in yourself. Like a turtle constantly peeking out of your shell, those closest to you see you living your life as a hypersensitive and easily annoyed creature who is unable to face up to reality.

It’s like you spend most of your time watching life around you like it’s some giant, panoramic reality TV channel. Ironically, it seems that the rest of the world is observing your life with a similarly scrutinising curiosity. Are you just a curious character, cynically looking out at world that’s trying desperately to get a look into yours?

It’s possible here that you develop a paranoiac despondency about all that’s going on during this period. On the subject of organising your work, for instance, you may lapse into some unusually slack work habits, constantly leaving many loose ends behind you, flummoxed that there are never enough hours in the day to complete your usual chores.

Perhaps you need to focus on developing some time-management skills. Grounding yourself into a simple, present-tense approach will help you from feeling like you are constantly being challenged by linear-time, where there is often much running around and frantic attempts of having to rush to avoid constantly running late to everything.

Trying to ‘tow the linear-timeline’ could see you slaving away at the behest of institutions or organisations whose ‘authority’ come beating down on you, ruthlessly demanding that you put some ‘structure’ into your seemingly erratic ways. However much you will detest this incursion, sometimes, giving in to outside forces may be the one necessary evil to get you to come out of your inner self and be accountable. Or otherwise, the harsh, seemingly heartless conditions you see others suffering at the helm of institutions or government schemes might enrage you enough to want to step up and do something.

Therefore, the karmic pull upon you during this eclipse period is to step up and accept full responsibility for the failings in your world rather than ‘drop out’ and wallow in the mire of ‘feeling sorry for yourself’, or others, or the terrible state of this planet, etc.


More than any other period in your life, you seem more easily jerked into tears at the slightest injustice or bruising, whether real or imagined – you take it all so personally. Sometimes your sorrow is totally internalised, sometimes it is projected out onto others as social grievances, political anger, relationship blame, etc.

Unless you come to full awareness, the grief you feel so sensitively will continue to impact your life at the very deepest levels. You may feel that the beautiful love and compassion that your heart has to share goes unnoticed and unappreciated. If you choose to think this way – and it is just a choice that you make – then you become the creator of your own gloom; and woe to the poor sot that you attract into your life who tries to pull you out of this pain syndrome. In these, you may find a sympathetic ear for all life’s past hurts, fears and worries that you have not yet even verbalised. If you are both not careful, together, hand in hand, you face spiralling into an increasingly negative manifestation of this world. The most destructive manifestation here (particularly around the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse – Jul 17) could be that you sacrifice everything to a social ideal that identifies you as a victim of a cruel, unfeeling universe. Here, you gain rise to be among its most troubled poster children…

Undermining all that can be done, your struggle will instead be to fight against becoming a human vortex of anyone’s collective frets, misery and regrets – someone who magnetises discontent and anger from their community, but who lacks faith in their own potential to reconstruct a better world by focusing more upon the positive outcome of events.

It is more important that you work on restoring your own trust in the universe (who loves you very much) so that you can find the strength and courage to come out of your shell of negativity and fear. Once you can do this, you stand to emerge as one of the most compassionate, beautiful and useful people in your world. The Cancer Solar Eclipse should help you to generate boundless inner energy so that you can derive greater pleasure in nurturing others in real time. However, you cannot reach this point of pure creativity in your life until you consciously meet and accept the fact that, during this phase of your spiritual journey, your choices must come from a place of sacrifice to serve others.

Focus then on creating a centred, meditative, contemplative lifestyle. This choice will become central in helping you to organise your thoughts, your work routine and your daily diet. In your simplicity and presence of being, you naturally come to discover that you are a natural-born liberator, someone who is capable of caring for others by imbuing your own, more progressive, holistic methods of community care. Ultimately, you will come to learn that your greatest healing gift is to restore faith to your true, authentic spirit. You must work long and hard to reach this awareness within yourself before you can share it out to others.


As you experience greater self-awareness, you progressively spend much attention nursing or coping with physical or mental unwellness (or imbalances), firstly in yourself, and then in those closest to you. A major spirit-growth happens when you realise that all illnesses, disease and disorder are nothing more than an imbalance of the body reflecting imbalance in the mind. If you listen closely in your meditation, you will hear a voice inside you constantly trying to remind you of this. Your challenge will be to stay vigilant; to not allow your past wounds and fear-based stories to block the healing road that is now being opened up in front of you.

