[pic: Katerina Plotnikova]
[pic: Katerina Plotnikova]
In what would effectively be the opposition in her cycle, Venus, now farthest from earth kicks off her ‘Evening Star’ (Hesperus) turn. Eventually [in about a month] she will appear as the most brilliant jewel in the night sky.
As the evening sky’s brightest ornament, Venus continues to draw warming affections and sweet heart aspirations into our lives – only using a little less forthright and direct manners than in her ‘Morning Star’ (Lucifer) days [since 15 August 2015].
After this superior conjunction – which is effectively her passage behind the Sun – Venus Hesperus performs her magically magnetic powers in a much more composed and subdued manner – some would even call her a little introverted, although indisputably as seductive in her more mysteriously subtle attractiveness.
This conjunction, following soon after earlier today’s very tense Mutable Grand Cross spells an inaugural turning point of ceremonial proportions between the genders.
Venus’ conjunction to the Sun injects an infusion of love as a revitalizing and meaningful experience. Artistic interests, aesthetic pursuits, journeying into self-love (both in the narcissistic and the more balanced expressions) ensures that the outcomes of our love interests become enduring and ultimately meaningful – beyond mere passing, temporary and surface attractions.
As we know, warring Mars – now retrograde and smoldering through Scorpio is himself closest to the earth. He finds it very difficult to satisfy his deepest urges now – itching a sore that is becoming only more aggravated and inflamed since his opposition to Venus (May 25).
These are tense times between the sexes.
And masculine has much to learn about tenderness.
And feminine has much to ponder about how she will reach him to teach him.
In the end, love always finds a way…
The square to the Nodes accentuates humanity’s need to share love with one another now. The desire to physically connect to others is so strong that often it tries to defy or go against very obvious karmic laws. There may be stuff to process in the love affairs.
Venus remains in the night sky till 26 March 2017

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