Cosmic Bus Live Lunation Report

April, 2021

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February, 2021

  • 28 February

    COSMIC BUS – Awakening to Plutonian Darkness [episode #2109]

    What we've been experiencing is a world slowly submerging into a sea of mass psychosis, a collective hysteria that is neither real nor unreal. If you can't believe what is happening, then you're not alone...

  • 19 February

    COSMIC BUS: SUN ENTERS PISCES [episode #2108]

    As the Sun moves into Pisces, we become slowly immersed by waves of light which seek to dissolve and resolve our ego-attachments. In this, we either move more into the negativity of our 3D victim-martyr complexes or learn to forgive and reconnect to others in a multidimensional field of higher consciousness.

  • 14 February

    COSMIC BUS: SATURN v URANUS [episode #2107]

    Why do we get irritable? What precipitates this process within, and how do we manifest our irritation in the world around us?

  • 5 February

    Cosmic Bus Astrology Webcast [episode #2106] – Aquarian Revolution

    Remember that time things got all weird? Lots of radical ideas, massive resistance, people restless and bored, ahead of their time...? I bet there was an Aquarian or URANUS (or both) involved...

January, 2021

December, 2020

November, 2020

  • 20 November

    Cosmic Bus Lunation Report [episode #2047]- Gemini Full Moon Eclipse

    Join me on the Cosmic Bus, as we discuss the potently portentous upcoming lunations. What are the evolutionary changes they bring and what will these mean for you and for humanity as a whole? Enjoy this short excerpt from today's episode...

  • 13 November

    Cosmic Bus Astrology Webcast [episode #2046]

    It seems obvious that fundamental changes are necessary, all the way down to our core values. What do we really value in life? Can we keep squandering our good energy, consuming our own toxic crap and still hope to live a healthy, prosperous existence?

  • 6 November

    Cosmic Bus Lunation Report [Episode #2045] – Scorpio New Moon

    Let's discuss why next week's New Moon at 23°♏18', sextile the Jupiter/Pluto/Pallas conjunction at 22°♑52' calls for a complete stocktake and demands a plan for the full rehaul of a system that really let the people let the people down.

October, 2020

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