Mercury conjunct Pluto – in Capricorn

What, you think I can’t see right through your miserable bull shit?

You’re only kidding yourself, you know that… don’t even waste my fucking time, your attempts toconvince me are purely pathetic
You’re as transparent as crystal, your mind games bright as day, do you hear what I’m saying, what I’m trying to say?

I can tell from your manner, your whimsical ways, your hellbent deflection, your mental decay that your heading to nowhere you’re stuck in a fix, and my x-ray detection can just tell that you’re jinxed Now you listen to me, and you listen real good and i’m not leaving here till it’s well understood,
that your nonsense makes no sense, not even to you
babe, you’re clinging to something that’s rotten, not true
and you’re wrapped up in gossip, malignant discussion
trying to solve all your problems with procrastination
if you like i can call you a cab for the ride,
and you better stay fastened, say nothing, go hide
get the fuck outta town, better still, leave the state
and don’t think of returning, let this crap dissipate
i’d say at least a month till you show your face here
and stay off that damned phone, totally disappear
hope you see how your mania got you into this pickle
hope you realise the harm your mind does when it’s fickle
take one long, deep hard look at yourself if you can
and don’t dare to come back less you come with a plan…

Originally published 31 January, 2016

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2016


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