COSMIC BUS #2125 – Capricorn Full Moon

Feeling a bit left out and in the cold?
Why are the 'grown-ups' not listening to each other, let alone even noticing you?
Is it sheer ineptitude, abject neglect or wilful malevolence? Why are things being so poorly managed?

Is the bungled state of things due to poor management? Who are we entrusting to govern over our lives, and what is this system which only breeds division and acrimony all around us?

It's like living in a house where the mommy and daddy are clearly not speaking to each other at the table; they sleep in separate quarters, and from time to time (now ever more frequently) you hear loud screams and violent banging coming from the room next door, only to see your beloved custodians emerge in tears, anger and contempt for one another. Worse still, if you dare ask them what is going on, you risk being summarily shut down and sent to your room, indefinitely, or at least until the air is clear, which pretty soon maybe never.

A house divided is not a home and in-fighting only ends in tears...

In this cosmic bus session, we discuss the current state: retrogrades aplenty, Saturn vs everything, the looming black hole that is the Pluto/Eris gridlock, and the post-eclipse lunation that is next week's CAPRICORN FULL MOON. Tune in... we have such exciting if a little nerve-wracking energies to discuss.

Enjoy this short snippet from our latest cosmobiological report:

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