“Of Mice and Men” : COSMIC BUS LUNATION REPORT #2144: FIRST QUARTER MOON at 19°21′ Aquarius

Leading into Thursday's 1st Quarter Moon, the Scorpian MERCURY/MARS reacts with rather chthonic revulsion to having his secret thoughts and agendas scrutinized in this fixed square to the groupthink scientism of SATURN in Aquarius.

It's a sordid mess, which we try to unravel. But the whole thing could blow like a psychotic jack-in-the-box since there's so much NEPTUNE and URANUS in this mix. If you're trying to work on becoming a 'better person' in what appears to be an increasingly more corrupted world, then perhaps you need to work on your ideology: that mistaken belief that your beliefs are neither beliefs nor mistaken.

Below is the full episode of this, our first of three pre-eclipse discussions (replete with the analysis of the astrology of now).

Here is a short snippet from our latest cosmobiological report:

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