Mars conjunct Juno – in Scorpio

Things get a little hot for someone in the partnership this week, and with all this Scorpio energy around it’s hard for them to avoid being pressed into the corner and squeezed until stuff oozes out.

Issues of fidelity, respect and equality in marriage (or any other such committed relationship) is the main pressure point at the moment and woe to anyone (probably some hapless, old-paradigm insensitive male) who steps the margins of improper choice of words or actions.

Hell hath no fury like a Juno/Mars in Scorpio scorned, and with this conjunction we get to see a distinct new line being drawn in the sand with regard to establishing new roles in our connubial affairs. Naturally, where Mars is involved, there is a touch of the enforcer acting out, and to Mars, Mars conjunct Juno, Sacred Marriage, Juno/Mars in Scorpio those who have been enjoying this fantastic little fancy of the “open relationship”, those days may well be up.

This planetary alignment is about understanding that deep, meaningful partnership can only ever come from a total, self-generated commitment towards intimacy. Sacredness of the trust between mature partners can only exist without introducing frivolous, juvenile conditions that allow loopholes for emotional leakages and infidelities within two loving partners.

Much emphasis is placed on our committed bonds at the moment. Many are realising that the fun and games are over and it’s time to get serious. The new standard is being forged in the evolution (especially of the masculine) of the ‘divine marriage’.

Those involved will either come to handle one another with the utmost sensitivity, bringing enormous transformation, or could be some terminally painful scenes.


Originally published 25 January, 2016

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