Moon in Gemini


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For the next three months the MOON’s pass through the constellation of GEMINI will trigger the JUP/SAT/NEP T-square, revealing just how much enthusiasm and hope we place on making our dreams manifest into our reality.

The Moon’s transit through this sign also sensitises our mental/emotional receptivity to the preponderance of negative psychic energies that are heavily affecting this planet over these next months. Our vulnerable tendency to take these in without knowing it can leave us exposed to all sorts of negative emotions. If we haplessly act on these emotions, without being clear on what they mean, we could find ourselves going through spells of paranoia, irrational fears, confusion and feeling mentally and emotionally drained.

It is important that we learn to value the importance of exercising our solitude through this period.

Our sensitive emotions can be soothed by placing ourselves in simple, natural, calming and supportive environments. By creating a meditative space, we can develop an ability to instinctively see how those subtle forces have the power to oppress us/others. We can see too, how any mental/physical problems, often difficult to diagnose by western methods, are rooted in our psychic sensitivity and are a direct manifestation of our increasing struggle and despair whenever we experience a failure to make our dreams and ideals align with our reality.

At this moment, choose to take some time out, to meditate with the intent to purge and purify your mind/heart of any delusions and distortions to which you have become attached. If you are feeling let down, frustrated or sad, then take yourself away to a quiet place and ask for intuitive guidance to help you discern which ideals you have mistakenly tied to your tender heartstrings. If they are not for you, then you must learn to remove yourself from them.

We are on a brave journey to clear away the smoke and mirrors that hinder our true perception between the various dimensions of our beautiful experience on this earth.

Sometimes, the boldest move is sensing when to just walk away.


Originally published 11th April, 2016

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