Sun, Mercury and Uranus in Aries

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As MERCURY shuttles between the authoritative SUN towards madcap rebel URANUS, we sense sudden shifts of direction in communications with a proficiency in finding previously inexplicable purpose behind certain situations.

The ability is there for everyone to think and move with lightning precision, as we receive sudden inspirations from whatever we choose to pay piercing attention.

These intuitive ‘eureka moments’ come from being present, clear and in the present moment.

Never has there been such a call to stay mindful.

Chances are you won’t even need look too far, insights will just find an uncanny way to reach you.

A resounding confidence to exercise freedom and independence is reaching epidemic proportions on this planet, building to an intense energy download for all.

Everything is about to turn on its head.

Stay tuned…


Originally published 30th March, 2016


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  1. Love your articles and photos!

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