Cosmic Bus Lunation Report [Episode #2045] – Scorpio New Moon

Wtf just happened? Is this it?
Is it finally over??
Does this mean everyone can finally stop being so mean to one another again?

Wishful thinking and real, tangible results may seem worlds apart, hopelessly divided, like everything. Whilst it may look as though we are ready to come out of a long fuzzy dream, it's going to take some work to come back down to earth a little, and then only enough to realise that the earth is no longer going to support the utter nonsense that we like to try to pull over one another.

Toxicity and darkness have their place, of course, but we cannot allow them to preside over the earth's surface. Current humanity is like the noxious weeds that have overgrown the abandoned old house down the street and are now feeding off each other. We need a new gardener, but who is really qualified to do the work of the pure light??

Let's discuss why next week's New Moon at 23°♏18', sextile the Jupiter/Pluto/Pallas conjunction at 22°♑52' calls for a complete stocktake and demands a plan for the full rehaul of a system that really let the people let the people down.

Enjoy this short excerpt from today's episode:

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