Through this, it is also possible that you miraculously conquer some horrid life-affliction or critical disease, much to the amazement of medical science and its practicing physicians. Again, the challenge for you is to come to understand the higher reason behind this, because as soon as this is clear to you, you have not only the power to bring yourself to full, radiant health and happiness, but also to teach others. Once you can channel the divine power of your faith, you become a veritable dynamo.

As you gradually begin to work with generating more positive thought currents, you start to naturally lean away from negatively criticising others, ie. fellow workers, businesses, governments, etc, for their apparent lack of humanity. In fact, you begin to see the perfection in everything, and your positive influence simply helps other to remind them that it is impossible for them not to be in their well-being.


In some ways, these July eclipses, and their December counterparts mark the full completion of your spiritual journey. Through this period, the full details of why you are here on this earthly plane become revealed to you through the subtle messages that you access from the Akashic planes. You come to unravel how it is that you have become stuck in recurring lifetimes of trying to escape from inner torment by simply perpetuating negativity in your heart. As such, you come to decide whether you wish to continue to walk along a track which, for you at least, has already ended.

Any lingering inner feelings that you or your dear brethren are being persecuted must now to be put to ground once and for all. As you come to know, with complete certainty, that the more you allow yourself to indulge in such pathetic thoughts, the more you inadvertently recreate pathological states and circumstances in your life experience. Taking the past for exactly what it is: nothing more than a subjective holographic memory, no more real than a personal photograph stored in your inner mental hard-drive, one which you now have the free will to keep storing because it adds credit to your misery, or to erase so that you may step out into a more constructive, much more creative new world.

Once you can wilfully integrate your entire state of consciousness into a positive and productive outlook on life, you begin to start experiencing your entire existence with new meaning. You then see that by trying to associate and affiliate yourself to groups and social ideas that are negative-minded you only inhibit your own, and humanity’s advancement by withdrawing into spiritual cycles that you have already completed. Only by actively standing in your absolute mastery of Self will you be able to fully reconstruct a more perfected, utopian version of the world in which you live.

PISCES/PISCES RISING: Special Message for the July Eclipses:

These eclipses promise quite an inspired period for you, but you must work hard to draw the inspiration, for if you don’t, it could plunge you into a period of despair and emotional stagnation. You are primarily learning how to tap into the universal creative process, but dark energies at the South Node are tempting you into a destructiveness that must be overcome at all costs.

Hence, this eclipse period finds you most determined to express yourself in ways which shines your light in its most authentic form. Whilst this may resonate with you, and you may be willing to open up and share of yourself without pretenses and filter, if there are any uncertainties about your freedom to be yourself, or any parts of you that you are wishing to obscure, that feel contrived, disingenuous or simply delusional, you may face great pressure to come clean or become embroiled in a tremendous power play with members of society that are conspiring to bring you undone.

Whilst it behooves you to stay focused, clear and productive on your creative projects as sincerely as possible, this may not be so easy if you feel distracted or disturbed by any matter.


Initially, you may spend much time drifting off into some distant dimensions of time, or pondering through an infinite array of fantastic ideas. If the past 9 years has seen you living for the long-awaited fulfillment of your wildest wishes, then this month promises to take all the glossy, make-believe fairy tales and blow it out of all existence. By the Lunar Eclipse (Jul 17) life rudely douses you with an awakening bucket of ice-cold reality.

It’s time to either make the dream real, or wake up to the reality that the dream is over.

Over the recent years, you have spent much of your waking time watching others, observing their behaviour, pondering their actions and responding to their leads as either interesting or distasteful to what you wish to achieve. They have all somehow served as an inspiration for you to become more imaginative and inventive; even ingenious in your expression. Your mind has been consumed with working out intricate plots in how to manifest your fantastic daydreams.

Whilst you can conjure up the wildest creations within your own mind, for all the cleverness that you possess, your actions and reactions are seen more as rash, unpredictable and often not so practically useful. At times you have come close enough, only to sabotage the successful outcome, feeling this was not possible or somehow wasn’t really meant to be.

Be as it may, as unfulfilling as any of this may have been, it has taught you much. Over these years you have romanced and entertained various abstract thoughts and ideas, astounding yourself with what delightful fantasies you can come up with, and in a variety of different playgrounds. What you have really been doing is creating a whole new landscape – the ultimate playground in which to entertain these fantasies.

