VENUS ON THE NORTH NODE: Notes on Unconditional Love

Whether it’s the thrill you get from being around a potential romantic partner; the collegiate trust and support of a friend; the familial bond you share with someone to whom you’re related; the soothing comfort from a pet or someone’s baby; or the sheer pleasure you gain from a favourite thing or activity – love is love. It feels nice, and you know it.

How does unconditional love differ from any other kind?

How do you know you’re in it?

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Many different kinds of love are possible.

In experiencing “unconditional love”, it’s a whole different level to the love which is subjective or conditional. In unconditional love, you’re not necessarily overlooking the flaws and defects of those you love, you just ‘love them any way’. It doesn’t take much to love – it’s simply the voluntary opening of the heart and a ‘calling them in’.

‘Liking them’ is another thing.
You can love anyone…. even everyone really, but in practice you might struggle to like anything or everything about them. Family members are a good example of folks you may love but cannot stand to be around.

Romantic love often falls apart when you no longer ‘like’ the one you ‘love’, or cannot stand certain things about your beloved anymore. That’s conditional love. If you can only love under a certain proviso that something be acceptable to you – that’s NOT unconditional.

It has to start with you. If you can’t love yourself without conditions, then forget about trying to love another unconditionally. If you can’t love yourself unconditionally, then you’re going to struggle, grumble and fuss, and at some point it turn your world and those in it into contempt.

Similarly, if you don’t choose the object of your love – if you force it, or it’s forced on you – then that won’t hold out long either. You need to ‘choose to love’ in any instance, otherwise that AIN’T unconditional.

If you can’t accept, allow, empathise or forgive those you love, then you’re going to run up against some conditional problems.

You can’t kid yourself in love either. If you gotta overlook, ignore, cheat, lie, deny or cover up shit just to keep – then that’s NOT unconditional love (and you know it).

Obligations, chores, sacrifices, duties and I.O.U’s cannot even be considered in unconditional love. Unconditional love means putting in the work with ease.

If you’re uncool, unhappy or depressed with those you say you love; if they stress you out to the point where you constantly blame, squabble or fight; if there’s any sign of jealousy, possession or expectation… you guessed it: NOT UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Just some thoughts today, as we aim to evolve to a higher understanding of love. Look at the Venus in your chart, how it relates to your Nodes, Jupiter and Saturn – always indicators of how the spirit of love is encouraged or limited to grow and evolve…

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