Venus in Aquarius (the early degrees)

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Venus slipping into Aquarius introduces a progressive attitude to love, marriage and social affairs.

Actually, the great goddess of attraction, affection and preferential choice brings a modernistic approach to all relationships in general, promoting the principles of friendliness, equality and fairness. Being in an air sign, the influence over things we desire in our world is raised largely into the cerebral modes. Along with Mercury, also in Aquarius now, Venus inspires a versatility in making social contacts and networking, and a sheer excitement in banding with others to share and proliferate our views and ideologies with those to whom we come to favour.

Hence, through our affectionate ways, we open our minds to the more unusual and quirky ways to express our choices, drawing in those peculiar, more ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas about what would be ‘nice’ – our tastes and predilections are most daringly modern, even futuristic, and we dearly value those trusted friendships, chosen mostly for their ability to see our most eccentric interests, idiosyncratic tastes and off-beat fashion sense.

For those who prefer the more fiery passionate or mushily intimate, even tactile displays of emotion, Venus in Aquarius must insist that we stay cool, detached, and if things get too uncomfortably close, she would have to insist on using the old chestnut of “let’s just be friends”.


Originally published 18th February, 2016


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