Mars in Scorpio

mars in scorpio, scorpio mars, scorpio ruling planet, mars scorpio character, mars scorpio astrologyOk, let me just explain a little how this sometimes ruthless placement of combative Mars now lashes out to those of you who want to fight over these coming weeks.

This fiery energy is fixed/water, so the punch comes from a deeply-held emotional place of anger and resentment. There is often no holding back the pitiless vitriol that has been held back for so long that it can just erupt quite outrageously when it is triggered.

Anyone with a personal planet in a fixed sign is likely to cop a little taste of this venomous sting to attack or defend, and those with strong Scorpio planets will understand how extremely they can become possessed when this comes into effect in their personal lives.

We need to understand that when this energy plays out, it is until the end. There is an interminable force to assert itself until the bitter end, and whilst this may serve as a superhuman strength to ambitiously achieve any outcome, it also demonstrates the gross over-estimation of one’s intent too, and so, if you are cornered here, there really is no recourse for escape or plea-bargaining. Mars in Scorpio will see that things are never quite the same again. He comes complete with pit-bull lock-jaw action, and once you’re in his vice you simply know that certain death is near.

The death?

Has to happen. Whether it’s an attitude or fixed ideal, a strong egotistical personality, or perhaps some long-held item of extreme personal value, when Scorpio Mars becomes aggravated, often because things have reached the end of their tether, be prepared for a major change. And it comes with all the drama, the anguish and the tears.

There is no driving force more sustained nor thorough. Mars in Scorpio is more like your ‘Cosmic Hitman’, and either you may contract him to do the dirty work of eliminating what just has to go, or you may find that the contract is well and truly out on something you hold a little closer than just dear. Fixations, addictions, dogmatised views and steadfast attachments – whether they are prised out from under you, stolen away forcefully at knifepoint, or vanquished silently using a couple of sly drops of arsenic in your water supply – there is no real way of preventing the inevitable from happening.

Mars is a personalised force whose main motive is to defend any boundaries to ensure survival, and Scorpio doesn’t do things by moderate measures. It stands to reason then, that when we are dealing with now is one fiercely intense warrior. We’re staring at the face of certain death and regeneration with this kamikaze.

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Originally Published ~ 5/01/2016

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