Juno returns to Libra- stationary at 29° – June 7 – July 9

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After the recent tensions and strains in our personal relational affairs, experienced by last week’s Venus passing through the Grand Cross, we observe more relationship static this week, partly with asteroid Juno.
Juno is the asteroid of just relations in marriage (or the modern day equivalent). How capable are we of existing in a partnership where there is a mutual sense of love and respect for one another, without fouling the balance of give and take?
Anyone who has been in some version of a close, connubial-style partnership understands that so much is necessary in order to maintain an equilibrium with that special someone. Today, when so many of us have been awakened to the subtle forces that act between us, we become so ultra-conscious of our equal rights, and any issues of fairness and unfairness seem to harry deeper into our personal prerogative. Ultimately, some level of give and take is vital to stay in a committed relationship. This balancing process is Juno’s business.
Juno is currently stationing at 00°♏11’Rx and in 24 hours will slip back into the late degrees of Libra until July 9. Her stationary position only intensifies her influence and her conjunction to Lilith (also in Scorpio since May 22), has been creating a very complex, psychologically demanding, and emotionally volatile environment that is often difficult to understand.
A lot of repressed stuff, hidden in our shadow side seems to be seeping out into the daily stream of marital affairs, and it may have been difficult to discuss, let alone deal with.
Juno’s return to Libra for the next month means that we will either find ways of restoring some much-needed balance, or the whole entire deal could become turbulently uncooperative.
The Sun/Venus conjunction creates these two, critical transits to Juno at the moment.
Sun Sesquiquadrate Juno – Difficulty fitting into the confines of traditional marriage or any other such partnership, yet at the same time there’s a fear of being left alone. Within any such contradictory framework lies the struggle to find an answer. There may be attempts to stifle creativity in one another, usually stemming from personal jealousies.
Venus Sesquiquadrate Juno – Any emotionally-structured relationships lead to frigidity or coldness, both physically and emotionally if either party should question the lack of spontaneous affection that is being shared.
The main keys, will be how openly communicative we are (Venus♊), considering Mars♏Rx is going through a personally difficult time – not being conducive to much conversation.
Originally published June 6, 2016
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