“From My Cold, Dead Heart” – The FULL MOON at 04°18′ Scorpio, Tuesday, April 23, 2024, 23:50 UTC

The Misery, Cristóbal Rojas

There’s a deeply unsettling element to what is arguably the year’s most intensely unwieldy lunation, the Hadean Scorpio Moon, thwarted from expressing the full range and depth of her extreme emotional latitudes.

This suppression isn’t solely because Luna, at her temperament most volatile and tumultuously explosive under Scorpio’s influence, finds herself restrained by the placid, mild-mannered, emotionally impervious Taurus Sun. It’s further complicated by her own subterranean ruler, Pluto, who, in the early degrees of Aquarius, is unusually icy and disengaged, emotionally aloof as he stations to retrograde. Here, in the fall of his respective dignity, old dark-face asserts himself as the focal planet in a T-square to this fixed Full Moon dichotomy. His wholly invisible presence firmly dictates that no cataclysmic emotionality, extreme passions, or raging histrionics will be entertained in the slightest. Coupled with the lugubriously oppressive semi-square from Saturn in Pisces, the scenario culminates in an emotionally deadened heart and a compassion-fatigued ear, unresponsive to her usual drama and manipulations.

Nonetheless, this icy indifference casts an eerie spell over the lunation, in the most intellectual manner illuminating the darkest, most psychologically repressed areas of our charts, where the fully lit Moon seeks to expose the scars of deep-seated wounds—traumas inflicted by the malignant auspices of translinear power-plays, ancestral abuse, and hand-me-down abandonment syndromes. These are the haunted places in our psyche we feel strongly and dare not forget, where knives are sharpened and poised to unfurl at the merest hint of provocation. Paradoxically, these shadowed recesses also harbour our most hidden reservoirs of stamina and survival instincts, springing to life, especially when memories of peril and contempt are stirred. Combine this with Venus’ conjunction with Chiron and Eris in Aries, two motley cosmic outcasts whose unhealed grievances deeply etch their undulating itch, and the lunation takes on the air of unresolved grievances—where it feels like there’s a bone to pick, but there’s no recourse or open avenue for release.

So what do we do when there’s no one left to feel our pain? To whom do we turn to open up?

Still, under the penetrating glare of the Scorpio Full Moon, our dark underbelly is torn open, brutally exposing our innards – the complex, mysterious web of secrets that defines us. These buried myths—rife with cultural taboos and confidential truths—find utterance only amidst the presence of those rare few, those who have the fortitude to skillfully navigate the abyss of our most profound and arcane vulnerabilities. Yet with these sacred encounters—our innermost scars—transparently exposed, we seek the transformative alchemy of healing and it’s like they are being treated with the sterile acumen of a computer analyst, studying our most precious and arcane secrets with the indifference of an over-the-phone telemarketer questioneer.

Welcome to the age of Pluto in Aquarius…

This revelatory process seems stunted here, stymied by a strange paradox. With Pluto, detached and spiritually dissociated, holding this lunation to ransom from Aquarius, unveiling our innermost secrets risks casting long shadows over our serene existences, unfurling both deeply disturbing personal and collective pains.

This excavation is both necessary and indispensable. Delving into the shadowy enclaves of our inner world, as well as confronting the vast, external questions, can risk numbing our emotional sensibilities and may even sever our connection to our own humanity. Yet, without daring to delve deeper into the forces that corrode and corrupt our kindness and capacity for love, we risk losing touch with the source of our creative and regenerative powers. This predicament underscores the existential dilemma between concealment and disclosure. As the stakes rise, each decision becomes a precarious negotiation of how much to reveal and how much to protect.

On this lunation, something critical is tinkering inside the human heart. We are learning to chill, and whether this elevates (evolves) our state of humanness or the opposite, we get the sense that something profound is happening, inside and all around.

I’ve taken care to explore these dilemmas for each sign in our latest series of empowering horoscope messages:

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Extraordinary Shifts:

Also, as described intricately in our last newsletter, we find ourselves at a critical juncture in our transition on this plane. We must by now suspect that we are neither the first sentient nor necessarily the most advanced forms of intelligence to walk this earth, however, we are here, now and ready to evolve into the next phase as Jupiter resets with Uranus. The last cycle kicked off in a unique sequence, beginning at 0º Aries in June 2010, briefly regressing into the final degrees of Pisces in September 2010, and then concluding its official onset at 27º Pisces in January 2011. You can’t say it wasn’t colourful, a world awash with pathos and plagued by delusion unfolded—an era where heartfelt empathy coexisted with profound deceit. It was a time of undeniable crises and widespread misinformation, where genuine plights of a global pandemic were tangled with the tendrils of propaganda and mass psychosis. This age of duality saw the relentless pursuit of truth drowning in a sea of fabricated realities, as society grappled with an invisible enemy, both viral and virtual, where freedom of speech became warbled in a mash to censor and shadow ban.

As the pandemic swept across nations, it brought both the best of humanity—selfless sacrifice and solidarity—and its shadow—the over-reactive fear-mongering and global-scale fraudulence. The cycle in Pisces magnified the emotional resonance of these experiences, heightening the collective yearning for healing while exposing vulnerabilities to exploitation. In this era, facts were precious and often obscured, as myths and misinformation ebbed and flowed like the tide, eroding the very essence of trust and truth in the age of uncertainty.

To lean a tinge towards my inner Dickens:
It was the era of social networks, it was era of privacy invasions; it was the age of information, it was the age of fake news; it was the epoch of freedom, it was the epoch of lockdowns; it was the season of environmental awareness, it was the season of ecological recklessness; it was the season of social justice, it was the season of wokeness; it was the spring of science, it was the winter of conspiracy theory, lol.

As we look forward to the next 13-14 year cycle, it is essential to ponder how Jupiter/Uranus might impact future developments. The fixed-earth nature of Taurus, which traditionally values stability, conservatism, gradual growth, and the preservation of natural resources, will be severely tested by the rapidly expansive and widespread disruptiveness of the combined Jupiter and Uranus energies. One thing we know is that Taurus grants us all the power to materialise the things we want, which shouldn’t be too hard given the resources and amazing technologies to make it happen. Yet, one thing to note here is that the more we own, the more we risk becoming owned by those very things. I have explored this cycle and its auspices of liberation and oppression further in the following article, in case you missed it:

Jupiter/Uranus: “Break On Through, The Mark of the Heretic”

In closing, I wish to thank you all for your wonderful support and send many blessings to you, my faithful clients & subscribers, as well as the more casual reader. Thank you, and may you have an amazing Full Moon xx

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