Mercury square Mars

MERCURY trips into AQUARIUS, square MARS at 29° LIBRA

About to perform an about face, the mercurial processes of communication are thrown into an erratic state and getting one’s point across becomes more an exercise of inventiveness and breaking with convention than wishing to stay on beaten paths.

There is still much rancour and disgruntlement at being forced to express our thoughts and ideas with a certain air propriety and political correctness, but with this dynamic still in play there is a sense of mental agitation that will enervate and cause the odd argument.

Mars goes into Scorpio tomorrow, and all activity intensifies into an extremely potent assertion of our intent – gone are the niceties and diplomatic edges and the force to assert our position becomes packed into a sharp and life-altering sting that will mercilessly unleash itself, if only just to make a point that rigid views, loaded with blame and prejudice are no longer acceptable.

Time to evolve into a new way of thinking. Seeking real solutions within our argument. Every word that comes out of that mouth has either the power to precipitate real change, but then, it could well be your last with some (rigid-minded) folks.

Stay mindfully innovative with your intent to persuade.

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Originally Published ~ 03/01/2016

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