when Mercury stations to go direct…

☿ SD at 15°♈59′ ⚺ ♄ = unwarranted analytical severity; or superfluous logical rigour resulting in harshness; or gratuitously precise rationality inflicting cruelty; or undeserved indulgence in cerebral exactitude leading to severe unkindness; unjustifiably meticulous left-hemispheric exactingness culminating in heinous harshness; needlessly intricate deployment of logical acumen manifesting in remarkably stringent cruelty; exorbitantly detailed intellectual stringency employed with an undue harshness of rational exactitude; or painstakingly hyper-rational precision, wielded with an overly exacting severity that borders on the draconian, manifesting disproportionate cruelty; excessively scrupulous and methodically overwrought application of left-brain dominance, culminating in a hyper-critical onslaught of analytically derived harshness, egregiously surpassing necessary bounds.

Mercury entered the Retrograde Zone at 15° Aries 59′ on March 18, stationing to turn retrograde on April 1 at 27° Aries 13′, turns direct again today (April 25) at 15° Aries 59′, and finally leaves the Retrograde Zone on May 13 at 27° Aries 13′.

It’s worth noting that the few days around when Mercury stations (either to go retrograde or direct) could be particularly chaotic or intense- a period we bigshot astrologer types refer to as the “storm phase.” It’s a good idea to give it a few days leeway after Mercury has gone direct before kicking off any major new ventures, since the residual effects of the retrograde may still be fading.

Once Mercury starts rolling forward again, you’ll notice better communications (fewer misunderstandings), progress in projects (fewer delays, smoother flow), resolution of technology issues (fewer tech glitches), your reflections become incorporated (insights applied, greater clarity gained), travel improvements (smoother, less problematic trips).

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  1. ugh. AI graphics turn my tummy sour. Are we out of artists ?

  2. Michelle Mondragon

    That first paragraph, point taken with anguish…lol! Thank you sir, may I please have another? This retrograde has been transiting my 21′ Aries ascendant, one more time to go.

  3. I really like your style and can learn a lot from you.