At the height of this Solar Eclipse (Jul 3), you will come to discover the importance of these dreams, see how you gradually, more and more effortlessly have all the means at your disposal to apply them into explaining your life in a highly artful manner.

Ultimately here, you come to realise that your entire existence has consisted of acting out your dreams. As you slowly come down to earth for this most intensely grounding Lunar Eclipse (Jul 17), your first instinct will be to reach for those friends and associates who resemble some of the characters of your rich dreamscapes.


The big challenge for you will be to stop your mind from drifting off into some vague and distant future – either some sci-fi conceptual utopia, full of exciting technological possibilities, or a gloomy, Orwellian dystopia where everyone is enslaved and mind-controlled. Whilst these worlds are entirely of your creation, in reality they have little or no bearing on your current life. Still, you may wish to ponder…

This pair of eclipses presents you with phenomenally strong impulses and clear signals to let all else go and follow the only true road that lies ahead for you: The one of responding to your deepest instinct to face your responsibilities in the present tense. Focus your intention to act as much upon the value of your deeds, as well as on the impact they will have upon those you wish to impress.

This includes impulses you get from your interactions with children, lovers and the way you express your primal sex urges. If you express yourself whole-heartedly and out of pure love, nothing will truly bother or impede your path.

Limitations and frustrations that arise in your life right now can be traced down to your inability manifest your dream world against the harsh, severely awakening circumstances posed to you by the world of responsibility and accountability.

Rather than dissipate your strength, or feel encumbered and blocked by negativity, squabbling and frustration, have the courage to follow the signs and inspirations transmitted through to you by your powerful intuition. Have the courage to act on your deepest instincts.


You are now given the greatest gift that anyone can receive – the power to create your own destiny. By carefully observing the underlying process of creation, by using this power to sculpt your reality into earthy forms, the more you also become aware that it is your own thoughts forms that cause all the circumstances that you deem real in your life.

Through study, practice and careful application, you manage to master the link between your thought processes and your dreams. It becomes your supreme revelation over this time – that your dreamscape is far more powerful than any limitation in your conditioned thinking. As you learn to channel this into your everyday practice you truly begin to smash through the walls of the past and start to create a heaven here on earth.

Of course, it is important then to learn how to be responsible with your dreams; “Be careful what you wish for” they say. If you have the power to make the dream real, keep them on the lighter side. Veering into darkness can materialise a very depressing world for you.

You will be forced to feel the effect of the manifestations of your dreams, long after you can even recall why you had them. It becomes a vital piece of your new gift – that to be blessed with the power to wish, you must also learn how to accept the consequences, both favourable and otherwise, for all that you may wish to be comes true. 

Therefore, life becomes a double-edged sword; both a blessing and a curse. Each time you summon that genie out of the bottle and ask for your wish to become a command, you really get it. You either move mindfully towards the great intent of spirit, or mindlessly plunge deep into the toxic cesspool of your own, apathetic or greed-driven desires.

Through the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse, you are called to release dead wood and rekindle new growth. If you choose to give over to the status-oriented world of Capricorn, you risk disconnecting from your sacred gift of spontaneous creativity, your dreams becoming so jaded that they gradually become utterly worthless and instead of bringing you happiness they turn your life into utter misery.


The greatest difficulty arises in any of your relationships – particularly love affairs, especially where you still carry residual pain of any past sudden detachments or abandonment issues. Observe your most subliminal attitudes towards children, through whose eyes you now truly come to understand your own sense of self-worth. Study your relationship to them closely, observing carefully how children put their dreams into action in real time.

See your dreams as a bottomless wishing-well, from which tremendous benefits can be gained by adopting a mindful practice of meditation and prayer. By exercising mindfulness in your creativity process, you soon become aware of how much you allow your co-dependent needs for friendships and lovers to distract and dissipate your creative energies.

Prefer to be in relationships that are co-operative and co-creative. In these, you will see the positive results of all other efforts complimentary to your own – in real time. 

Above all else, follow your natural instinct to be a doer. It becomes all too apparent to you that only after you sacrifice every personal dream do you ever become strong enough to take the building blocks of life and skillfully piece them together to transform your world into a place that is conducive to your greatest creative potential. One way or another, these eclipses should shake you down off those clouds and back down to earth, where your art then becomes your mere expression of willful self-discipline.

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